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  1. You all might want to go to check it out @ followthescience.org, but I will not put the link here. It really burns my Butt. Later.
  2. Makes perfect sense to me. ( I lie on occasion ). Later.
  3. Don't blame the Oil Co.'s? Take a look back and see how we became oil dependent and how J. D. Rock went about it. Now days it's a tiff in some country gas goes up, They have to temp. shut down one of our few refineries and gas goes up. You have to buy a car with a catalytic converter and pay for the privilege to help oil get rid of the toxic waste we and they call gas. These threads really get my blood boiling! fleebut nothing personal to you as I play devil's advocate occasionally. Later.
  4. The Gov. has already started to make it illegal for large blocks of Veterans from owning weapons. I reck'n if you had advanced weapons training it scares them. I remember when a Full Bird could never be promoted to General if they spent any time in a " Special Forces Unit ) but that seems to have been changed. Does anyone know when they changed S.F. to promotion to General. Later.
  5. I switched over before the $ 4 a gal. spike and paid for the unit in about 5 months and the the rest ( 1 1/2 years ) has been frosting on the cake and the Jeep has been performing better since the change. ;D Later.
  6. Thump, Nice ride and looking real sweet. Later.
  7. No I have not. Due to our Northern temperature just running the water with baking soda is not function in our climate but one can use petro based windshield wiper fluid as a sub for the regular mixture. I know when I tried it with e85 during summer it made the O2 to clean and mileage went down. If we were in a more moderate climate I would have tried it for starting but if I was in a more moderate climate I would not need a starting assist. But so far about two years I have not had any starting problems. Apparently the cold start assist in my plug and play unit is doing it's job. Later.
  8. Has anyone ever noticed that combat veterans use MJ, no matter WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam and am not familiar with the middle East Vets? THC the working chemical in M.J. is the only thing known to man that will Neutralize adrenaline not try to cover it up like with the Pharmaceuticals. Just the facts and not a statement one way or another. Later.
  9. It just wasn't the cotton industry. Include the pulping industry ( Hearst was a heavy hitter in the hemp prohibition ) along with the pharma's who would lose 80 % of their prescription meds to hemp along with hemp having 2 out of three of the essential fatty acids our body does not produce. There are Many business's that don't want hemp for these reasons. Imagine that. Later.
  10. How would that impact engine repairs in an all in one cast engine or is this another disposable option. Engine needs repair so buy a whole new engine?? :confused: Later.
  11. Last I heard the water compact is with the great lakes states and Canada which makes it international. The idea was having another country in the compact would make it easier to keep other states from poaching the Big lakes water. Later.
  12. Water as a rare and precious commodity, especially if those shale projects start contaminating millions or billions of gallons of fresh water to satisfy our energy needs. It isn't like wood where we can plant more trees. Later.
  13. Steve, I remember seeing that article. The Saudi's are using their desalination plant to send water out to the desert to grow crops that will leave them in control of the bio diesel market along with their solar projects for electricity. They should be forgiving the trillions they keep sucking out of us and how about paying for all the protection we supply to keep the shipping lanes open and safe. Later.
  14. As with all things anywhere, $$$$$$ makes things alright and we all know about the record profits for oil. I bet their certification would pass with the speed of light along with the publicity to show how good and easy it would be for oil to have things certified. Later.
  15. From Steve-o, Did they get the conversion kit into Ed Begley's Prius? I missed almost all of it but saw the beginning of that part. Yes they did and they also had Hannah's old FireBird converted after sitting in storage for quite a while but had some one else do it off camera, since mice and rats chewed thru alot of her wiring. Now she's running e85, probably a White Lightning unit since that's who he's been working with through his site. Later.
  16. Great show. A couple of new pieces of information. New Pres. at ADM who plowed ADM's greenhouses under so people will not see how a business can grow FOOD and have ethanol as a secondary product. Oh BTW, the new Pres used to be a V.P. at Chevron before taking the helm at ADM. Second by end of year Blume will have prefab stills capable of producing 100 to 200 gal/day for sale, no price as of today. Later.
  17. In a post last year Outlaw posted those dates. Just search the data base. Later.
  18. We are a nation of extremist. Both right and left have extremes and that is part of the problem. What ever happened to moderation is good. Later.
  19. There is a VERY large segment of the population that believes anything the right sends over the radio waves and that's what we get. Just as they once said pickle relish was a vegetable and that was all schools needed for lunches or try this one Creationism as opposed to science especially the science that supports global warming. You know the polar ice caps melting that they say is an illusion and people say the American public is stupid. There is a large segment of the population that make us all look bad. > Later.
  20. Actually It was the folks in the cotton and pharma industries. Hearst just got done buying the N.W. Pine forest for pulp and the cotton industry and the Duponts in Pharma. You can grow as much pulp on one acre of hemp as it would take seven acres of pine trees growing for 7 years and about 1/4 the chemicals to make paper than with wood. The pharma industry would be out of business with THC and 2 of the three essential omega fatty acids replacing 89 % of the pills manufactured these days and cotton Kaput when you would have a crop that has no natural predators, takes less chemicals to grow and fabrics that just don't wear out. Note, when my wife worked for an Auction company they had a trunk of hemp clothes that were from the mid-1800's and they looked as good as new and no moth action. Hemp was a great danger to these industries until WWII came along and then the government pushed the hemp for victory. For War the Government could make industrial hemp legal again. Side note we affected the whole world on the bad hemp thing. As a matter of fact Bangladesh literally translated means The Land of Hemp, when we made them stop that is when all their soil was washed away because there was no hemp to hold their topsoil. Hemp Tap roots draw up so much nutrients from down deep it provides the nutrients all plants need to flourish. That's my history lesson for the day. There is a booklet called 1001 uses for hemp that give a very good break down on the subject, it is something like the chapters that D. Blume has about the conspiracy against ethanol. Later.
  21. If I remember correctly, during WWII when fuel was rationed a whole host of products were made from plant based crops such as synthetic fabrics, plastics ect. that was before oil insinuated itself into most products. Oil is a main contributor the Pharma, plastics, fabrics, fertilizers and fertilizers. That's the kind of monopolistic hold that oil has on us and most industries. Just like Rockefeller's philosophy of gasoline, just drive in and we'll fill you up, check you oil and even wash your windows because we are so lazy. Also like a drug dealer we'll give enough to get you hooked and then keeping squeezing you dry. Wow sounds like the Govt with tobacco and alcohol, they want you hooked so when ever they need money they can tax the addicted. > Later.
  22. Interesting note, D. Blume & friend were checking emissions on a jet turbine and thought the equipment was faulty because there were no pollution readings and when they took a break for lunch they pulled the cart to the front of the turbine and wallah the L. A. air started registering on the pollution detector and went behind the turbine and it was clean. The moral of the story is e85 or e98 will not only burn cleaner but will also clean the air brought in for combustion. Later.
  23. Rare metals, start with the rare metal needed for catalytic converter a fancy name for a contraption to get rid of gasoline's toxic waste and we pay for the privilege. Rare metals, for hybrids and their batteries ( which will be an excellent excuse to kill the off peak rates and to build more nukes ), yep hostage to other foreign governments once again. I could very easily believe there is a conspiracy with in our government and industry to make us a member of the third world country club. Heck I might as well throw in the shale Nat. Gas problem on how much water will be destroyed to push up the nat. gas. If you think water is getting scarce now wait until they start pumping billions of gallons in to shale to recover the rare fuel. I REALLY don't see any alternative other than ethanol. Later.
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