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Found 44 results

  1. If you missed the announcement, RFA has partnered with Hauk Designs to build a custom off-road vehicle that will feature E85. The build will feature a 2018 Wrangler JL and expectations are more than 1,000 horsepower. You can learn more in our press release (link below), and follow the action via mini-episodes on RFA's Facebook (link below). Once the 14-weeks social media campaign is over, the content will be bundled and expanded, then featured on Amazon Prime on the show, Hauk Machines. RFA Press Release: https://ethanolrfa.org/2019/07/rfa-hauk-designs-to-showcase-ethanol-benefits-with-e85-flex-fuel-off-road-project/ Follow the action here: https://www.facebook.com/EthanolRFA/
  2. All: Here is a few photos and a video from the unveil of RFA motorcycle event in Garnett, KS. You can find more information here. Enjoy! EKAE_-_American_Chopper_-_Ethanol_Bike_Reveal.mp4
  3. All: If you are interested... Monday, June 11th at 10pm EST on Discovery Channel's American Chopper, Paul Jr. will unveil a new custom motorcycle for the ethanol industry. If you like E85, you should like this bike. Enjoy! Robert RFA
  4. All: In case you missed the news, the RFA partnered with Paul Teutul, Jr of Paul Jr. Designs to promote ethanol in motorcycles. Paul built the RFA a custom motorcycle that was unveiled for filming of American Chopper this past weekend. American Chopper has a sneak peek out that you can catch on Discovery Channel, and the show will officially return on May 28th. The first motorcycle to be featured will be for the Buffalo Chip Campground, a long partner of the RFA, and will be made to run on E85. The RFA bike will be featured in later episodes, and we expect that to air in late June or early July, and it will also run on E85. Both bikes will be featured with Paul Jr. during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August. The image of the motorcycle is embargoed until the show airs, but you can take my word for it that there is no mistaking that this is to promote ethanol and E85. Stay tuned! Robert RFA
  5. All: We have finished the update to our E85prices.com mobile app, and it is available for download on iTunes. The Android version is taking a little bit longer to get approved, but should be there yet this week. If you see any issues, please let us know by posting here or by contacting us through the app. Thanks, Robert RFA
  6. Speedway has moved their E85/unleaded differential to $1/gal in OH, KY, IL and IN. If you are in those areas, enjoy! The price of RINS, combined with the large spread between ethanol and gasoline, have led to some favorable E85 prices for many. Robert RFA
  7. RFA has released its MY18 Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV) Brochure. You can view it here: www.ChooseEthanol.com/FFV. Robert RFA
  8. UM university, Ford research, and Advanced Engineering Group had interesting test results for DI engine and ethanol ability to reduce PM emissions. It discloses why ethanol is superior fuel. If you get into discussion with the "pure gasoline now " folks explain to them that ethanol is makes their gasoline a better fuel. Also, the discussion on BTU and those that attempt to imply the best fuel has highest BTU rating. High points of study: - Ethanol produces a magnitude less PM pollution. This may be the best or most important fuel character fact as health studies are continuing to evolve to fossil fuel health concerns. - Ethanol has higher laminar flame speed which presents shorter combustion duration that results in higher thermal efficiency of the engine. - Ethanol has simple chemical structure that results in lower exery destruction, meaning the chemical nature of ethanol has more potential available energy to release. IOWS the fuel releases more engery than the BTU rating would suggest as compared to gasoline. - Ethanol has lower boiling point and lower combustion temperatures that naturally produce less NOX and less UHC (unburned hydro carbon). - Ethanol has strong ability to suppress formation of benzens and sooting both of which are serious health hazards One challenge of combustion efficiency for flex engines that attempt to run all blends of ethanol is the direct injection spray pattern. The two fuels have different requirements for optimum spray pattern. Spray breakup, atomization, vapoization, turbulence changes will result in high ethanol blends impinging more fuel on metal surfaces of combustion chamber and charge stratification. So, again we learn the benefits of optimized E85 engine increasing efficiency and lowering emissions as compared to general flex engine. http://www.greencarcongress.com/2015/04/20150426-etohdisi.html
