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  1. The Depot (mobil) no longer sells E85. The pump supposed broke down and they don't sell enough to make it worth repairing it. The other listing for a Kwik Trip, doesn't exist. The address listed is the Depot Mobil address.
  2. Another one in Illinois BP 108 East Washington Oregon,IL 61061 Not real surprising one. Bad spreads from the minute this pump went in. They were always coupled the price of E10. 20 to 30 cent spread at the max. Replaced with B0 on road diesel.
  3. Doesn't surprise me in the least. 90% plus of the local trucks that have the needed permits are already committed to hauling fuel for other contracts. These companies don't add capacity to their fleet without having work lined up ahead of time. There is ALOT of expense to add even one tractor/trailer combo if you don't have work for it.
  4. When we report a blender... do you only want full on 5 or 6 blend versions or the ones with less options??? Like E10/E30/E85
  5. Yet.. the 4 closest to my home are a BP, a Shell, a Mobil and a Marathon. Stations are generally owned by small owners or smaller corporations. They sign vendor franchise contracts with the large branded companies to provide fuels. Some of those contracts are fairly restrictive and some are not. The company that owns the Shell branded station near me that sells E-85 has been regularly showing some of the best spreads in Illinois in the last few months, included one of the few 'gold stars' at one station that has competition priced appropriately. The Shell, BP and Mobil also sell bio-diesel blends.
  6. My wife was filling up today at an awful spread station because she needed fuel. On the other side was a Illinois State Trooper, filling up his cruiser. My wife asked him and he said that it is a part of a state mandate to use Illinois products that they use E85 in their cruisers when it is available.
  7. http://www.bizbuysell.com/illinois/cook-county-businesses-for-sale/?q=/wEFHWlyPTEmaz1nYXMgc3RhdGlvbiZuPWgmc3BpZD00 Just for you Jonny... http://www.bizbuysell.com/Business-Opportunity/Gas-Station-Convenience-Store-Auto-Repair/577891/?d=%2fwEFXSUyZmlsbGlub2lzJTJmY29vay1jb3VudHktYnVzaW5lc3Nlcy1mb3Itc2FsZSUyZiUzZnElM2QlMmZ3RUZGMnM5WjJGeklITjBZWFJwYjI0bWJqMW9KbkowY3oweA%3d%3d
  8. would you mind breaking out the specifics of it a bit? How many gallons did you use last year, the amount of miles driven?? Did you use any lesser blends?? Did you run E85 all year or only during the summer?? How bad was the documenting process for the grant?? This grant has been in the back of my mind, but I am a bit put off by the amount of record keeping and paperwork it sounds like it would be.
  9. The only place that even sells E0 out here in the NW woods of IL... prices it exactly the same as everyone else's E10.
  10. Johnny and Jeep.... When Road Ranger first put in their pumps.. I posted here exactly what would happen...Decent starter prices then the spread would be awful... Guess what.. they did exactly that... Hmmm... me from last year... http://e85vehicles.com/e85/index.php/topic,4796.msg32656.html#msg32656
  11. Well... here we are two months later.. and an update... My wife was launched from her job at the old dealer exactly a month after I posted this thread. A number of crappy excuses were given. She just took a job with another C-store operator. They don't have alternative fuel sales at all.. As some of you know I work for a company that builds, services and maintains grain handling systems. We went over 1 million bushels of capacity of new construction for this year last week. That is more new construction than we have had in the last 4 or 5 years.
  12. I will admit that the absolutely horrendous spreads here have forced me back to running E10 in my own vehicles and my employers truck. Also.. some of you know that my wife is an employee of the second largest fuel retailer in our area(Road Ranger is number one by a LARGE margin). If you have crossed Illinois by either I-80, I-39, or I-90 you have passed one of their stations. Well.. the owner of the company takes his senior employees and spouses out for dinner this time of the year. He discusses the past year and some of his plans for the future. He is very open even with those of us not in the company. I spent about an hour chewing his ear off a couple years ago about only having a handful of bio fuel outlets(4 at the time) in his portfolio of stations. He actually took the time to explain to me their process on whether to install E85 dispensers or not. The costs he quoted for just the above ground equipment and system programming really surprised me. My wife knows how cranky I have been about the awful spreads the last month(6-7%).. She banned me from mentioning them to him. She said he remembers the conversation with me about the dispensers and still brings it up at times. So.. here I will be tonight sitting with a person who really does have the ability to change the retail price point, distribution and usage of E85 and I'm not allowed to mention it...
