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  1. Using E85 in non-FFV vehicles is a do at your own risk proposition. I'm running E70 now with no CEL and no-performance hit at 75 K miles on a supercharged Scion tC. The supercharger kit replaces the stock fuel injectors with higher flow ones, plus an ECM flash which has a much wider trip capability. Thus I would expect my engine to be able to handle higher ethanol concentrations than the standard 2.4 L Toyota engine. I would love to see a complete list of what is changed in an FFV versus non-FFV where the models are almost identical like a Chevy Malibu for example. The fleet ones are FFV and the standard ones aren't.
  2. My supercharged Scion tC has about the same story. About E60-E70 is the best blend for me. Non-FFV vehicles need to be experimented with to find the suite spot. I mix one gallon regular to 4 gal E85 and all seems to be happy. Any higher than that I notice P0171 (running lean codes) which stop after I dilute back down with regular gas. Considering I would have to use 91+ octane normally, I'm ahead with E60-70.
  3. There is only one blender pump in Michigan. I just do the math and mix my own using E85 and regular gas(E10)
  4. Amazon lists and Actron scan tool for about $60. Harbor Freight carriers a similar thing. It is a fairly compact, bare bones ODB II scanner that can pull codes and reset CEL(clear codes). It gets its power from the ODB II port I carry one in the glove compartment in case of CEL. http://www.amazon.com/Actron-CP9125-PocketScan-Code-Reader/dp/B0007LEG2K http://www.harborfreight.com/can-obdii-code-reader-with-multilingual-menu-98568.html
  5. I have a 2008 scion tC with the TRD supercharger kit which includes higher flow fuel injectors and an ECU flash to not throw CEL and P0171 on leaner than normal conditions. Pure E85 gives ping, ping, ping no power, hard starting and CEL. 50-60% ethanol plus regular 87 octane gas runs great. Normally I have to use 91+ octane gas. 75% E85 with 25% regular 87 octane gas mixture seems to work well. I wait till the tank is close to empty, put in 1/8 tank of gas, then 3/4 E85, and 1/8 regular gas to top it off. At the Meijer by me E85 is in the same pump housing as regular gas, so I can do it all in one stop. A little OCD I suppose, but I want to be sure the fuel is well mixed in the tank.
  6. I've been running my car (TRD supercharged 2008 Scion tC) successfully (meaning no check engine light, normal power) on 75% E85/ 25% regular gasoline which gives somewhere between 50% and 60% ethanol since gas is almost always 10% ethanol. Mileage drops 15% so it comes out to be equivalent to $3.50/gal instead or $4.20 for premium since E85 is about $3.15/gal in MI.
  7. The 2008 Scion tC moded with the supercharger kit can handle E50. Normally I have to use 91+ octane gas so I can use E85 cut with regular gas (E10) to splash blend my own and be oK. My old Honda Civic 2002 could only handle E30. I hope to see more 4 cyl direct injection E85 capable vehicles coming out. The 2012 Ford Focus ST is such as vehicle as is the 2011 Buick Regal Turbo
  8. Well on my second tank of E85 things started going down hill. I started having some starting difficulties and hesitation under acceleration on the supercharged Scion tC. I had four codes and a CEL P0171 is the code for "fuel system too lean". At about 1/3 of a tank down, I topped it off with regular gas(E10) which should have diluted my tank down to about E50. Cleared the codes and everything is good now. I think E50 is the comfortable limit for my engine ECU.
  9. The TRD supercharger kit included an ECU flash to handle lean conditions as normal under accelerating because of the supercharger. I'm just taking advantage of that mod for E85 use. I will post the code I get and if I get anymore CELs after I clear it.
  10. I just filled up with the second full tank of E85 today. The scion tC just gave me a check engine light although it still runs completely fine. I will hookup my ODB II scanner when I get home and pull the fault code(and reset the check engine light). I got 23 mpg as opposed to the normal 26/27 mpg I get on premium.
  11. On E70 I do notice it takes about 2 seconds of starter cranking versus one on pure premium gas. There is about a 1/4 second stumble in the engine right when it starts. Then it is fine. I let it warm about a minute before driving it. This is in about 45 degree ambient temperature.
  12. The TRD supercharger kit provides a nice boost, but the wastegate limits it to 7 lbs. The supercharger could do 20 lbs. Because it is under factory warranty till 100K miles, the turnkey kit is adjusted to the conservative end. I have two ODB II scanners, but they are for fault code/reset only. I would need to buy an ODB II to USB kit with software that would hook to my laptop. I may do that depending on price. Regarding nitrogen tire inflation, air is 78% nitrogen. You increase it with nitrogen inflation to like 96% in the tires. If you get it for free like at Belle Tire fine. I wouldn't pay for it.
  13. I think the blend in the tanks is probably pretty consistent with what is in the chart below. The E85 cycles through the tanks around here fast lately it seems because gas prices are so high. I paid $3.04 a few days ago for E85 at Meijer including a 5c Meijer credit card discount. I'm sure I am running blend level 3 which is E70. After a half a tank I think I'm observing at 15% mpg reduction, but no acceleration or start problems yet. At work it was left out and started a couple of times below 50 degrees F. Normally the supercharged engine require 91 octane so I'm saving money even with the mpg reduction. I will report more fully on the mileage once I am though a couple tanks of E85. Normally the tC gives me 27 mpg. From what I am reading the new direct injection engines like the Buick Regal turbo and the Ford Ecotech should use E85 with mpg closer to regular gasoline.
  14. I have been running my 2008 Scion tC on increasing E85 percentages over the last 400 miles or so. I am full E85(which in MI right now is really E70). I have had no check engine light or apparent reduction in power. I'm keeping a close eye on my fuel mileage, since the is my first pure tank of E85. The engine sounds the same at idle. I mention that because when I tried E85 in my 2002 Civic, there was a pronounced valve noise and large reduction in acceleration. My tC has has the TRD supercharger kit installed. It is a turnkey package which is dealer installed with higher flow fuel injectors and a new ECU program which is designed to handle "lean conditions" on wide open throttle. I have done WOT on full E85 with no problem. I suspect the supercharger mods are what is allowing the E85 to work, even though the tC is not a flex fuel vehicle. My scion tC has a stock 4 cyl Camray engine with the TRD supercharger kit.
  15. There is a new BP station in Utica, Michigan with E85 also 8100 HALL RD UTICA 48317 Tel: 586-739-2211
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