  9. Jay Leno's latest article in Autoweek (www.autoweek.com/article/car-life/jay-leno-hates-ethanol) outlines his hatred for ethanol and is titled, Jay Leno Hates Ethanol. I am not sure if it is the 3rd person headline to the article, or just how different this month's article reads from his ones of the past, but something sure smells fishy. I personally have never been a fan of Jay, just never could connect with his humor. I was a big fan of Johnny Carson and now enjoy Jimmy Fallon. I also didn't really care for what he did to Conan either, but I digress. History says that something is fishy here too. It takes just a few seconds on Google to find several examples of Jay promoting his own Corvette that he had converted to run on E85. In fact, on YouTube, you can spot him at events like SEMA talking about it and wearing an E85 logo (here is one example: youtube.com/watch?v=1ccK9wIOfH0). He also featured in an article for Popular Mechanics and raved about the benefits of using E85 (popularmechanics.com/cars/a3213/42617). His goal, "transfer the soul of a race car into a powerful sports car that runs a fuel other than gasoline." Seems like a good message. Guess times have changed, or maybe we should follow the money? While no one has claimed a connection, nor do I have one to present, the anti-ethanol crowd was ready to promote Jay's latest stance and ignore the one of the past. Maybe too ready. I will let all of you form your own opinion, but if you are a supporter of E85, I would remind Jay and @lenosgarage on Twitter. If you want to go one step further, I suggest reaching out to AutoWeek: awletter@autoweek.com. The RFA will be making a statement, and we have at least three auto experts making statements and are writing back to Jay directly. I will share those as they are available and I hope you will help us turn up the heat. Robert
  10. RFA Announces Contest on E85prices.com WASHINGTON — The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) announced today that users of E85prices.com will now have the ability to win free E85. Each month, RFA will draw one random user from those that have submitted E85 price experiences during the past month and reward them with a $100 E85 fuel card. The more users submit prices, the better chance they have of winning. “We want to drive consumers to the website in order to capture more data and reward them for doing just that,” said Robert White, RFA’s vice president of industry relations. “Data has never been more important for expanding retail availability of higher ethanol blends and defending the Renewable Fuel Standard against the ‘blend wall’ rhetoric. This new effort will help ensure that our station database and associated price reports are the most accurate possible.” RFA purchased E85prices.com in February and has since released a new version of the website and the associated mobile app. Users can submit prices for all blends of ethanol like E15 and E30, but must always submit prices for E85 and regular unleaded. Existing users do not need to do anything new in order to qualify. Non-users need to register at www.E85prices.com and submit your pricing experiences.
  11. Raise Your Voice or Lose Your Choice: RFA Launches #FlexMyChoice FFV Awareness Campaign NEW ORLEANS — Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) President and CEO Bob Dinneen announced today at the National Ethanol Conference (NEC) the launch of the “Flex My Choice” campaign, which is designed to voice consumer support for flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs). This effort is aimed directly at automakers, auto dealerships, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dinneen said the time is ripe for such a campaign because, as the government phases out CAFE credits for producing FFVs, automakers have begun to limit the total number of FFV models that roll off their assembly lines. “The auto companies claim there has not been meaningful consumer demand for these vehicles and the incremental cost, albeit trivial, cannot be justified in the absence of a more balanced CAFE regime,” said Dinneen. “The ethanol industry needs to demonstrate the continued enthusiasm for FFVs. We want to raise our voices so that E85 and other mid-level ethanol fuels remain viable options for consumers.” As part of the campaign, RFA intends to distribute 75,000 postcard pamphlets to targeted parties across the country in the hopes of changing the conversation on the future of FFV production. The postcard pamphlets will contain five panels: the first panel is a brief introduction to the issues; panels 2 through 4 are individual postcards to General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (the “Detroit Three”); and the fifth panel contains a pledge that consumers can drop off at their local auto dealership. Additionally, the campaign launched two petitions on www.Change.org directed at the automakers and the EPA respectively. “It goes without saying that when consumers’ choices within a given market are limited, everyone loses,” said Robert White, RFA’s vice president of industry relations. “The ‘Flex My Choice’ campaign intends to ensure that consumers have choices when it comes to buying and fueling their vehicles. Thanks to USDA, the ethanol industry, and agriculture, 2016 will mark the largest expansion of E85 stations in history; it is not the time to stop the momentum. This campaign will send a clear signal to the automakers, their auto dealerships, and the EPA that there is a real demand on the part of consumers for more vehicle choices, more choices at the pump and increased access to higher ethanol blends.” For postcard pamphlets and additional information, go to www.FlexMyChoice.com. Consumers are encouraged to amplify their support for FFVs on social media using the hashtag #FlexMyChoice.
