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  1. I might try dialing it down 1 notch and see if helps or hurts anything. However, I'm pretty happy overall with how my car is taking to e85. Dragonwhip, I noticed in your sig, that you have the Pulstar spark plugs. Are you happy with them? In your opinion is it worth the price tag of 25/per plug? I did not buy them, because it sounded too much like a gimmick to me.
  2. Dan, Sorry, I thought I had the kit listed in my sig. However, it's a FuelFlex Platinum, and yes it's adjustable. I don't really think it's that big of a drop. My car's EPA MPG for city is 18, which is what I usually get when using e10. Since I get about high 14's or low 15's, that is about a 18% drop. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but from what I read the drop in mpgs when using e85 is between 15 and 20%? The EPA HWY MPG listed for this car, is 27. I always got more than 27, it usually was 29/30 mpg. I was amazed when I got 32 on my trip home. So the drop for both city/hwy is hovering around the 18% mark. Do you think I should play with the adjustments? I was figuring that it was maybe not a great time to do that, since winter is right around the corner. When I have more data, I'm going to update my sig with the mpgs on e85. Despite the fact that it has been 2 months, it's only been like 3 tanks of pure e85. I don't drive a whole lot. What's your opinion, Dan?
  3. Well, I had the conversion kit installed onto my car for close to 2 months now, and it's working out pretty darn well. I'm getting between 14/15 mpg (city) and I traveled over 600 miles on a trip, got 25 mpg (highway). Unfortunately, I could not find any e85 stations during my trip, so on the way back I got 32 mpg using e10. I never before in the life of my car got more 30 mpg (highway) using e10, wondering why I got the extra 2 mpg on this trip? Anyways, I'm going on a another trip next week, where there will be e85 stations. I will be able to use e85 all the way there and back. So I should have better estimate on what my highway mpg will be, using e85.
  4. My friend just bought a used Ford Taurus (early 90's, I believe 95) that is a FFV, but it's M85 compatible. So my question to the wise forum members, can he use e85 in his vehicle instead of m85? There are no m85 refueling stations, but a handful of e85 refueling stations in the area, so using m85 is just simply not possible. side note: i did not know Ford made FFV's this early.
  5. Yea, gg, keep us updated. You might have just gotten a "bad unit". I remember once buying a brand new TV and a year later it just up and died. If it was not for my habit of buying these in-store extended warranties, I would have been sol. Also, I can't imagine that this is the "norm", because I would think alot more people would be screaming "freeway trips will kill these units!!!!".
  6. GreenGenes, your unit died after a long freeway trip? I hope that does not happen with my unit. I always take a 600 miles roundtrip vacation, once a year. And I did not spend good money to make my car "city only".
  7. Interesting, so running ethanol does effect the transmission side of things too. I'm not too worry about the erratic shifting because it completely disappear after about 4 miles, and I baby this car too death (everything is up to date). So, I'm guessing what happen is (please correct me, if I'm wrong), because of the different variables of running with ethanol, it was kinda of a shock to the nervous system. The computer just had to throw out what it had learn and start to "relearn" things from the beginning, correct? Well, knock on wood, no cel lights as of yet. Hopefully it will stay that way.
  8. About 2 days, I made my first full fill-up of e85 after the initial 50/50 tank. According to the e85prices.com calculator, I'm still a little shy of being 100% e85, but close enough for government work. I did make some interesting observations after the fill up. My transmission at first shifted very erratically, after about 2 miles the shifts started to smooth out and at about 4 miles it was all smooth sailing. I haven't noticed a problem since. I'm still very confused about this, because ethanol really has nothing at all to do with how the trans does it's job. My car is kinda unique because it does not have a "Transmission Control Module" aka TCM per say, because it's integrated with the ECM. Any ideas or comments on this observation?
  9. Thank you for those links, and for the original info you posted. Corey, I hope I did not sound harsh in my last post. I just meant to say that I had some doubts about that information. Also, I figured the o2 extender was only $8 and my front 02 sensor is fairly easy to get too, what do I have to lose? Worst case, I take the darn thing out and I'm back to square one, have lost $8 and a hour of my time. I have lost more than that in my lifetime!!! I don't expect alot, not from a o2 extender. However, IF it gives only a 2% gain, than it's better than nothing. I do appreciate your insights, Corey. Thanks!
  10. Corey, if that is true (i'm not saying it is or it isn't), than a efie would be a waste. if 15.75, not lower or higher is ideal, a efie because it's controllable could certainly get you to the ideal spot but a 2% gain would not be worth the effort of installing it or even cost of the device. I have my doubts, because users of the etech conversion kit discussed elsewhere, which basically includes a built-in efie device has only reported a ~5% loss of fuel economy when using e85. Average loss in fuel economy when using e85 without an efie would be ~15-20%, that means the users of the etech device should be reporting a loss of anywhere between ~13%-18%, assuming only a 2% gain.
  11. Your loss of MPG with the 02 extender might be, because of Toyota's unique "Air-Fuel" sensor instead of it being a regular wide-band or narrow-band o2 sensor. This is just a guess, through. I will see what happens with my car.
  12. After spending $~500 dollars in unexpected repairs to the car, the efie is currently out of the question for the time being. I know it's only about 60 dollars, but it's just another expense that I can't justify, right now. I hoping in a couple months, I will be able to afford the cost for the efie. Also, this gives me time to see how well the car reacts to running e85 with the conversion kit. I'm still on my 50/50 tank, but so far (knock on wood) it has responded really well, no cel's either. I did buy a "02 extender" off of ebay for 8 bucks, and I know these are not as efficient as the efie's are, but colchiro do you think I should see some gains in mpg, when running e85? I'm going to wait to run a couple tank fulls of 100% e85 before installing it.
  13. Well, my FullFlex Platium unit was installed onto my car today. I will tell you guys how it's doing in a couple of weeks or so. Just enough to get a couple of tanks of e85, so I can get the mpg. Right now, my mpg is 19/city, 30/hwy. If the mpg drops to around 14/15 in the city and 25/26 hwy, I will be happy.
  14. Ok, I just confirmed that my o2 sensor is 4 wires and the colors are the following Black, Gray, White and White. I can't tell for sure what the wires are for, because I have no tools right now. So, I assume that the 2 white wires are heater+ and heater-. C, in your experience, is this most likely a narrow band sensor? Also, I'm getting my fullflex unit installed today, I'll tell you how everything went and keep you updated.
  15. Colchiro, I have two questions, if you can answer them for me. 1) I know you mention that most cars produced 99 and later has wideband o2 sensors. Do wideband sensors always have 5 wires to them? My car is a 2003 and the 02 sensors only has 4 wires. So are these narrow band sensors? What is the difference between narrow and wide band 02 sensors? 2) Also, I know the efie's are not waterproofed, but if it was to be mounted under the hood, would this be enough protection in case of heavy rains or running the car through those automatic car washes?
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