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  1. Propel Fuels is now the 17th fastest growing company in the energy sector: http://domesticfuel.com/2012/08/23/propel-fuels-jumps-onto-inc-500-list/
  2. Propel Fuels is the "Apple Store of the alternative energy market". Of course, I've always been a PC guy but I have to admit that I like the Propel Fuel Islands concept. 300% growth since 2010! http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-06-01/the-gas-station-of-the-future-just-opened
  3. There is a new Propel Island in Fullerton, California: http://www.latimes.com/business/autos/la-fi-autos-flex-fuel-20120517,0,2328289.story
  4. It looks like we will soon have as many as 80 more stations in the great Southwest: http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/propel-fuels-signs-agreement-with-pacific-convenience-fuels-expand-consumer-access-renewable-1551333.htm
  5. The new station is a Propel Island at 12042 E Firestone Blvd Norwalk, California 90650 (Unocal). E85 is 3.19 a gallon Reg. 3.79 and B5 biodiesel is 4.05 a gallon.
  6. I hear you, HusterFlex. The anti-ethanol lobby (mainly poultry and livestock producers) is very powerful in this state. We are very progressive in terms of electric charging stations (500 in Cali), Solar and Wind Power. Perhaps the fact that we don't grow a lot of corn influences how our politicians view ethanol.
  7. Husker: From what I've read, they might loose the 20 million state funding for installing E85 and Biodiesel pumps across the state.
  8. E85 is available (3.37 a gallon) at Royce Chevron, 1250 Sepulveda Blvd., Harbor City, Ca. Reg. gas at the Chevron is 3.97 a gallon.
  9. Great job Cessna! We need some of blender pumps out on the west coast.
  10. Dan: Could you enter the address for the station as 102 E. Huntington Dr., Arcadia, Ca. Thanks, Mark P.S. My wrong! I just had some problems with the submission form. I figured it out.
  11. There is a new Propel Island selling E85 and B5 biodiesel at a Chevron Station at 102 E Huntington Dr., Arcadia, California. E85 is 3.39 a gallon, and the Chevron is selling regular for 4.11 a gallon (California gas prices suck).
  12. Thanks for listing the new Chula Vista station Dan. It's list as #4 on their locations (with Now Open besides the address).
  13. There is a new Propel Fuels Island selling E85 at 1495 East H St, in Chula Vista California 91910. Propel is also bringing E85 to my neighborhood in Arcadia, Ca.! The one in Arcadia is under construction and should be finished in about a month. The Chula Vista location is actually a Union 76 that has a Propel Fuels Island that sells B5 biodiesel and E85.
  14. Thanks for posting this article, Husker. Propel is now leading the charge for alternative fuels in California. Unfortunately, it has been a couple of months since they last announced a new station. I fueled up at the Montague Expressway location in San Jose last month and they had very nice facilities within a Chevron Station. I'm just hoping they are able to find a Southern California location close to where I live (the Pasadena area).
  15. This is my best bet for the first commercial scale cellulosic plant: http://blogs.forbes.com/kerryadolan/2011/01/13/billionaire-backed-biofuels-firm-mascoma-inks-deal-with-refiner-valero/?boxes=HomepageSpecialStorySection It really is incredible that we don't already have a plant like this one in production or close to completion.
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