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  1. I was my local Chiropractor office after work receiving mainetance.  While waiting, I opened the June Motor Trend magazine and there was an article about the "new" Ford 2.0 Liter engine that is rated at 160Hp, 146 ft lbs torque and can run on E85 and is gas direct injection.

    Link: http://www.motortrend.com/features/auto_news/2011/1103_ford_engine_of_the_future/index.html


  2. As the Commerical Hucksters say:  BUT WAIT, theres more:



    Startron cures and prevents ethanol problems.  The four main problems caused by ethanol fuel:  1.  Debris in fuel--ethanol strips away the fuel gums caused by aging and clogs filters, injectors and carburetors.  Startron enzymes breaks down the debris-  2.  Excessive water in the fuel and phase seperation--ethanol fuels naturally hold .5% water in suspension but when water levels exceed this or fuel cools quickly, the water/ethanol mix dros out of suspension as in phase seperation.  This seperation can become partially combustible and cause engine damage.  Startron reduces surface tension between water and fuel allowing more water to be dispersed thruout the fuel.  3.  Ethanol fuels break down quickly.  Ethanol evaporates and octane is lowered causing vehicle operation issues.    Startron is  a fuel stabilizer.  4.  Ethanol causes lost power, performance and fuel economy.  Stratron breaks down the large fuel molecules allowing increased oxygen to react during combustion.


    I give up.  This product calim to have enzymes in it.  I doubt this as the price is under $2.00

  3. I was in the local Home Depot where on a table next to the check out area was a display of what appears to be anti-ethanol scam products.  One is called Ethanol shield and the other Mechanic in a bottle. 




    Neither the labels on the bottles or website indicate the exact product composition!  Could this be small bottle of summer dry gas!

  4. There was a recent display and discussion of the ultraguage hardware.  I have just installed my ultraguage unit and compared it to the scanguage units I have in my 05 Escape Hybrid vehicle.

    -upon installing the ultraguage unit into the OBDII port, it quickly indicated there was 51 different sensors available for display.  The scanguage forces one to "input numbers and letters" to read some of the vehicle sensors

    -the ultraguage unit can display six values at once and...rotate six different values at user determined time frame.  These six different values can then be rotated into another six values after this determined time frame.  I can display all 51 sensor values if I desire.  The scanguage display values are static until the user presses a button to change it.

    -the ultraguage is lacking some specific hybrid sensor values such as battery temperature- It also reads "error" for instant MPG values when the hybrid vehicle goes into electric drive.

    -both guage's display can modified in regards to contrast and brightness.

    Photos:---after 30 minutes of trying- finally:

    first photo reveals timing advance of 23.5 in the ultraguage.  I do not have this value in the scanguage units.    Am I correct in that higher blends of ethanol blending will boost timing advance?  Is there a limit on how advanced timing goes?  If so, will a check engine light occur if the vehicle wants to exceed this (a?) limit?  I'm currently running around a E32 blend with the long term fuel trim values hanging around 16 on steady state flat land driving.    I generally double the long term fuel trim value to obtain an approximate E blend value.



    The second p;hoto reveals when the hybrid is in EV, the ultra guage reports err but scanguage reports 9999.   

        width=375 height=500http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff26/Billyk24/differencebetweenultraguageandscanagueduringelectricmodedrive.jpg[/img]       

  5. I have been to Waupaca several times many moons ago,  loved the area glad you all have opportunity to buy when you want it.  Big game Saturday  so GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Many moons ago?  Hey, I speedskated (ice) as a young kid at Waupaca many years ago (1960's) and completed the Waupaca triathlon this past August on the same lake.  If my memory serves me correctly, we skated on a 400 yard oval and the lake next to it featured a "ice" stock car race!

  6. Rechecking my fuel data, in 2010 I used:

    •   118.5 gallons of E85 that was usually mixed  to a E22-25 blend the best I could
    •   28.1 gallons of E20 from Renew in Green Bay-Waupaca-Cedar Grove     

    -404 gallons of E10--I am not aware of any E0 pumps that I utilized


    I drove approximately 15,931 miles and stick to the right lane on the interstate highway.  I had a high blend of approximately E56 (check engine light at ltf value of 28) and a low blend (only one tank of less than 60 miles) of E10.  I have a non-flex fuel Escape Hybrid  with no issues running the approximate stated blends.  My closest E85 pump is approximately 27 miles away and I would need a closer source prior to purchasing an E85 conversion kit.  It is possible my fuel tracking might be slightly off, but it is doubtful one can make a case my fuel mpg sufferred from the higher ethanol blends.  My commute to work is like 5.5 miles one way and I normally stop 1.1 mile from home prior to work for a large fancy coffee. ;D

  7. These E85 hybrid vehicles have been and are undergoing real world field testing:



    maybe someone can ask the RFA about this 2008 model.












    The above two were in the hands of Verasun



    width=500 height=375http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff26/Billyk24/phevescapehybrid.jpg[/img]


    This is one of the twenty two PHEV E85 Ford Escape's currently undergoing field testing--the first was created in September 2007!

  8. My crystal ball sees:

    -gasoline (E10/E0) remaining over $3.15 (local current price) for 2011 due how easy wild world events and government policies can effect the market price

    -corn prices dropping as it did a few years ago to enable price spreads of 25% .  It is likely import ethanol tariffs are going to be further reduced via governmental policies.  Thus, downward pressure on corn prices and ethanol costs.


    Hope this works out to the benefit of the consumer.










    It is true the consumer is not able to purchase an E85 hybrid vehicle at this time.  Ford has produced E85 Escape Hybrid vehicles "for real world testing" since 2007 and the current (22) PHEV Escape vehicles in real world testing are E85 capable.  Is it for a lack of political and/or consumer demand for these vehicles that consumers can not purchase them in 2010 and 2011?

  10. I pulled into the Wexford GetGo station where the "local" E85 pump exists.  As I was exited my vehicle and undid the vehicle's gas cap, a new STS Cadillac owner yelled out this thread's subject's title.  I calmly stated yes and he stated "that is a double advantage" as he enterred his vehicle to drive away.  I didn't get a chance to say anything else.

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