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  1. Thanks for the replies Cessna, Furball, and 1Outlaw! ;D The ethanol is commericailly purchased high purity 200 proof and is reformulated with some weak acids and then utilized for an industrial process. I'll need to test for water and pH level. There might be a trace amount of water but no sulfer in the ethanol solution. My main concern is the acids. The diesel engine oil is a good idea for buffering the acids. I imagine the possible soft metals in the fuel system might be aluminum, copper? I assume the F150 fuel system materials are designed for E10 fuel utlized in most states during the winter. Once I test pH of E10 and then a mixture of the 20%, 30%, 40% ethanol, I'll let you know what I get for data. If pH is close to E10, I'll probably try running a 20% mixture, then try 30%-40% like Furball has done.
  2. I have a free source of 100% ethanol containing some trace amounts of acids. I was wondering if my 2000 F150 5.4L with 130K miles would have any issues with a 25% to 50% self mixed ethanol blend and not converting the fuel management system? Sounds like I may need to change synthetic oil and fuel filter more often? I would still like to use regular gas when pulling loads. I was thinking I could fill 1/2-5/8 tank of E10, then add the 100% ethanol. I don't want to damage this great running truck. Any comments, recommendations or lessons learned is greatly appreciated! Thanks
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