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  1. I also question why vehicle technology that exists "elsewhere" does not exist in this country.    FYI my Hybrid vehicle does have an internal hybrid battery heater that is connected to the engine block heater setup.



    This setup ran thru the 2005 model year into the early 2008 model production.  It is possible for TD to convert his vehicle to have this set up.  BUT, who everdoes it needs to know what they are doing due to the existing 330V in the hybrid battery pack.


    The comment about cold start after work makes me wonder if someone can hookup their protable power pack to the vehicle's engine block heater and run this 30 minutes prior to leaving work?


    I quite disappointed with the EPA and Federal Government in that one reads and feels there is  little or no interest with quickly increasing the number of E85 pumps in this country.


    Morning Billy Not sure what you mean because the Feds offer upto $50,00 per e85 Install..(they was raised last year up from $30,000)..Feds are doing there part


    I am far more disappointed in the Ethanol Industry that always gave E85 Lip Service while they were instead pushing ethanol as a additive


    It wasn't until about 6 months ago the Industry finally started taking E85 and other high blends serious ..and that was only because they feared not getting another additive blend


    Looks like Growth Energy has decided to be the leader in getting high blend moving ..RFA still has it's head stuck in thousand..if they don't get E15 they will blame everyone but themselves for not having built out


    Anyway getting off topic..


    Billy they ARE hacking the OEM..


    They say it is tricky ..but they are doing it...


    and arranges for the hybrid system to use more (or only) electricity and less (or no) gasoline for propulsion until the battery is mostly depleted. This last bit is the tricky part, as the control systems of all current hybrid vehicles are proprietary and not designed to function in this manner


    They are running the OEM Battery (as well as any additional battery capacity thy add on) until it is almost depleted..


    Just because OEM is "designed" a certain way does not mean it cant be reversed engineered..  People change OEM on vehicles since day one.. it's is just an electrical system with some  code.. plenty of smart people will take it apart and figure ways of by passing or enhancing OEM








    Jane and Joe SixPack do not have the financial capabilities to obtain third party vendor hardware and software changes for their vehicles.  The cheapest current hack is going to cost around $10,000.00 and this is for the Prius.  I am not aware of any third party vendor only using the existing OEM hybrid battery for this purpose.    My interpretion of this thread's post is all  hybrid owners can obtain a software hack on e-bay for DIY project.  That is not the case. 


    As for ramping up E-85 pumps, which Federal politicians or agencies are pushing this forward and talking about this on a regular basis?  It sure like heck can't be the EPA.

  3. "Others projects like PriusPlus, Hymotion, and PiPrius have discovered ways of manipulating the OEM battery management system in order to make it act as desired. The latter projects utilise what is know as Hybrid Battery Pack Configurations in which we take advantage of State Of Charge Drift in order to accomplish State Of Charge Manipulation which allows us to utilize our additional battery capacity."


    I have been aware of third party vendor hacks into the hybrid system since early 2008 when I read of Hymotion -still does not have a retail version of a Escape PHEV-and Hybrid-Plus-now EEtrex-.  Both of these system replace the current stock OEM hybrid battery with one of their own design.  There is a significant cost for this with EETrex listing at over $30,000.00      This is not what was previously posted (my interpretion) in this thread in that software hacks would be available on internet for your stock OEM hybrid battery.  The price tag ($10,000+) for the Prius Hymotion retail version is going to be a tough sell for Joe and Jane SixPack.  What is Toyota going to charge for their PHEV Prius in year 2011/2012 and how much more is this going to be over the standard Prius hybrid?


    As for the price premium with hybrid vehicles purchases, one can make a case for or against this depending upon a variety of factors including what the future might bring.  I quite disappointed with the EPA and Federal Government in that one reads and feels there is  little or no interest with quickly increasing the number of E85 pumps in this country. 

  4. As a current hybrid owner, I feel like adding my two cents here. 

    1.  Hacking the software that limits the "usable" range of the hybrid battery pack---"from other websites"--I have read of owners asking how to hack the software that limits the amount of usable battery power.  I have yet to read or hear any "Joe or Jane Sixpack" being able to defeat the vehicle's software.  My hybrid has been sold to the general public since August 2004.  If it hasn't been hacked by now, what are the chances it will be in the future?  This isn't Microsoft software code that is utilized.  Am I interested in hacking the software?  No.  By the way, my hybrid's normal range of usage hybrid battery pack is from 40-53%!  When the state of charge drops to 40%, the engine kicks on the generator MG1 and recharges the hybrid battery pack until it reaches 53% and MG1 will then stop unless the vehicle goes into EV before then.  Braking will recharge the hybrid battery pack via MG2 and the vehicle will attempt to maintain a 53% state of charge.

