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  1. Zeitronix ethanol fuel analyzer:



    This may be an old "topic" from a year ago.  It is designed to be used with a piece of hardware (GM flex fuel sensor part #12570260 or  12568450) .  I wonder if the old Ford flex fuel sensor can be used with this device.    Zeitronix now sells a cable for a direct connection between the flex fuel sensor and the digital display.    Where in the fuel line does one install this device?  Has anyone used this device? 

    I wonder what sensor(s) the GM virtual flex fuel rely upon?

  2. In Southwestern Pa. region (Pittsburgh and immediate area), there is three E85 pumps at the Sheetz chain (unknown supplier although the website has the old Verasun supplier), two E85 pumps from the GetGo chain-(Murphy Oil supplier), one E85 pump on the Pa. Turnpike via Sunoco.  The GetGo station keeps the E85 price a dime less than gasoline regardless.  The Sheetz chain is usually 5-15% less and sometimes the Sunoco station is 20% less.  A new ethanol plant opened in Central Pa. which around 100 miles from Pittsburgh region but has an agreement to sell  to Getty Oil which does not have a presence in this region. 

  3. If one reads carefully, they will find "single digit" % figures on loss of mpg when using the ETOM unit.  This is from ETOM literature/website from their testing history in Minnesota.  There exists one individual who drives a Saturn sedan who claims 31 mpg in his report on using this unit.  I'm not going to dig up this information or point to the link.  I do not have experience in using this e85 conversion kit so I can not comment any further than what I have stated.

  4. April32010mileage.jpg


    Yes 35.7 mpg.  But, I recently returned from running a few errands (three stops in 12 miles) around this small town of 15,000 and my mileage dropped to 31.9.  It iwll likely drop further in the week with my short commute of less than 6 miles.  Yes, it is ok to ask a few questions when one post about high mileage results with their vehicle.  Some of these folks will cherry pick their routes to obtain impressive figures.


    The old Opel vehicle was modified to run on gas vapors- at least from what I read.  I do not know what test track/route was utilized.  Am I correct that atomizing/vaporizing ethanol can/will also improve efficiency?  How do you do this?-Increase fuel pressure?- but does the engine control module (computer) compensate in other ways to minimize the changes?  Oh well, I'm getting out of my "area" and better let others with more mechanical and engineering knowledge take over.

  5. 1959opelt-1again.jpg 



    This vehicle used "vapored" gasoline to obtain the "unthinkable" mileage.  It was recently sold (2009) to someone who is going to restore it.


    This is what yours truely just obtained today running an E25 blend on his 05 Escape Hybrid:

    width=500 height=220http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff26/Billyk24/357mpgforE25atGetgo.jpg[/img]

    It was only for a 26 mile drive that included 55 mph state highway, 25-40 mph two lane winding county roads, congested city driving and small town city driving.  It was 70F at 8:40pm when I arrive home and took this photo.

  6. Turning carbon based feedstock into fuel?  A plant already exists in my location.  It is called Coskata.  Why in the heck can't these suddenly bloom? :(



    Not true if one reads and believes the Coskata information.  Coskata has stated a full scale plant is planned for Florida using waste "cane" as the feedstock.  Startup was suppose to be 2011.  There is also a credit market issue and these cellulose plants cost more (double?) than the corn only ethanol plants.  ]

  7. I just sent an e-mail to the GetGo website (contact us) about their "dime less" E85 price regardless of the ethanol and gasoline wholesale prices.  There is an issue in this part of the country with the limited number of E85 pumps.  It is difficult to drive to another E85 pump if it takes another 25 minutes or more of driving to reach it. 

  8. Sorry guys but my location is in Southwestern Pa.  Been here for nearly 27 years.  :(  Before that Aurora, Ill and of course my real home, Wisconsin.  :)  Send some of those darn E85 pumps to my current region.  Without more E85 pumps in this location it is hard to justify purchasing a piggyback E85 conversion kit.

  9. The GetGo station in Wexford, Pa.  (just north of Pittsburgh) keeps the E85 price a dime less than what E10 is.    A station 15 miles away had a 20% spread last weekend but this station is on the Turnpike.  A lack of E85 pumps and competition does not help this region.  Sad when one realizes the Coskata pilot plant in located in this region.

  10. Toyota is stating it will cost upwards to $300.00 to make production vehicles flex fuel?  Is this another piece of "Propaganda" from their PR department?  >:(  What you don't get it?  :o


      That no good, lousy Government Motors company came out recently and stated "Adding the capability to run on E85 costs adds as much as $70 to the production cost of each vehicle."  Link: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN1619509020100216


    If Toyota is going to think like many of our elective officials in that Joe and Jane SixPack are unable to think internally and see thru things, they are going to be in worse shape in the future.

  11. This is the link for the link: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/environment/article7007238.ece


    The English Renewable Fuels Agency is concerned about the use of adding 3.25%    :o  on destroying the rainforest!  More than 1.3 million hectares of land — twice the area of Devon — was used to grow the 2.7 per cent of Britain’s transport fuel that came from crops last year. 

    Most companies met part of their biofuel obligation by buying palm oil, one of the cheapest fuels but potentially the most damaging to the environment because of the carbon released when forest is burnt down to create plantations.


    No mention of Cellulose Ethanol or importing USA ethanol.


  12. From the Ethanol Producer magazine (http://www.ethanolproducer.com/article.jsp?article_id=6304 ):


    SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Poet Biorefining – Preston, Minn., has cut its water use by 13 percent thanks to a recently installed water recovery system. Poet LLC operates a 46 MMgy ethanol plant in Preston.


    The new system allows the plant to recycle an additional 19 million gallons of waste water per year from the filtering system at the plant, bringing its total water use per gallon of ethanol down to 2.6 gallons.

  13. I completed a Meijer E85 run on Monday and Tuesday when I stopped at the Gaylord, Traverse City and Birch Run Meijer fuel stations for E85 blending.  I missed the Toledo Ohio Meijer E85 station exit due to traffic conditions.  Prices have been posted.  This is a shot of the Traverse City Meijer E85 pump early in the AM prior to my journey to the VASA Ski Course for a nearly 90 minute ski session.



    Those of you with eagle eyes will notice the 0.8 gallons of E85 pumped.  Not much.  Yet this was added to 1.86 gallons of E10 or was it E0?  This calculates to a nearly  E30 blend fillup and this was all I used since the Gaylord E85 fillup which was like 86 miles away.

  14. This plant is now "on-line".  It sells it's ethanol to Getty Oil.  Get this:  3200 people applied to work at this facility that has 55 jobs :o  An economic stimulus that the anti-ehtanol folks rarely mention.  Some links:  http://www.theprogressnews.com/default.asp?read=20544






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