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  1. very good idea, now they can hold the blame for the faulty sensors.....haha
  2. was this moved or did I post this here?
  3. He is a nice gaget for people that would like to know what mix they have in their tank, requires GM flex sensor to work http://www.zeitronix.com/order/order.htm#ECA
  4. nice but how does this test the ethanol content and then make that info available to the ECU? From the description it is just a box that bypasses a broken flex sensor.
  5. I dont need the OEM software, as long as I have the sensor I can do what I want with it. I just need to have a frequency to voltage converter built and I am good, here is a link..... http://forums.evolutionm.net/showthread.php?t=288793
  6. talked to the owner yesterday, states his cost on it is $2.40 a gallon......... wonder if he is telling the truth.
  7. yea we just put a GT42R setup on my friends CX Hatch, we were shooting for 800whp on the corn and 900whp on Gas, hopefully we make it, car made 560 at only 18psi with OEM GSR Cams..... 8)
  8. have the prices one these come down at all yet? I need one for my EMS designer to create me a Flex option on my car, but for that price I might as well try to find one in a junk yard.
  9. the tank is not that large, I can pretty much guarantee you that is not the same tank from the summer. I talked to the owner before and he said a tank does not even last a week normally, so 2 months is ???
  10. I have been running Walbro pumps and Ethanol for over a year now, and my friend is going on 2 years using grounded tanks without any issues. I use one 255hp Intank and one 255hp Inline and I even left the Ethanol in the tank/lines for 6 months all winter and still no issues. I run a base fuel pressure of 50psi through a 1:1 regulator so I am seeing 73psi at full boost.
  11. I went overboard on my car, 450whp is easily obtainable on a completely stock block and still maintain a decent level of reliability. My setup is Piston/Rod bottom end and full valvetrain done to the head but still using the stock cams, but mainly due to the fact that I am reving to 10k rpm. Fuel system is 1000cc Injectors and 2 Walbro 255hp's with a -8 Feed and a 3" Downpipe and Exhaust. The car is fully streetable and I drove it daily from June to September at full boost...lol My setup is no where close to being tapped out, I would need to change the fuel setup and go to 1600cc Injectors and possibly one big pump and I could hit 700-750whp as the car sits now with the boost up in the 30-35psi range. Timing map is basically what the map would look like if I was running a Leaded Race Fuel like C16.
  12. Something shold be done about the gougers at the only station in DE, it has been at $2.70 now even after gasoline has fallen over $2 a gallon, this is the same price E85 was last year too, guess my station wants to make a set amount of money on it and they are just set out to screw its customers.
  13. Just thought I would share what kind of power the Honda world has been making on E85, including myself. Here are some E85 Fueled DOHC VTEC Dyno sheets 1.8L B16 T3/T67 Stg5 24psi My best friends graph 85x89mm T67 Stg5 14 and 22psi (pulls up to the track, bolts on slicks and clicks off 10.7-10.8 142mph all day, never switches fuel) http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/595whpE85integra.jpg[/img] My graph 1.8L T67 HO 15 creeping to 20 and 23psi http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/585whpintegrae85-1.jpg[/img] 2.0L GT40R Topmount 18psi I think http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/525whpege85.jpg[/img] My friends new tune, GT42R 85x89mm 18lb boost http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/575whpjameswhiteeg.jpg[/img] K Series All Motor! http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/302whpallmotorE85.jpg[/img] 700whp on E85 T67 Setup http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/700whpe85tune.jpg[/img]
  14. I believe stioch is 9.0 AFR on E85, but what do I tune to for WOT on a forced induction engine? How could I convert that AFR into Lambda sinc my gague does not read below 11.0?
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