  13. I'm actually a bit geeked... I have to run over to the fabled Petro in Rochelle tomorrow and I will have the FFV with me... so it will be back on E85 for the first time in a couple months.
  14. We are seeing the same awful spreads here just over the border. 11 or 12% in October in Illinois.... that's enough to get a person onery...
  15. I'm happy for you folks in Texas... but it really pisses me off to no end that Texas pays less for E85 than I do here in Illinois, surrounded by 400 million acres of grain growing...
  16. Hehehehehehe..... I love OEM marketing stuff.... The REAL purpose behind Dexos.... Is for GM to make money... They realized as they watched everyone release a Dexron tranny fluid, that just licensing specs wasn't profitable enough. So just like their new tranny fluid, if you want to make a Dexos1 oil you have to buy the specific components from GM...
  17. The best pricing in Rockford(which hasn't been good lately) is normally at the Johnson Oil Shell at Baxter Road and I-39. Road Ranger has the most outlets.. but overall the worst pricing in the area.
  18. I would bet it was a volume issue. They were never competitive on pricing, so they most likely didn't sell enough. We will have to see if their other stations drop E blends or not.
  19. It depends... will it be handing more money to Sullivan's or Kroger's... who already have blenders at some stores. Or will it be actual new outlets...
  20. Many synthetics and some dinos are using Moly as an anti-wear replacement as they reduce the ZDDP levels for the API-SM/SN requirements. But that level is pretty high even for that reason. Are you using a racing formulation or one intended for street usage? Is this one of the Mobil 1 racing oils?
  21. Hmmm.. Obama wanting to stick industry(and us) with rules that going into effect a year after he is OUT of office. Typical Washington behavior. Looks like he is 'kicking the can down the road'.
  22. I can't begin to tell you how many rentals I have returned full of E85 over the years. Back when Hertz was owned by Ford, I used to see the old FFV Taurus all the time. Unfortunately now though I get alot of Jap or Korean junk. If you try and ask about FFV's though generally the folks at the agencies really have no idea which models are or are not.
  23. As you noticed... we don't have E0 here in northern Illinois. So every time I post its E10.
  24. Well... WAYYY back when(2000 or so), when the co-ops went around promoting high oil corn hybrids or pre-selling production to them for ethanol production that is what they promised us dumb farmers. High enough corn prices to make it worth pulling acreage out of CRP, grass stocks or conservation projects.
  25. I'm a little surprised to see a thread like this here.... I hope the posters here can maintain a level of maturity not often seen in this kind of debate. My opinions are certainly colored by two things. First, I have million dollar twins. No... seriously the medical bills for my twin daughters were just over 2 million dollars combined, before the negotiated rates of our insurance company were enforced. Second, I spent several years on the board of a public ambulance service. We were responsible for setting rates, collecting the fees, negotiating discounts for the various insurance companies, etc., etc., etc. It is ILLEGAL to set a lower rate for insurance or self-pay clients than medicare or medicaid clients. But being a public taxing body, we were required to set and publish our ambulance rates. Medicare and Medicaid only pay around 80% of published rates for ALS and a bit less for BLS ambulance service. So what this creates is a situation where we would have to publish a rate higher than we really needed to just to receive the rate we actually needed to cover our expenses. Each insurer will come and attempt to negotiate a lower rate for its clients than the published rates. As a district that represents a certain geographic area, we are much more beholden to striking a deal with an insurer that has a large client presence in our area i.e. a big employer in our district. Self payers.. unfortunately are just shafted due to the laws in effect and their relative lack of pricing power.
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