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  1. I have not thrown a check engine light while using my E85 kit. The temperature is only going to the low 20's tonight. The next 10 days the temperatues are forecasted to be in the 40's and low 50's for day time highs.
  2. A short initial user experience of about 12 days now as this reviewer finds limited data on this subject. The unit comes set on #6-middle of the adjustment range and I moved it to #5 prior to installation. Installation is simple and took like 12 minutes max as I had a little trouble removing the nut from the negative terminal on the 12V battery. Vehicle starts as normal (quick turn and release of key from start) but temperatures have not been colder than 28F degrees since the installtion. No abnormal engine operations. Long term fuel trim values as measured by scanguage vary between 10.6 to 21.7. Cruising down a flat road it is usually around 14-17. My vehicle will throw a check engine light when the LFT exceeds 25. I'm assuming the ethanol blend is E70. The engine temperature (cylinder head temperature ChT on the scanguage) runs 6-14F cooler than with E10 values. Very rapid cooling of the this value after one drives up a long hill (3/4 mile) and then backs off the gas pedal. The radiator temperature on the scanguage is usually 4-9F degrees cooler running on E85 than E10/ values. Mileage (mpg) might be down 1.5 but it is not any where near what the naysayers claim about E85. Downside: Lack of E85 pumps in this area as the closest to my home is 27 miles.
  3. On a slow day, can anyone guess/compute the E85 price spread to E10 as reflected in the photo? I will return late on Tuesday or Weds for the answer.
  4. The Growth Energy "fueling freedom" plan from July 2010 as found on their site: •Funds currently going to the oil industry as an incentive for blending ethanol into gasoline (the VEETC) would be redirected to provide backing for the build out of distribution infrastructure for ethanol – such as tax credits for retailers to install 200,000 blender pumps and federal backing of ethanol pipelines. This will provide Americans the access to choose ethanol in an open and free market, and would allow for the elimination of the tax supports over time in exchange for that level playing field. •Requiring that all automobiles sold in the U.S. be flex-fuel vehicles – as many as 120 million. This requires no additional cost to taxpayers and a minimal cost (about $120 per vehicle) to vehicle manufacturers. Neither has happened. Option 1 is hindered by the US Federal budget debt and other political issues. Option 2 is simple but related to the chicken and egg-what comes first--FFV or blender pumps?
  5. A slight twist to this article: what is the wholesale cost to manufacture ethanol at the plant?
  6. Too simple to be true ;D. The other side of the issue remains: lack of blender/E-85 pumps outside of the Midwest. This is going to cost more money than a simple software programming in new vehicles.
  7. I'm happy to support an American small business that sells an American made product(s). This will be a learning experience and I can report elsewhere on a personal blogger site. "If gasoline is so good, how come it is dependent upon so many additives?" Maybe we need to brain storm up some one liners, get them printed on hats and whatever for sale for..?
  8. Once the kit arrives, I can move from ethanol lite to full ethanol status. ;D However, with the closest E85 pump 27 miles away, I'm going to be running E85 and splash blending in the future. I will just open my vehicle's hood and make an adjustment with the E85 conversion kit when I move onto and off of E85.
  9. Good news. There still is the issue of increasing E85 and blender pumps outside the Midwest.
  10. The objective of this work was to understand the effects of running a 15% ethanol blend on outboard marine engines during 300 hours of wide-open throttle (WOT) endurance – a typical outboard marine engine durability test. It doesn't take a rocket engineer to realize what this research's methology and what occurs in the real world are two different things. Not far after the objective work was stated one reads this: "these results are not considered statistically significant" In other words, there was no real difference between E0 and E15 results. Page 36: Due to failures of both the E0 and E15 engines, I doubt mainstream journalism will go over the report and report the truth.
  11. I think Dan's wording is slightly off. My FEH has an engine block heater with a connection to the Ford stock hybrid battery heater. I am not unplugging this from the engine block. This is what I am planning to do: Install a PHEV add on kit to my FEH. This kit is from Enginer out of Troy, Michigan. There are installers in several states including Minnesota (ReGo) and Ohio (Wooster) which is where I am headed in May. One concern I have is the kit sits on the cargo floor unlike the Prius where it is hidden under the cargo floor. I have a very large (67-68 lbs) female Standard Poodle that needs to sometimes exit/enter the rear gate. http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff26/Billyk24/pollyinbackseatLargee-mailview.jpg[/img] I have been told the kit is arond 6 inches high and hopefully this will not be a problem but I need to build a wood base and carpet it to make it easier transfer into and out of the vehicle. Now Dan's statement, those of you living in true winter conditions know, batteries that are too cold don't work well. Thus, Enginer installer can place a heating pad under or in the PHEV kit to warm the battery pack while it is being charged overnight--4-5 hour charge on your normal household current. This setup can be placed on a timer. As for improvements in mileage, I am aware of one FEH end user that reported on 32 mpg average with the stock Ford hybrid battery and 40-41 mpg with the PHEV add on kit. This end user does not claim to "cherry pick" routes, drive excessively slow or use extreme techniques to achieve this mpg figure with a 4kwh Enginer PHEV kit. It makes more sense for me at this time frame to add this to my existing FEH than to spend 5x or more for a newer vehicle. It is also time for me to secure an E-85 conversion kit and I plan to do so in March/April time frame.
  12. Enginer PHEV kit -is an aftermarket add-on device for hybrid vehicles. It comes in 2-4-6-8 Kwh versions. Can this be added to the electric vehicle forums? A cheaper investment than to purchase a new PHEV or electric vehicle?
