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Found 1 result

  1. Guest


    This might be ethanol's sales crux. We understand automotive is highly regulated and as were told their engineering force primary mission is to comply with hurdles beset them by safety and environment departments of government. Modern day, this is the primary responsibility and concern to stay in business. The days of invention to attract customer wants have many expensive layers to overcome before such an event can be accomplished. The legal, quality, environmental, and safety approval process is indeed full of IEDs that always maximize company risk and liability. So, that being said, true innovation that could lead to disruptive path to improve cost, mpg, or pollution will go to wayside as it's not safe. I will put the opposed piston engine in this category as well as ethanol optimize engine. That is sad, because both need or do exceptionally well with ethanol fuel. The path set forward by automotive technology is designed by EPA regs. They sit at the control seat to evaluate technology, fuels, technology, upon entire vehicle sector and do so upon their terms. Sure a comment period, but they have the power and control per environmental law bestowed them. You have to understand the above to know what's going on with ethanol fuel popularity with consumers and automotive desire to manufacture efficient E85 vehicles. Problem number one for consuming public is ethanol is bad image of poor fuel mileage. We scratch own heads as we review positive test reports and design criteria and experience no movement within vehicle sales to accomplish or capture the easy gains for ethanol improved mileage. The CAFE standards are the driving force for this lack of movement and rule book for light duty technology investment. It's not a simple rule book to pump up efficiency, nor to decrease environmental harm. It is devilishly complicated and bristling in incentives that favor certain technologies and penalize others. For example no penalty for high carbon diesel fuel and no incentive for using low carbon ethanol fuel. Of course this will push more vehicles to diesel. The regulation result will actually hurt the environment, so whats going on here? The CAFE is so onerous that each model car must be calculated separably through a filter of regs. Start stop, grill shutters, refrigerant, high efficiency lights, solar roof panels, electric heat pumps, wheel base factors, etc. You can receive a doubling factor if fuel cell or 1.6x if you adapt plug in technology. Meanwhile automotive companies must present data for increased E85 use to gain any benefit of FFV sales. CAFE standards increase year to year and present a plan of action to automotive companies on how to jump through hoops to stay in business. By 2025 standards, radical changes will result as just adding a few more gears and turbo won't cut it. Of course automotive is putting everything they have to BEV and hydrogen fuel cell as that is the path set before them. They have already ran past anything ethanol for a solution and will just warrant some high volume low mileage models for E85 fuel use and harvest the 8 mpg CAFE benefit. This would present them with best ROI for their trouble. This is if the Rand Paul Act did pass making it possible, other wise no benefit whatsoever to go through the expense and trouble.
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