  12. http://www.techinsider.io/mclaren-12c-spider-ethanol-sports-car-2015-10
  13. Ever since this particular Speedway location converted a second diesel tank over to E85 around the beginning of August 2013, it has been at the top of my attention. Why? Well, I wonder if Speedway knows that this store carries E85. It seems as though they've forgotten. Speedway has effectively pioneered the concept of the "price spread", bringing more stations and station chains on board to the idea, as opposed to keeping E85 at a fixed price based off of the price they paid for it - regardless of what regular E10 does. At just about all of their stores, Speedway sells E85 at a fixed discount to gasoline. Generally when gasoline drops 12 cents, so does E85... and when gasoline spikes 35 cents, well so does E85. That's the way it's supposed to work, anyways. Store #2213 located at 6329 West Saginaw Highway does not keep with this tradition. It is one of only two stores in the entire Speedway chain that have consistently broken with the price spread practice that Speedway employs - the other being a store in Kentwood, Michigan. We have since seen a second Kentwood store convert its kerosene tank over to E85 this past August. As a result of this Speedway location keeping a frequently fixed E85 price, the spread often goes negative - as it has the past couple days. Conversely, this has also resulted in a positive spread that is much greater than any other store in the area. Just back around Christmas, I caught pictures of a price spread that was so horribly negative, it was like watching the Hindenburg. On Saturday and again yesterday, I walked into this Speedway store and asked a couple of employees point blank - "does Speedway know this store carries E85"? They've said yes both times, the second kind of annoyed. The shift manager I spoke to gave me a spiel about how E85 is just that expensive, and told me that it's very costly per barrel right now - even though E85 is not typically sold by the barrel. She then proceeded to tell me that the Speedway store just down the road also had E85 at $2.24/gallon. Slight problem - 7310 West Saginaw Highway doesn't carry E85. The nearest Speedway store to hers that carries E85 is in fact keeping a 20 cent spread, selling E85 for $2.02/gallon as of last check. The Meijer station, less than a mile to the east, is also keeping a 20 cent spread. This Meijer station is one of the first locations in the state to receive E85, nearly 10 years ago. I will attach some snapshots I've taken of the pumps and the price sign.
  14. Check out the original post, followed by the reply from a fellow E85 user: http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e60-m5-e61-m5-touring-discussion/485577-please-please-please-get-rid-ethanol-mandate-possible-soon.html
  15. All: Other than having the ability to sort posts, what additional features would you like to see on the forum? Robert RFA
  16. All: Starting now, you will begin to see changes at E85prices.com. The switch will likely take a couple of hours, perhaps more. The website visually doesn't have that drastic of a change, but behind the scenes, much has changed for the better. We ask that you give the new website a tour, and help us make sure that everything works as desired. If you see an issue or have an idea, please post here and we will be making tweaks and fixing issues all weekend until done. Once we have this project completed, a new mobile app will debut. Robert RFA
  17. I thought everyone here would have want to check out this new documentary film, PUMP, which is now available on iTunes (and amazon in a few weeks). PUMP is about the dependence on oil and Big Oil monopoly. It promotes the benefits of flex fuel, ethanol and E85 for our economics, environment, agriculture and foreign relations. As you know, more E85 innovation will create more jobs and lower prices. You can see the trailer and the film here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/pump/id943512408 and here: http://www.pumpthemovie.com Check it out! Also here is an interesting Q&A with John Brackett, an expert on flex fuel who is in PUMP. http://bit.ly/14XdlQX Brackett, an automotive engineer in Colorado who goes by the Twitter handle @Fuelverine, has spent a great deal of time promoting the film, which is now available for pre-order on iTunes. Brackett specializes in tinkering with gasoline-powered engines — any kind, including vehicles and generators — to make them run on multiple types of fuel. But he’s also on a mission to educate the general public, as well as regulators. Converting one’s car to run on alternative fuels is technically not legal, as is using any fuel not specifically listed in the owner’s manual. But once the public finds out that replacement fuels like ethanol, methanol and natural gas are not only cheaper but burn cleaner than gasoline, they’ll demand them in the marketplace. And they’ll want to learn how to convert their own cars. As Fuelverine says in PUMP: “That’s the best part about being an American: We don’t like it, we’ll change it.” Fuel Freedom: Why aren’t all the vehicles rolling off the assembly lines labeled as flex-fuel? John Brackett: The only reason they were ever flex-fuel in the first place was CAFÉ standards (Corporate Average Fleet Economy). And basically what they said is that, ‘Hey, your 6 miles per gallon Tahoe, since it only burns 15 percent gasoline [running on E85], is a 66 mpg vehicle!’ So your overall average for your fleet went up, and that’s why we only have flex-fuel in the giant V-8s and the V-6s. They very rarely went into the four-cylinders, and when they did, they canceled the model within 1-2 years, or even worse, they made it so you could only buy it if you were a commercial or rental fleet company. The [Chevy] Malibu is my favorite example: They made flex-fuel in 2010 for ‘em, but it was only for the commercial or the rental fleets, and you couldn’t buy that four-cylinder from your local dealer. So there was never any incentive for them to actually make it mass-produced, they’re just doing it to hit the CAFÉ credits. FF: Is it a case of companies only doing something because they have a financial incentive to? JB: Exactly. I’m not usually a mandate-type person, but the Open Fuel Standard is the right type of mandate to allow competition right now. We just don’t have any options. FF: What are you most interested in right now? JB: My main thrust is actually making any engine run off of any fuel. I’ve built generators, I’ve gotten cars running on fuels, I’ve done hydrogen, ethane, methane, propane, butane, ethanol, methanol and gasoline. So my personal interest is being able to tell the computer what to change to run off those other fuels. What blew my mind was that the GM cars, and from what we’re told from several tuners, all the Ford cars since 2005, already have the algorithm in there. They literally turned it off. It’s in there. FF: Is it possible for a car running on ethanol to get better mileage than gasoline? JB: Basically, E85 has about 25 to 27 percent less energy in the same volume. So when you drive on the fuel, you would expect to lose that much gas mileage. What we found was that if you were driving on the stock flex-fuel from GM, you lost 25 to 30 percent, exactly what you would expect. When I started doing my tuning, and I would change the spark timing just a little bit – I varied it very small, and I did a lot of runs –and when I treated the fuel as gasoline or with slight advancement in timing, we only lost 5 to 15 percent of our fuel mileage. Let’s go to what GM has already done: GM has a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder, turbocharged engine out for the Buick Regal. That engine makes 5 to 15 percent more power on E85 than regular gasoline, while still getting the same fuel mileage. They have obviously tuned that car, so they have no problems doing it. Now, if we go to what is called direct-injection engines, which are definitely in the future … you can get even more efficiency out of it. You get another 15 to 20 percent efficiency increase by going to direct injection. FF: If you look at prices of E85 around the country, there’s a big disparity [for example, it’s $2.09 in Iowa and $2.59 in Arizona, according to E85prices.com]. What will it take to get more consistency? JB: If you have a bad original flex-fuel tune from a factory, you’re going to lose 30-40 percent [in mileage compared with gasoline]. Nobody wants to do that when it’s only 10 to 20 percent cheaper fuel. That’s one of the big reasons we try to use methanol as a big one, because it is so much cheaper, especially on a dollar-per-mile basis. But the ethanol fight, we just need more cars that have it as an option. Until we have that, you’re not going to have that market saturation. So if you think about where the cars are vs. the market, the numbers don’t add up. And that’s why we need every car to have the option to run a flex-fuel — on gasoline or ethanol or methanol, or any combination of them in the same tank. FF: A constant refrain among the anti-ethanol crowd is that it damages engines. JB: The biggest thing I like to tell people is, if you start with the first cars: They were all flex-fuel. They stopped being flex-fuel because of Prohibition. We have the materials, we know how to do this, we’ve been doing this for 30 years. Every car made since 2001 or ’02 has E10-compliant components. All the fuel lines, everything. And if you look at the corrosive nature of ethanol, it happens most between E10 and E30, so it’s actually very small blends of ethanol that cause the worst corrosion. But all the cars should already come to the factory with parts that work for it. There shouldn’t be any problem with it. FF: Tell me about this conversion kit you’re using, by Flex Fuel U.S. JB: They have the only E85-approved conversion system right now in the United States. What is different about their unit is it plugs into the oxygen sensor, so it reads the exact feedback from the oxygen system. So if it is lean [too much oxygen and not enough fuel], it should adjust. It plugs in line with the injectors as well, the difference being it doesn’t increase the injector pulse for the stock injectors; they add a whole new injector somewhere in the intake system, and flood the system that way. So they’re actually adding additional injectors to it. I’ve talked to the guy several times. Basically, he has to sell the kits for $1,100 to $1,500 right now, because it cost him $4 million to go through the EPA certification process. And that was only for 8 to 10 models. It’s absolutely ridiculous, the hindrance to competition. But he could easily, at mass scale, sell these for $300 to $500. … We are now at the point where EPA is stopping us from getting clean air. They’re just making things more expensive.
