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  1. The number of fuel stations now offering Flex Fuel E85 has reached an important milestone, as a Casey’s store in Ankeny, Iowa, became the 5,000th station nationwide to sell E85. While offering significantly lower emissions than traditional fuel, the E85 flex fuel blend also offers a price advantage to consumers. “Reaching the 5,000-station mark is a significant achievement for the ethanol industry and our partner in the retail sector,” said Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Geoff Cooper. “The continued expansion of E85 and other flex fuels is great news for drivers looking for savings at the pump and a way to help the environment. E85 has been available to the public for decades but has really caught on in recent years. We’re especially happy to see that this notable landmark was reached by our friends at Casey’s, a company that has long been dedicated to making ethanol-blended fuels available to their customers.” The 5,000th location is the Casey’s store at 3605 NW Irvinedale Drive in Ankeny, Iowa, where E85 is currently selling for about 30 percent less than regular Unleaded 87. “We are proud to be a part of this historic milestone as we continue bringing consumer-driven products like Unleaded 88 and E85 to the communities we serve,” said Jake Comer, Fuel Pricing Manager for Casey’s General Stores. “We are grateful for key industry partners like the Renewable Fuels Association that work hard to ensure the success of renewable fuels.” Click here for a map of E85 locations nationwide. At the E85Prices.com website, visitors also can share reviews and current prices. Click here for more information on Flex Fuel’s benefits and review a chart of which specific vehicles are ready for E85.
  2. Thanks again! Will be sure the station is in the database. -Kelsey, RFA
  3. Thank you, gasisoutrageous. I will get the station added and be sure to remove the duplicate. Have a great day.
  4. This is the last round of winners for the year, we encourage you to keep on submitting prices and look for other contests and campaigns we might have in the future on E85prices.com. 12-Aug Apiccininni1 13-Aug ChemEmang 14-Aug cguigar 15-Aug hrstein 16-Aug synapser2005 17-Aug Steph 18-Aug nickm03 19-Aug Vulcan-Ranger 20-Aug KCarpenter 21-Aug GR864 22-Aug ProphetWRIGHT 23-Aug SubaruH6 24-Aug Rack 25-Aug gasisoutrageous 26-Aug James48843 27-Aug n0cf 28-Aug Wasabi37 29-Aug Mountaineer 30-Aug FEH05 31-Aug jeepn 1-Sep Rscudvr 2-Sep xprss
  5. Next set of winners is below. We will choose next on August 26th and again to finish the contest up after Labor Day on September 3. 29-Jul MrJMM 30-Jul csigafus 31-Jul James48843 1-Aug Fueledup94 2-Aug joeanncont_07 3-Aug FEH05 4-Aug jeepn 5-Aug Mountaineer 6-Aug Indiana 7-Aug cguigar 8-Aug BJoe 9-Aug ethanolkicksgas 10-Aug CornProne 11-Aug FellwockJones
  6. Hey Rack, I have gone through these edits and updated them accordingly on E85prices.com Thank you Kelsey Quargnenti RFA
  7. Next set of winners is below. We will choose next on August 12th. 15-Jul SubaruH6 16-Jul RacerX 17-Jul gasisoutrageous 18-Jul wardnkathy 19-Jul combatnerd 20-Jul Steph 21-Jul xprss 22-Jul nickm03 23-Jul lori.madison13 24-Jul PureMichigan2.5GT 25-Jul BJoe 26-Jul synapser2005 27-Jul roseyangelx 28-Jul Rack
  8. Thank you, Rack. I will update the station on E85prices.com
  9. Third round chosen, the next will be chosen July 29: 1-Jul James48843 2-Jul roseyangelx 3-Jul Crazyspoonhead 4-Jul n0cf 5-Jul bpaz73 6-Jul GR864 7-Jul Rack 8-Jul chevy2011 9-Jul markc9503 10-Jul Melsenbach 11-Jul Mountaineer 12-Jul Elden 13-Jul Indiana 14-Jul yodaman
  10. Second round of winners have been selected, the next will be drawn July 15th: 17-Jun chevy2011 18-Jun markc9503 19-Jun Fueledup94 20-Jun roseyangelx 21-Jun ethanolkicksgas 22-Jun BJoe 23-Jun JimmySierra 24-Jun nickm03 25-Jun Tenbenselj 26-Jun bpaz73 27-Jun Thatlifeguard 28-Jun AtlasFBG2 29-Jun gogreen 30-Jun FellwockJones
  11. Here is the first round of winners, the next will be drawn on July 1: 27-May wkshinn 28-May Thatlifeguard 29-May Apiccininni1 30-May Fueledup94 31-May ethanolkicksgas 1-Jun Indiana 2-Jun Bear1 3-Jun vacleancities 4-Jun Rack 8-Jul synapser2005 6-Jun lori.madison13 7-Jun CornProne 8-Jun AzDragonLord 9-Jun SubaruH6 10-Jun gogreen 11-Jun PureMichigan2.5GT 12-Jun Tenbenselj 13-Jun cguigar 14-Jun ChemEmang 15-Jun xprss 16-Jun combatnerd
  12. The third annual Ethanol Days of Summer Contest started on Monday. Each day we will give away $50 in free fuel to a random price submitter, go to www.ChooseEthanol.com/summer for a list of winners! Good luck!  You can find more details at the link below: https://ethanolrfa.org/2019/05/rfa-holding-third-annual-ethanol-days-of-summer-contest/ Kelsey RFA
  13. Please note this is a new forum where we welcome everyone to get together discuss utilizing E85 in performance applications. Looking forward to the conversations to be had!
  14. We will update the database. Thank you! Kelsey RFA
  15. This is great, thank you! They have been added to our E85prices database  Kelsey RFA
  16. These cities have been merged, gasisoutrageous. Thank you! Kelsey RFA
  17. Thank you! They have been added to our E85prices database Kelsey RFA
  18. All: Here is a few photos and a video from the unveil of RFA motorcycle event in Garnett, KS. You can find more information here. Enjoy! EKAE_-_American_Chopper_-_Ethanol_Bike_Reveal.mp4
  19. I will verify and add this to our database. Thank you Kelsey; RFA
  20. I will verify and add this submission to e85prices. Thank you. Kelsey; RFA
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