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  1. Hello Dan, sorry for not getting back sooner. The stamart is the one on east divide in bismarck, they have had E85 for a long time but just reciently have upgraded to blender pumps. The main intersection is divide and state street or sometimes called highway 83. They change it to state st. when it enters town. Yes it is already listed, but I figured some would like to know they have E30 and E85 now. Thanks.
  2. Another update. The Stamart on Divide and State Street that has E85 has also just recently upgraded all of there pumps to E85 and E30. All dispensers have this except the diesel island.
  3. There is a new station selling E85. Petro Serve in Mandan, located on east main. Sorry I don't have the exact address. They have E85 and E30 pumps on all dispensers. The actual station is not new, but the new owner Petro Serve is I believe. Also an update for the Cenex in Bismarck on west divide, they have very recently installed E85 and E30 pumps on all dispensers except the diesel island. They used to have only one E85 dispenser and no E30.
  4. Stamart does have one pump with two nozzles right in the middle of all the pumps. They don't advertise on any sign or give price except on the pump itself. Price was 2.39 gal 10/22/08 Tesoro's new station with E85 that is on Expressway has E85 today 10/22/08 for 2.19 a gal. There exact address is 3801 E. Rosser which is basically Expressway and Rosser intersect. Cenex at 1160 W. Divide has E85 today 10/22/08 for 2.19 a gal. Also I noticed that another Cenex station is listed on East Divide with E85, but I don't think the station is there anymore or I did not see it. Regular grade gas with ten percent ethanol is going for 2.69 gal as of 10/22/08.
  5. Hello Dan, I will drive by Stamart tomorrow to see where the pump is hiding, and get a price. I will get the address for the Tesoro on Expresway and current price as well. I recently moved to Bismarck, so I am looking at all the stations I can to see if anything is new or gone. On a side note, E85 from many people I have spoken with can't stand the stuff, they all say the mileage is bad, you loose power and performance, causes corrosion, wrecks fuel pumps, will cause leaks, and every other negative thing you can think of. I have run this fuel for over two years and it is a great fuel for me because I'm a performance person. I don't even bother defending or try to educate people on E85 anymore. There has been to much bad public opinion.
  6. Tesoro in Glen Ullin North Dakota sells E85, I don't know how long they have been selling or if people know about it so I figured I would mention it. The station is in Glen Ullin which is about five miles south off of interstate I-94. I don't know the address but its on the main street coming into town, can't miss it, TESORO. The price last week was 2.49 gal. 10/12/08 Also in Bismarck North Dakota Tesoro on Expressway is selling E85 for 2.49 gal. I don't know if this is listed also so I will mention it. No address for anyone unfortunately, but its about a mile off interstate I-94, the furthest east exit. There is a Tesoro right when you get off that exit (truck stop), its not that one. Go about a mile south,they have two pumps at least that I am aware of. Cenex in Bismarck At 1160 W. Divide, last I saw was 2.45 on 10/17/08 about five cents cheaper than Tesoro, but they may have come down since I last drove by. I have not officially confirmed it, but the Stamart Bismarck may not be selling E85 anymore.
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