  18. I had received several reports from the field stating the following: · Consumers can no longer buy the Yukon, Tahoe or Suburban as FFVs. Only fleets, no way around it. · Consumers can buy the Sierra and Silverado as an FFV, but now you have to pay an extra $100 for the option. GM Corporate really beat around the bush on this one, but finally admitted both were true. So, their most popular SUVs ever are not FFVs, despite what they told us and DOE pre-MY15. This will definitely put a dent in FFV numbers for 2015. Robert
  19. The USDA just announced $100M for blender pumps. Here is the main text from the announcement: As part of that commitment, USDA is investing up to $100 million in clean energy infrastructure that will make more options available to American consumers. Through the Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership, USDA funds, administered through competitive grants and matched at least one-to-one by funds from States, will test innovative ways to distribute higher blends of renewable fuel. States that offer a greater than one-to-one ratio in funding will receive higher consideration for grant funds. A typical gas pump can deliver fuel that contains a maximum 10% ethanol, which limits the amount of renewable energy most consumers can purchase at the pump, despite the fact that our farmers now produce record amounts of renewable biofuels. At this point, I don't know if retailers will be able to directly apply or how the match from states will work. The information is not yet available. The announcement comes on the heels of the EPA failing to enforce the statutory levels of the RFS and citing the blend wall as the reason. Also in response to the RVO levels, RINs are dropping like a rock, which will affect E85 prices negatively quickly. I will share more once I have more to share. Robert
  20. I thought I would give all of you a head's up, changes are coming in the E85 station count. RFA has worked closely with the Department of Energy to verify each station on their database and the one that lives at E85prices.com. In the end, DOE's number will be growing, and our number will be dropping. We are in the final stages of verification, but I anticipate a 10-15% drop, if not more. As always, please keep submitting new stations, changes to existing stations and deletions. The number of E85 stations will continue to grow. I personally know of hundreds scheduled for debut, and they are all over the country. Let me know if you have any questions. Robert
  21. One of our members driving through the Chicago area spotted a station offering Shell ClearFLEX E85. Neither of us had heard of it before, but it was easy to find on the internet. Thought I would share... We will make sure that the stations are included in the database. https://www.shell.us/products-services/shell-for-motorists/fuels/shell-clearflex.html Robert
  22. In case you missed the good news this morning, Kum & Go will begin offering E15 in Iowa this week. This was part of a more major announcement, which included 65 total new E15 stations in 7 states. Three of those states will be new for E15. http://www.ethanolrfa.org/news/entry/kum-go-to-introduce-e15-in-seven-states/ Keep in mind, if these stations do not already offer E85, they will. Until E15 is offered by fuel terminals, the most efficient way to offer E15 is by diluting E85 at the station with E10. Robert
  23. All: Thought some of you might be interested... I spoke with a sales rep at Serious HP this week in Houston, TX. They offer many services, but apparently do a lot of E85 conversions. Many of you likely saw the E85 Hellcat over the weekend on the internet, they did that conversion. They were able to get 753HP out of the Hellcat (stock 707) by converting it and using E85. They now have kits for the Corvette C7, Cadillac STS-V, Challenger and more. Their conversion process takes two days, one working on the vehicle, one on the dyno tuning. I was surprised that the complete package with sensor, fuel fittings, fuel line, and custom dyno tune is only $1,015 for a C7 (example I used). Check them out, if curious or interested: http://www.serioushp.com/. Robert
  24. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 14, 2015 More E85 for California WASHINGTON — Pearson Fuels and G&M Oil Company are celebrating their latest partnership with the grand opening of California’s newest E85 station at 499 Sandalwood Drive in Calimesa. There will be a ribbon-cutting celebration today and E85 will be available from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. for just 85 cents a gallon. This event is part of a much larger announcement of the two companies. Pearson Fuels and G&M Oil Company have announced 13 new E85 stations slated for California. Robert White, vice president of industry relations at the Renewable Fuels Association, commented, “It is great to see the second largest flex-fuel vehicle (FFV) market get more E85 stations. RFA congratulates Pearson Fuels and G&M Oil Company for identifying the need to bring this low-cost, cleaner-burning, alternative fuel throughout California. Consumers are searching for options, and many will now find E85.” E85 is approved for use in all flex-fuel vehicles and more than 3,400 stations are offering higher-level ethanol blends to consumers nationwide. Learn more at www.ChooseEthanol.com and www.E85prices.com.
