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  1. How big of a capacity does your fuel pump need to run E85 or higher blended ethanol fuels?    I don't squat  :(  about this but did find this formula:


    You can use the formula hp × 7.3 to find the required fuel flow rate in cubic centimeters (cc) per minute that will give you a 33% over supply of fuel.-----at this link:  http://www.custom-car.us/efi/fuel-supply.aspx


    I do not know if this formula takes into consideration the increase in injector pulse width that occurs with an increase in speed/load.  For example, my 05 Hybrid has a pulse width of 3.6mS at hot idle--4.5-5.5 mS at 30mph---7-8mS at 55 mph.  My fuel pump via Helms reference book puts out 750cc/minute for this 134HP ICE.



  2. This link: http://green.autoblog.com/2010/04/08/brazil-lifts-its-ethanol-tariff-baits-its-trade-hooks/          states the title of this post.


    Now what effect would this have on the USA ethanol industry if imported ethanol was not subject to additional "taxes?"  How much excess ethanol production for export to this country can Brazil or others create?  Yikes, we could become dependent upon foreign countries for oil and ethanol with this policy!  I doubt this would drive down the prices of fuel.

  3. I thought "costaka" was suppose to be bringing cheap cellulose ethanol to PA sometime here.... ;)


    Costaka's pilot plant only produces ethanol for GM-all 40,000 gallons- at this time frame.  This plant is now utilizing a variety of feedstock (yes garbage can be used) other than wood chips with a "claimed" production cost of around $1.00 a gallon.    This is 1/2 the claimed production cost of the new cellulose plant in the Midwest -is it Iowa?  It is stunning to find a lack of "support" from the capital market, government officials and "other" to help move this forward.  Maybe something will change in the near future as the local Federal elections are Tuesday.

  4. Looks to me like only PA is needed.... (come on billy!)


    Hey, I stopped at the nearest E85 pump yesterday-the GetGo station in Wexford, Pa.- and splashed blended an E27 mixture to fill my tank.  E85 was $2.73 while E10 was $2.83.  This station is always a dime less for E85 compared to E10.  The better E85 spreads are across the state near the capital of Pa.

  5. Dan, I believe Billy is referring to uploading a file to YOUR server, to include inline in his post or as an attachment (like most forums provide).


    I don't ever recall seeing this functionality here. I usually just link to existing pics on other servers.



    I have posted photos before on this site as shown in this link: http://e85vehicles.com/e85/index.php/topic,3623.msg24438.html#msg24438


    I now have  the GM flex fuel sensor and just need some help and extra fuel line to install this device.

  6. In my hybrid, it is possible to obtain fuel cut at above 40 mph on a downhill while in "D".  One trick is to shift to "L" at the top of the hill, watch for the RPM blip and then shift back to "D" to obtain fuel cut.  For some reason photos are not longer allowed to be posted here so I can't post one showing this.

  7. An example of extreme hypermiling:  the world champion hypermiler "Wayne G." drove a Toyota Prius from Chicago to New York City on I-80 on all one tank of gasoline.  This comes to around 74 mpg BUT...his average speed was like 47 mph on a major interstate highway!  A reporter for a major media publication also did the same event at the same time but could only average like 55 mpg at an average speed of 57 mph.  The same individual (Wayne) averaged over 80 miles per gallon (1300 miles on one tank) in a Ford Fusion Hybrid around a loop in the Washington DC area that was open to traffic.  He did a lot of pulse and glide driving with the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

  8. a>


    A device such as the scanguage can help provide feedback on what is happening with your vehicle and allow the driver to make adjustments on the fly.    The well known "hypermilers" do not advocate use of the cruise control.  They focus more on the RPM's- trying to keep these as low as possible.  Of course these individuals are normally driving a vehicle with an electronic CVT making quick adjustments fairly easy.    These individuals will perform extra shifting such as "D" to "N" or "L" in an attempt to obtain fuel cut, electric propulsion and/or extra recharge to the hybrid battery pack.  This extra shifiting could cook an automatic tranmission and is not intented for it either. 


    The Pulse and Glide hypermiling technique is normally performed with extra shifting in that the Glide portion is done in "N". 


    If you ever "chat" with one of these hypermilers, don't mention ethanol.  They think it is a scam and what to get rid of it.  I have found my hybrid runs fine on the E20-25 blends.

  9. I'd almost bet  a dollar to a donut that Ford announces a comparable engine within weeks.


    It might be this:

    The Ford Ecoboost engines that have arrived in 2010 and are going to spread thurout the model lineup have a variation called "Bobcat"-http://www.pickuptrucks.com/html/news/ford/ethanol-boost/ford-ethanol-boost-engine-code-named-bobcat.html

  10. Well, That didn't take long.  Ford say, "We're in for 2012."


    Had to take the wife's '09 Mariner to the shop the other day for warranty work and noticed the '10 version was flex, while my wife's isn't. Nice to see some progress in that area.


    The Mariner -like the Escape- now have two V6 engines.  One is flex fuel and the other isn't labeled FFV.  The flex fuel engine is essentially the one previously found the in the Taurus FFV--as found in the 2005 model year. 


    The lack of FFV 4 cylinder engines (or at least stated by the manufactor) remains problemsome.

  11. How in the heck can a lead product manager (Coleman Jones) for Government Motors, err..GM.. claim E15 is so harmful to engines when the main US competitor for GM -FORD- came out and supported the move to E15 over A YEAR AGO!  link: http://blogs.edmunds.com/greencaradvisor/2009/03/ford-breaks-ranks-on-ethanol-blends-appears-to-favor-e15.html


    No wonder GM has had to "screw" the old stockholders and require a federal bailout.

  12. This item arrived today and it is slightly smaller than a credit card:



    There is an eight foot "cord/wire" that connects to the flex fuel sensor and this cord has three wires while the display unit has six wires:

    width=335 height=500http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff26/Billyk24/zeitronixethanolanalyzerdisplayu-1.jpg[/img]


    The instructions state this only works with the GM flex fuel sensor and I have an offer on one.    An additonal fuel line (Y-shaped?) connector off the return fuel line is needed.  Professional installation is recommended for the non-mechanical users.      Maybe this item will be installed in the near future.  I better have some help or go the professinal route.

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