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  1. Okay everyone, I used to be a HUGE proponent of the earlier E85 and HHO systems (I helped with some awesome stuff back in the day) and since a few years ago according to my last posts, I just stopped because gas prices fell from the insane $4 mark. I know, I know, shame on me for giving up on my passion, but school, work, and my life were eating up so much of my time that I didn't have time to play with my car and get the most efficient mileage!! I'm sorry, please forgive me!! Fast forward two years and now I'm not seeing (after a quick search) those E85 conversion snap-on kits anymore. I had one by WhiteLightning I bought for like $200 or something and still have it. Does this mean we proved the delay of fuel injector timing to be un-beneficial? Oh noes!! Anyway, here's my question now: What do we need nowadays to get up to snuff and running *in most cases* for E85? I have the tempting station down the street I haven't touched for a few years now, and with gas prices trickling to the top I want to go back to my ways. I might stay away from HHO for a while (that requires such devotion, but with such come beautiful benefits!!) and just do E85 for quick savings and happiness. So that's that, fill me in on what's new, what's hot, and what I need to do to get up and running again!! I don't remember whether or not simply plugging in my E85 kit from WhiteLightning did the trick back then, but I might as well try it now if you all don't have newer input (which I'm sure you do!!). I want to get the most out of E85, so give me your knowledge my friends!! Thanks for welcoming me back into the community!! :D
  2. ...the design I believe is already patented. But it's a general patent if I understand correctly, that's why nobody's made it exclusive by now. That was all Stanley Meyer's doing, but he's dead now. Killed by a gas company, that sucks.
  3. Sorry Dan, I wasn't sure if I could post links but I did anyways..? First thing's first. I'm going to tell you to throw away all your calculations, because it's not EXACTLY how it works. The HHO doesn't "replace" gasoline, it helps it burn more efficiently, therefor requiring a lot less of gas to produce the same, if not more, output. I'm not chemical scientist, but if it works, it works. My drive actually takes ME about 2.5 hours, because some of us don't like speed limits too much...But the average person it takes about 3hr from my house to the college. And yes, the generator has saved me at least a good 5 gallons of gas, which is a HUGE savings if you think about it. I got $20 from one of my rfiends who I transported as a flat gas payment, and heck, they paid for my whole trip!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm back after a long absense due to building and rebuilding about 5 hydrogen generator designs! I've come to post my results with my most rescent design. Check the thread out on fuel-saver.org , a forum for hydrogen generators. I'm getting over 70mpg now!
  5. What do you mean by back off the tuning with e85? As in start back in the middle setting on the kit and retry tuning it again? I'm going to try the extender again and see how it turns out this time
  6. Alright, so I drove the car a few more miles tonight, and he's the verdict. I got the CEL light (bank 1 too lean) three times. Once wass with lowest setting on E85 kit, once with it next level up (only 4 levels), and once in the 3rd setting. Now it's in 4th setting (highest) and no CEL so far. The only thing is that my OBD2 reader's live data reports show that my rear o2 sensor is reading abour .7V all the time and my car says I'm getting around 38mpg. What if I installed a mechanical o2 simulator on my front AFR (air fuel ratio) sensor located on the header. It measures in resistance so I can't tap an adjuster on it as far as I know, but what if I added a simulator to it. Would this make the sensor read cooler and make it use less gas (similar idea to rear-bank sensor)? Any input would be great, and I would be more than happy to add another mehcanical sim for like $5 if it increases milage some more.
  7. Howdy everyone! I just filled up on e85 today after an empty tank of gas! Good news, I guess! I didn't have to modify the kit at all (I don't think). My e85 kit is set to the lowest stoich setting (should I increase it?) and my hydrogen kit is tuned the same. The car started fine and there were no problems! The only thing is that my car says I'm not getting 50+mpg anymorevon e85, but only around 40mpg! Darn it lol! Should I increase the stoich on the e85 kit a little or what? I'll whip out my OBD2 scanner and read some data and see if I should re-tune anything.
  8. Wow, I really like that link you added! Well, I'm noticing results already so I don't think I need to play with anything else. I already have a MAF adjuster and the o2 anti-fouler method and I think those two are a pretty easy and secure way to go. Should I leave my setup how it is or play around with it some more? I'm also going to be installing HHO kits on other family members' cars and some friends that are going to pay me. Should I do their setups the same as mine (all have MAF, not MAP sensors) with the HHO generator, o2 anti-fouler, and MAF adjuster? Let me know, thanks! I'll be working on a Toyota Sequois, Tundra, Ford E350, F350, Nissan Murano, Honda Civic, Saturn L200, and Voltswagen Beetle (2000+). Any help with special requirements any of these cars may have over others would be very helpful, thanks!
