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Found 1 result

  1. Freeport General Store in Freeport Michigan was an original YellowHose.com station since the campaign began in October of 2013. Yesterday the station completed installation of 2 new Gilbarco- 3 Hose FlexFuel pumps. Carbon Green BioEnergy, LLC and Growth Energy are currently working with the owner to properly register the YellowHose site to become the first registered E15 station in Michigan. The goal is to become fully registered and legal to sell E15 to all 2001 and newer vehicles. The station now offers E15, E30 & E85 for FlexFuel vehicles only. YellowHose.com includes a map of 34 retail locations currently offering E85 at "$1 Less Per Gallon". Mitch Miller Carbon Green Bioenergy, LLC @ZL1DER on twitter
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