    2.  Volt will require the use of premium fuel--Isn't this where ethanol splash blending at the 20% value will save the owners a buck and make for a cleaner engine?


    I will stop for now as I posted a long enough reply.

  5. I partially blame GM for this.  They have a spokesman running around out there crying wolf over E15, saying it might damage their nonflexfuel cars.


    Well, if I'm a mechanic, and I hear that I'm going to think, "hmm, that stuff must be pretty bad.  I better tell my customers to stay away from it."


    GM, and Ford have been trying to play this deal "too cute, by half" now for too long.


    A higher up at Ford stated last YEAR it is ok to run E15 in our vehicles.  This has been posted previously at this site.  Her first name is Susan C......

  6. The Sheetz store in Gibsonia has never carried E85.  You can find E85 at the Sheetz store in Robison Twp-near the airport--in Monoreville and in the South Hills.  The GetGo station in Wexford is no more than 10 miles from the Sheetz store in Gibsonia.  This GetGo station has terrible pricing-10 cents less for E85 than E10 regardless of price.  I have recently found the Sunoco Station on the Turnpike at Oakmount has terrific E85 price spreads of over 20% but...you have to get onto the Pa Turnpike to access this station.  There is no E85 pumps in Butler County where I live despite this location being the hub of Federal-State and County governmental centers.  This is why I haven't yet  purchased an E85 conversion kit. 

  7. I have LRR tires, set to the 44 psi max rating, so not over inflated. My previous vehicle had tires with a max of 40 psi (not LRR).


    My point was I would have liked to see a psi higher than 26 psi, and wasn't suggesting over-inflating tire.



    Then there is the question of  LRR tires compared to the non-low rolling resistance (LRR) tires.  Continential has come out with their verison of LRR "ProContact EcoPlus" tires that "can" save 4% over non-LRR tires.  Link: http://www.conti-online.com/generator/www/us/en/continental/automobile/themes/car_tires/passenger_coupe_minivan/pro_contact_eco/procontact_eco_en.html

  8. I believe Ford will be moving to or offerring the second generation EcoBoost engine (BobCat) that uses both E85 and E10.

      There is no current second fuel tank on the existing 2010 Ford EcoBoost vehicles.

      This link: http://www1.eere.energy.gov/vehiclesandfuels/pdfs/merit_review_2008/fuels/merit08_aagarwal.pdf


    is  a 22 slide power point display about the Future BobCat EcoBoost Engine.  It does not contain "specific" Ford details.  Slide 7 provides an potential fuel saving when compared to the "normal" FFV and GTDI.


  9. I'm another one that splash blends a mixture of E20-E30 as often as I can.  I will drive the nearly 27 miles to the nearest E85 pump and fill a red jerry can to take home.  I find the E20-25 blends almost identical to E10 and frequently to E0  in regards to mileage (mpg).  In fact, I swear there is a learning and "leaning" effect that occurs with continuous splash blending at least in my vehicle. 

  10. The moderator of this site reminded us to remember active duty military members and Veterans this Memorial Day.  I attended the local Memorial Day parade:



    What you won't see at your local parade is this:

    width=500 height=333http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff26/Billyk24/BantammultiplephotosLargee-mailview.jpg[/img]


    Photos of the military's first 4x4 1/4 ton Jeep that was created in 49 days! in Southwestern Pa.  It was delievered to Camp Holibrad (Balitmore) in September 1940 and immediately was a smash hit.


    In brief, the story:






  11. I will post the results of my 05 Hybrid that has a narrowband O2 sensor.  I believe in summer like weather I will find "fast" results.


    I arrived at the local YMCA at 5:25am today-5/28/10 for my early AM workout.  At 6:30am I restarted my vehicle, immediately put it in reverse, a few seconds later put it into "d" and my scanguage immediately reported "closed loop".

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