  9. Ok that makes sense and helps a lot! Thanks a ton for that info. One more question. I'm thinking on changing the voltage output on my MAP sensor adjuster a little. Right now it goes from around 1.34V (I think) to over 5V. How can I make it go closer to 1V or even below it (wider range)? Here's the main parts I am using for the sensor adjuster: 1K ohm multi-turn cerment pot LM317T adjustable voltage regulator 221ohm metal film resistor What in there would I have to change out to get a wider range in voltage adjustment? This is for all you electronic-savvy guys out there! I don't know too much about this stuff lol!
  10. Awesome, thanks a ton! I'll be sure to check out Weselmart tomorrow for check valves and those wall anchors. And for the Husky water filtering idea, what does it do other than catch water? Where does the water go, too?
  11. I just found it in teh production manual. It's this right here: ribbed anchor 4-6 X 7/8 Where do I find that? And what do those numbers even mean lol!
  12. Thanks a ton! I was talking about the electrolyzer check valve so I'll be sure to make a stop at an aquarium store tomorrow. And what about that little yellow stopper thing w/ a cut in it at the end of the bubbler hose? I have no idea what it's called or even where to get it!
  13. Oh, and I forgot that I have some pictures and a short video on how my HHO kit is installed in my car! I'm sorry the video ends so abruptly, my SD car was full. I'll be making a better one soon http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v440/RDKamikaze/HHO%20kit/CIMG4009.jpg[/img] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v440/RDKamikaze/HHO%20kit/CIMG4010.jpg[/img] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v440/RDKamikaze/HHO%20kit/CIMG4011.jpg[/img] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v440/RDKamikaze/HHO%20kit/CIMG4012.jpg[/img] Video coming soon, reducing size first.
  14. Hahaha, changing altitude in Arizona (especially the valley) is pretty tough. Not many mountains here, they're all a few hours' drive. It seems to be doing fine in our 100*+ weather we have right now, so that coveres the extreme heat part I would imagine. I really can't do the cold or altitude test because there's nowhere close by that's even remotely cool, let alone cold over here . I guess I'll have to wait until winter for that test. I'm probably going to be going on a drive (3 hours) back to college to see some friends for a weekend sometime soon, so I'll let you all know how it does in the mountains. So does that sound like a good idea to reduce the gas input amount, using the MAF adjuster to tell te computer the air is hotter than it really is? My only concern is if something funky goes on and how exactly will it react in the winter when the air is in fact cooler? I might have to adjust it I'm not sure. I'm making about a dozen more of these HHO kits but I have no idea where to get the check valve! Any help there would be great too, thanks!
  15. Wow, nice research! I'll have to put that info in my sig so it makes it easier for people. I actually returned my White Lightning kit (total crap) and bought a Fuel Flex Gold one instead like a week after my post about White Lightning. I am running an '06 toyota solara 4cyl (2.4L) with an aftermarket header (no cat in it), exhaust, and Injen SRI (short-ram intake). Just the basic bolt-ons, since that's all you can do for the newer Solaras (luxury cars, not sports cars). My hydrogen kit is just the glass jar one with two metal bolts for the diodes. I'm running 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in my 32oz. jar that's about 2/3 full. I haven't tried ethanol yet, just unleaded with the HHO kit. Good news is there's a station only 15 minutes away from where I live now, yay!! So I'll be testing that on my next tank of e85 to make sure I get no mix. I have a home-made adjustable MAF sensor (PM for plans) that cost like $5 and was super easy to make. I'm running that with my post-cat mecahnical o2 simulator which is pretty nice. I've been tuning my car via the MAF sensor adjuster with my OBD2 code reader/real-time diagnostics tool I got with my Flex Fuel E85 conversion kit. It's real nice! My MAF sensor is adjusting the intake air temperature (I guess that's alright?) to say that it's 42-47*C so that the computer realizes to use less gas. This, along with my mechanical o2 simulator (I guess?), is making the computer use a lot less gas and allowing for a good burn of HHO/air/gas mixture. I imagine tuning with e85 fuel will be about the same and none will be required past adjusting the e85 kit's input itself (maybe?). My kit is adjusted to lowest stoich right now just because I'm not using it yet. I'm going to start with stoich in the middle setting when I fill with e85 next tank-full and adjust from there. I'm imagining that I would have to adjust it one level lower than middle (only 4 levels total on kit), but only trials will tell. If you have any input on it, please let me know! Am I screwing something up the way I have my system monitoring setup now? Is my idea good with the MAF sensor adjuster going to the intake temperature? Let me know, because this project is run by not only the tester, but the intelligent community reading the posts!
