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  1. I bought injectors to put in my ZJ, but before I put them in, someone broke into my house and stole a bunch of stuff including the injectors. Since then, I haven't been working much, so injectors are not high on the priorities list. I have been running a 50/50 mix, sometimes up to 60% e85 with no CEL's. I live above 4800ft though, so for most 50/50 is probably the limit. My mileage has seen very little loss. The WJ usually gets around 20mpg on the 50/50 mix. On straight gas, it usually averaged about 20-21. Not much difference. I am currently working on a 4 cyl wrangler for my brother. It will be a turbo'd flex fuel jeep.
  2. How can you say 30mpg? Where did you get that info? 115?!?! LOL!
  3. Hello. I have a ZJ and a WJ. Both will safely go to 50/50, sometimes a little more while the weather is warm. Altitude will make a difference, too. I live above 4800 ft. A change of injectors is all that you will need to run e85. An adjustable MAP could be used to fine tune it a bit. Good luck.
  4. Wow great vid! The best propaganda I have seen today.
  5. Thanks for the info. I checked them and they are about 14 ohms. I will check the originals before the swap.
  6. I have ran a few tanks of E40 in my 93 Grand Cherokee (4.0L) and no problems so far. I am putting bigger injectors in next weekend and see how it goes. I worked on a flex fuel project in the late 90's and we had problems with the fuel delivery system. Since then I have been staying away from ethanol, until recently. I think that some of the problems were caused by water in the fuel. Back then, there weren't any stations selling e85, so we bought it in 55 gallons drums. Maybe things weren't sealed up properly. I have two Grand Cherokees and soon they will both run on e85. Anyway, good luck with your new Jeep.
  7. They are supposed to be plug and play. Is there a way to check them to be sure? I am going to put them in right before the next fill up.
  8. 30# injectors out of a 2000 mustang gt on the way. Hopefully by mid next week I will be booz-croozing!!!
  9. By the way, thanks for the info Hotrod. I am sorry about the rant. ;D
  10. Why does the gov't have to make everything so complicated? Sometimes I feel like we would be better off shooting pool with a rope. So evidently they are not buying L.E. vehicles anymore. Maybe they will pass a law stating that in order for the gov't to buy a L.E., it must be able to levitate, lol. Who hired these guys ??? ?
  11. Yep, my landlord is starting a wvo (waste veg oil) co-op in Ft. Collins, CO. He also made a sweet centrifuge filter for the oil. Most people complain about the high fuel prices, but I tend to see this as the necessity to inspire creativity.
  12. Please keep me informed about the pulstars. Hopefully the injectors will work for me. Off Topic: Go Tux!!!! kubuntu user
  13. Dragonwhip, how do you like the pulstar plugs? Are they worth the money? The stock injectors on my jeep are rated at 21lb/hr @ 39psi. I am trying to get 30lb/hr @43.5psi injectors off of ebay. I think they are for the early 90's Lebaron, Daytona, etc. Some other candidates are fuel injectors for the 95-98 mustangs with the 5.0L. Others: Accel 25.6lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150126), Accel 29.4lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150130), Chevy LT4 28.0lb/hr @ 43.5psi (Part no. 17124251), Ford Motorsport 24.0lb/hr @ 39psi (Part no. FMS-M9593-A302), Ford Motorsport 30.0lb/hr @ 39psi (Part no. FMS-M9593-B302). Basically, you can figure out what size you want and contact an injector retailer. They will be able to cross reference and find something for you. Hope that helps.
  14. *reviving the dead* WIJEEPGUY, how long have you been running on e85? Any problems since converting?
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