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Found 1 result

  1. John Decicco's latest study of ethanol is worse than gasoline for carbon intensity has prompted my thoughts on what CI studies often miss or make wrong assumptions. Decicco for example makes an assumption that corn for ethanol is a displacement of the normal crop. That farmers some place must plant more corn to accommodate the non-ethanol market shortage. He assumes the historical disruptions during the ethanol production years of farming is a direct result of ethanol RFS. That the farm production system is static and the farmland would be merely expand or contract acres per ethanol. Also, that the plantings all do in fact convert CO2, so, that conversion must be subtracted from ethanol. Meaning if they did not plant corn for ethanol they would plant corn for feed or just another crop. These anti ethanol calculations always assume Land Bank is pristine grassland, but per my observation around here the land is sick with sparse weeds and of no value except for federal subsidy. Besides the land is supposed to be “farm land”. Meaning if and when the farmer decides to farm the land, that is just the way it is. Remember the snapshots of space orbit that labeled the highest areas of photosynthesis. It wasn’t temperate jungle, it was the mighty corn fields converting CO2 to starch and fibre.
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