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  1. Yesterday I filled up with ethanol e85 from a new pump down the road. As far as I know this is the first time e85 has been used in this car. After 51 miles my check engine light came on. I went by Autozone and the man there connected up a computer and said the error code was P0174 (lean?). Before filling up I checked my owner's manual to make sure I could run e85, it said I could. But now I was having doubts so I did more checking on line. My vin is: 4F4xxxxxVxxxxxxxxx According to http://www.drive85.com/index4.html, My engine is flex fuel and I am allowed to run e85. I just don't know what could have caused the P0174.
  2. Hi, as of June 7th Chevron at the corner of Clairmont and Briarcliff is selling E85 for $3.49/gallon.
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