  16. Hey, sorry to abandon the thread, but I have been on lots of vacations. I have the kit installed and running properly and all I can say is WOW!!! I've been driving my car for a feww weeks now and I'm getting over 50mpg in the city! At first I thought my calculations and mpg reader were screwed up or I was going down hill, but after a while I decided that it definately isn't! I'm SSOOO happy I took hours out of my life to install, troubleshoot, and tune this whole kit. I can install kit after kit now with using MUCH LESS time! We're even making kits now for the whole family and soon going to throw the kits onto all of them! I'm loving it! The only down side is I'm ONLY getting 42mpg on the highway. Going from 30mpg to 42mpg is totally fine with me though, at the sacrifice of DOUBLE the gas milage in the city! Hahaha, man this thing is great! WORD OF CAUTION: Be sure to ONLY install the kit and have it on and functioning when the vehicle is ON!! If not, the buildup could be bad and if the car gets too hot (like Arizona in 115* weather) it could ignite the HHO gase and be bad! Not a good idea. So install a switch or something to your dashboard or, when you use your relay, tap into something that's ONLY on when your engine is running! Just my $.02
  17. I've been waiting for this moment forever! Yesterday, June 6 (my birthday of all days) the local news and newspapers mentioned a new station in the valley that sells ethanol gasoline. It is only the second one here for the public, but it's still better than none! This station is called Apache Sands and is located on the Northeast corner of Sossoman and Main. Upon talking to the lady at the register about this new arrival, she mentioned, "We've had it here for months. I guess nobody really knew about it until the news publicized it. But it's been crazy all day here because of them!" They are now listed on e85prices.com and e85fuel.com which is very helpful. Be warned! The station DOES have hours of operation. I think she said they are open from 6am-10:30pm daily or something like that. But unlike the other e85 station here it's just a normal gas station.
  18. Have you wrapped your O2 sensor in aluminum foil or added a mechanical o2 simulator (anti-fouler thing)? Those are two methods that I have heard are required to run the kit, but I'm not sure. I already have the mechanical o2 simulator on mine because of my aftermarket header removing the catalytic converter on my OEM one.
  19. I haven't been there before but I have seen those kits. Pretty nice, if I do say so myself.
  20. I installed the kit and it looks great! I'm not going to be in town for the next week, though, so I'll be posting pictures and a review after I play with it a little more when I get home. Be looking for the review on the forum in about two weeks. And I don't get why people are still skeptical. So many people have posted positive results that it doesn't make sense how it could be a scam. The way I got interested is that one of my friends from school tried it and says it works even. I guess people just aren't used to change. Oh wait, I already knew that! Tons of food allergies open up your eyes to how stubborn people are when it comes to change. Silly Americans! No offense meant to anyone. It's not like I'm an American or anything .
  21. Will do. I've gotta run right now but I can talk in probably half an hour. thanks for all your help And I know the numbers are the pins, they're numbered on it as well. But is "devices to be turned on" meaning the HHO gen. or the ignition on wire to splice with?
  22. thanks! So on the relay, the 30 is where you splice it with the ignition positive? Or is that 85 and the 30 goes to the HHO gen.?
  23. Sweet. Now I'm totally lost. All that's keeping me from installing the kit (that's in my hands as we speak) is finding a positive wire connection only when the engine is on for the relay. I don't understand how using the ignition wire would keep the kit from running when the car is on but not running. Also, are there any places I can find a positive wire like this in the engine bay? I really don't want to have to do any wiring through the firewall. And what mixture is there for water and white vinegar? I don't want to have to use baking soda either unless I have to. Where can I find mixtures that people are using other than just baking soda?
  24. That helps a ton, thanks! And is the 25-30A fuse in addition to the other fuse on the positive wire for the kit? I think so because I heard it's supposed to be like 3A or so. Anyways, one more thing. I've done my research about it, but how safe is an HHO generator if you get in a car accident? Any input on that please, thanks!
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