  25. Crowd Participation Needed E85Prices.com gives individuals a way to make a difference and further the use of higher-level ethanol blends, writes Bob Dinneen. That websites, and others, provide consumers and government with information about ethanol blends. By Bob Dinneen | April 14, 2015 Vince Lombardi famously said, “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” In the same way the success of E85Prices.com—RFA’s newest website—hinges on the participation of individuals all across the country. E85Prices.com is a crowdsourced website providing updated and timely information on the price of higher-level fuel blends at more than 3,450 stations throughout the country. The site is unique in that it offers a price breakdown at stations selling E85 and E15. A driver can easily find the price of E85 and E10 at any reported station, as well as the prices of E15 and other midlevel ethanol blends. On a broader level, one can identify the average price spread and lowest E85 price by state and track month-by-month trends on all blends ranging from E0 to E85. The site has been the premier tool for drivers to access the most up-to-date information on the cost and availability of E85 and received more than 4 million hits last year alone. As a crowdsourcing site, E85Prices.com is only as good as the information it receives, which is why RFA also offers the mobile app for E85Prices.com. The mobile app makes it easy for individuals who stop to fill up at a station or simply pass by a station to log the information into the app on their phone. In addition to E85Prices.com and the adjoining mobile app, RFA also manages E85Vehicles.com, which helps individuals identify flex-fuel vehicles, whether they are shopping for a flex-fuel vehicle or simply looking to see if their current vehicle is capable of running on E85. E85Vehicles.com also allows users to connect through its forum, where readers can share stories and information about everything from newly opened E85 stations to basic tips about fueling with higher-level ethanol blends. There are approximately 18 million flex-fuel vehicles on the road today and nearly a quarter of all model year 2015 vehicles coming off the line are capable of using E85. Combine that with the 23 million vehicles manufacturer warranted to use E15 and it seems clear consumer demand for these resources should be quite high. These sites, in conjunction with www.chooseethanol.com, round out RFA’s arsenal of digital tools ensuring consumers have access to all the information necessary to find stations and identify the lowest prices for E15 and E85. This information will prove useful to consumers, but will also provide a valuable resource to the government as well. So far, the government has not lived up to its obligations in keeping track of E85 availability. Last year, we examined the U.S. DOE’s Alternative Fuels Data Center and found it woefully out of date with about 1,000 stations missing from its database. An accurate accounting of E85 and E15 availability is vitally important today as continued E85 and E15 use will help the United States overcome the so-called “blend wall.” And what driver with a flex-fuel vehicle wouldn’t want to take advantage of E85? For much of last year, a $1 per gallon price difference could be found between E85 and regular unleaded. That adds up to real savings! In early 2015, E85Prices.com found that there were more than 3,450 stations in 2,155 cities selling E85. E85Prices.com helps consumers easily find a station and fill up. Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers had dedicated players who came together to win Super Bowls. In the same way, E85Prices.com gives dedicated individuals a way to make a difference and further the use of higher-level ethanol blends. Author: Bob Dinneen President and CEO, Renewable Fuels Association 202-289-3835
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