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  1. The third annual Ethanol Days of Summer Contest started on Monday. Each day we will give away $50 in free fuel to a random price submitter, go to www.ChooseEthanol.com/summer for a list of winners! Good luck!  You can find more details at the link below: https://ethanolrfa.org/2019/05/rfa-holding-third-annual-ethanol-days-of-summer-contest/ Kelsey RFA
  2. Please note this is a new forum where we welcome everyone to get together discuss utilizing E85 in performance applications. Looking forward to the conversations to be had!
  3. We will update the database. Thank you! Kelsey RFA
  4. This is great, thank you! They have been added to our E85prices database  Kelsey RFA
  5. These cities have been merged, gasisoutrageous. Thank you! Kelsey RFA
  6. Thank you! They have been added to our E85prices database Kelsey RFA
  7. All: Here is a few photos and a video from the unveil of RFA motorcycle event in Garnett, KS. You can find more information here. Enjoy! EKAE_-_American_Chopper_-_Ethanol_Bike_Reveal.mp4
  8. I will verify and add this to our database. Thank you Kelsey; RFA
  9. I will verify and add this submission to e85prices. Thank you. Kelsey; RFA
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