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    After purchasing a Flex fuel vehicle in 2006 I inquired from an E85 web site , don't remember which one, about why e10 was the same price as regular unleaded. I was told that it only cost 55cents per gallon to produce E85 to the refineries or some such low money amount and that the distributors were directly responsible for the prices to the consumers. And if I wanted to know why the price was the same I should inquire at the location at which I was making the purchase as to its pricing. No one has ever given me a reasonable answer. If I could find E85 close enough to make it worth while to purchase I would. However, I would have to drive a minimum of 10 to 12 miles out of my regular traveled path in order to get to a retailer selling it. Therefore, I am stuck buying the regular stuff at my nearby gas station. I have considered building a still and making my own but the revenuers would probably get me.
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