  13. A spin off of this E10 mandate that has been viewed elsewhere on this site: Many boat owners in Florida. Many boats have two stroke engines. Any two stroke engine issues are being blamed on E10 usage. Thus repeal the E10 usage regardless of the fact automobiles use a four stroke engines-not two stroke engines. Sorry I don't have a boat or personal experience. with such a combination but can see where such an environmental condition could potentially cause issues --regardless of one uses E0 or E10 or E... If this leads to more "blender pumps", then that is a good thing.
  14. Here it is: http:// Corn based ethanol household cleaner! I don't believe this has been mentioned in the past and is another example of the diversity coming out of these plants.
  15. More news from the Clearfield Pa. ethanol plant. Two months into operation--March 2010--Getty oil stopped paying upon the agreed upon contract price for ethanol. http://www.ethanolproducer.com/articles/6765/bionol-ethanol-plant-hits-snag It filed bankruptcy in July 2011. It started production on Jan. 1, 2010. ---- http://articles.philly.com/2011-08-28/business/29938507_1_first-ethanol-plant-getty-petroleum-marketing-million-in-tax-free-bonds It won a $230 million dollar lawsuit/arbitration against Getty Marketing--Getty Oil--in August 2011. Getty Oil/Marketing had an agreement with the Clearfield ethanol plant to buy all production for five years including the possible swings in market costs. Getty Marketing has been sold to new owners!! http://wearecentralpa.com/wtaj-news-fulltext?nxd_id=299237 http://www.thecourierexpress.com/courierexpresscourierexpresslocal/929843-349/rep.-bud-george-applauds-settlement-for-ethanol.html A CO2 recovery plant is going to be built next to the ethanol plant with construction starting this year. http://gantdaily.com/2011/04/15/ethanol-plant-spin-off-industry-developing-in-clearfield-borough/ There is supoose to be a pilot cellulose plant on location but details are missing.
  16. The growing motorization of China and India's population will only consume what ever lagging demand found in the United States and similar nations. Therefore, the longterm forecast is a continued upward trend in oil prices. $84 a barrel price seems cheap today (2011) but would one have said the same thing in 2009? Will cheap in 2013 mean $99 a barrel? A worldwide recession might invert this trend for "awhile". Renewable fuels still has a chance to become a force in the transportation fuel market.
  17. My mother has a 2008 Mercury Milan (Fusion twin) V6 with a five speed transmission. I took this photo while driving on US 2 in Wisconsin where a 55 mph speed limit was in place. The mileage rose to 35.3 mpg during this trip I had with my mother last summer. Your 2010 Fusion has a six speed transmission and should obtain better mileage-under the same conditions and driving demands.
  18. I normally get better mileage with blends higher than E10 and see a drop at around E30. http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff26/Billyk24/drivehomefromwexfordgetfo.jpg[/img]
  19. The e85 conversion kits are no longer listed on the website. Replies via e-mail have not been returned. Website does state they will convert your non-flex vehicle thru a $800.00 tuning package that changes the fuel maps and etc but likely makes your vehicle "non-flexible" for fuel useage.
  20. This link: http://fuelschool.blogspot.com/2009/02/phase-separation-in-ethanol-blended.html takes one to a blog that "others" are referring to. You don't have to be a rocket engineer to see the bull in the article. For example: "We recently were called to consult for a fleet where a fairly large number of vehicles were being regularly fueled from a single tank and about one-half the vehicles were stored inside and the other half were stored outside. After a night with a 30°F+ temperature drop, several of the vehicles stored outside developed problems with significant amounts of water found in the vehicle tanks. After checking the storage tank and finding no measurable water, they looked for other possible causes including sabotage. After looking at many possible causes this customer consulted with us and we were able to describe the Phase Separation through temperature change scenario and determine that this was the most likely cause of the problems." One night with a minus 30F temperature drop and the automobiles developed significant problems? Bull.
  21. This would be on the southeastern portion of the greater Cleveland metro area. Not far from the Ohio Turnpike (I-80), multiple rail lines and a short drive off Lake Erie.
  22. The expert is back again. This time posting more non-sense: "Based on how my '05 FEH has performed in the last 30,000 miles, My CAT has been bad since 50,000 miles soon after E10 was mandated. It states in both my '05 and '09 FEH PCM/ED Manuals that "fuel quality (% alcohol or oxygenates)." effects long term fuel trim. We know oxygenates cause a richer fuel mixture because ethanol has less BTU's than straight gas. A higher fuel to air ratio causes reduced MPG and a heavier load on the CAT to clean the exhaust gases." I have the 05 FEH PCM/ED Manual and it doesn't state exactly what he posted. He trying again to use ethanol as a scapegoat to make his point. It is pure Bull that his CAT immediately went bad when he had to use E10.
  23. The expert responded: The Ethanol folks are soon to be flushed down the toilet and the scam they ran with big oil will follow. I say, go down with that burning ship you corrupt bastards! Another due pulled this out that ethanol has a 6 billion subsidies: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/...l/7561119.html Of course this link is using direct and "indirect" costs. Which reminds me, six fingers are used for counting on one hand.
  24. Same old story. Can't see the trees in the forest. You get tired of being flogged in the public.
  25. Here is the expert's latest statement on why his cat failed at 80,000 miles: "Now I believe it was a combination of E10 mixing with the normal water that accumulates in the tank from the high rain and moisture in the air here in Florida." ----Like it never happens with E0 "A CAT failure at 80,000 miles is premature, but really, the '05 FEH CAT started failing after E10 fill-ups. I think the moisture blending with the E10 and the fact that E10 causes a rich air-fuel mixture caused early failure of my CAT and exhaust system. " Heet? The expert states that is for freezing temperatures.
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