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Found 1 result

  1. Well, a new addition will be coming to the household. Since the list of FFV vehicles here is very limited, I was aksing myself if in fact a OEM FFV vehicle would be more sufficient than a upgraded one. I have not heard of any computer or software updates regarding the ones used in FFV's (another one nobody wants to talk about). So I was wondering if, when fine-tuning the mixture with the internal dial, I might be better off (in terms of fuel consumption) of upgrading a regular vehicle. I know I will be better off already because I can get a vehicle with a smaller engine (no need for hybrid anymore). With getting around 40 mpg already, I can live with even a 5 mpg loss, still 35 mpg, way better than what the FFV manufacturer advertise? Anybody ever thought about this or looked into it? Greetings!
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