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  1. Here's something else to consider: Hot Rod magazine loves the stuff and they have never been known to give a crap about emmisions. Time after time they have made more power on a dyno with e-85 than gas. The last time i bought 113 octane leaded race gas, it was about $8 a gallon. You can roughly make the same power on e-85 for two bucks a gallon. It's starting to catch on at the local drag strip, and at the dirt track.
  2. Howdy! I just got the state inspection my van and it passed with flying colors on the emissions portion of the test! Here's the background on the van: 1995 Chevy G20 van, 350 4 bolt main block, 10.1:1 compression, TBI injection, dual exhaust with dual high flow catalytic converters, Crane computer friendly torque cam, and Bosch platinum +4 plugs. The engine has about 30k miles. I've been running a mixture of 75% e-85 and 25% 87 octane gas for well over two years. Here are the results: High Speed RPM results RPM 2517 pollutant limit reading HC (ppm) 300 89 CO% 3.00 .51 CO2% 14.0 O2 .7 NOx(ppm) 0.00 dilution >6 14.5 Low Speed (idle) RPM 0924 HC 300 98 CO% 3.00 .06 CO2% 14.4 O2% .5 NOx 0.00 Dilution >6 14.5 last year i did the inspection on gasoline, these readings were just below the upper edge. I get great power out of e-85 and my spark plugs look like new, and knocking under load has disappeared. E-85 is the wave of the future, pure and simple.
  3. Does anyone know of an e-85 station in Amarillo texas? Thanks! Pmb
  4. I paid $2.85 a gallon yesterday at Krogers in North Richland Hills
  5. Oh it's a riot: that van is a former airborne express delivery vehicle, and on a bright sunny day you can still make out the lettering on the side! There has been a few time i've out run some kids in Imports with it. The look on their face is priceless! I think the 454 Big block TBI units used bigger injectors, otherwise i can increase the fuel pressure and i might be able to make up the difference. I am going to adapt a fuel pump out of a 2000 flex fuel ford ranger just to be on the safe side. Has anyone passed a smog test running e-85?
  6. I have a 1995 Chevy g-20 van with a 350 V-8, sporting 10:1 compression, mild cam, and an altered computer chip. This van hated low octane gas obviously, and there were times that it pinged on 93 octane even with cooler air temps in the winter. Since running a 50/50 mixture of e-85 and 93 octane, this van has stopped pinging entirely. Freaky. So far no CEL and i have spun it up to 5000 rpm's with no problems all over the last two months. Last week i got really brave and filled up 80% e-85 and 20% super unlead. I am now noticing a bit of sag right off of idle and a mild performance decrease along with the odd starting habits, but performance is still ok out on the highway. Still no check engine light! Any clue as to why the pinging has gone away? I'm thinking it might have something to do with the lower combustion temps of the e-85.
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