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  1. Most of us started at 20% and then move it up to 30% give it a few weeks and keep it up till you get a cel then add back a gallon or two of gas. You then repeat the process and try it again no harm will happen I have two cars that are over 60% and its been 5 yrs.
  2. ..furby you crack me up yeah cessna you did sound fine..I'm just amazed you made it to the meeting and spoke at all.. I wimped out and crawled in bed after having mine removed Dan I can make something that makes sense and make it sound completley werid, learned it from my dad he is an electrical engineer.
  3. I hope just a few listened to what you had to say, your teeth sounded just fine, man thanks for getting the word out.
  4. Hi good to have you on board, I am running 60% right now with no conversion, if you want to run the full E-85 you can with a conversion kit, all I know is we all run in certain mixes let us know how we can help you
  5. I am supporting American workers not those that want to kill us, also I love its performance runs better than gas. I lose about 10% but it is well worth it to me.
  6. You can already see it happening, when I filled the pump showed $35 on it so someone got a good amount of ethanol.
  7. Not on the property where I live, but that thought has crossed my mind quite often. Im rather frustrated right now about people's attitudes towards ethanol, particularly when they live in the midwest and drive an old car with a high compression engine. E85 all around them cheaper than pump gas and they still would rather rebuild the engine with dished pistons than run E85 that only requires a different carb. It looks like you guys will be the only ones in on this build, nobody else seems to care about it. Bad mouthing me and calling me an idiot or liar is apparently so much fun. I have been filing the piston rings to open the gaps a bit, the crank is in the block, pistons and rods assembled, and as soon as the rings are done I can get the shortblock together. New headbolts and fasteners have showed up from Summit, so its just a matter of getting everyone to leave me alone and let me work on it now. Cant wait to hear this thing run so its probably going in the GTO first, then when the TA has the rust taken care of it will go in there. Looked at all the pics very sweet all the way around, thumpin others dont seem to get it, at least around here we do, as the saying goes you cant fight stupid no matter how hard you try.
  8. Nice to see what blender pumps look like, when I was in S.D. 40 yrs ago they had something like this for blended grades of gas boy and we cant get more blender pumps for ethanol sure wish they would come to Missouri.
  9. Ok now your making me homesick I used to drive there so many times it wasnt funny. If only I could get ethanol in my home town now darn the luck.
  10. In the 5 yrs I have been splashing ethanol mix over 60% now I havent had not even one problem with my two vehicles.
  11. Those that have newer cars dont seem to be having problems with this, what am I missing in all this.
  12. You and me both and yes the oil industry gets a ton of subsidies yet my dad doesnt see it.
  13. Could it be that the sulfuric acid that the test used as the mock fuel surrogate to simulate ethanol, is the primary cause of failure of the UL testing? The report says they used sulfuric acid to simulate ethanol, and then were surprised at the high number of UL test failures. I'd have a hard time passing the UL leak test after soaking gaskets all day in sulfuric acid too. Yeah I know what acid can do to you, I have a scar up my whole leg as my uncle let it in a pepsi bottle and burned me, needless to say its been with me all my life, yeah soak that stuff in acid see what happens, really now really now what are they thinking.
  14. Husker you bring up faith as in something, people really get zealous about ethanol, not in a positive way but its that there gas can do no wrong and ethanol is evil, I hear it all the time dont you all. Seriously this is like the worst thing just ask the oil people they will tell you.
  15. I have seen a few of these type plants on alternative energy shows on tv its exciting to see. When you can turn waste to power to me thats the maximum win win!!!!!!
  16. Johnny thanks I hope my dad was listening to it, he gripes me out but is 82 today and tells me I will blow my car up using that crap. The more they hear us they might think there is something to it, if you know my dad an A bomb wont move him he is very hard headed German and believe me he is always right except this time. Perhaps you should educate him on how Germany had a network of ethanol producers prior to the war, and how in the US during both wars they said using alcohol was too German to be used here. Alcohol used to be a big part of life in the old country, both for fuel and consumption. If that dont work bring him up here on a vacation and a somewhat younger 'German' can show him first hand.. I wish I had my great grand dads still from before prohibition. My fellow German oh my dad has told me for years how the Germans ran it in WWII how they kept things going so he knows, what he forgets is that they did it but thinks todays vehicles some how cant run it. He is old and once he hears the propaganda on ethanol blah blah blah he takes it hook, line and sinker but his main reason is he hates the government and when I say hate it I mean he hates it. Its because ethanol gets govenment money and for that alone he loathes it. I told him dad its just 5 miles from your home I loaded up on it the whole way and it runs great.
  17. Its out there and its like 100 to 1 and were the 1 but we try harder dont we.
  18. Well that is a great question, have you tried just splashing a few gallons to see how it does. It works for many and the loss of 20% I dont see that at all maybe 10% is the most.
  19. There is this unspoken rule not to give out prices many managers frown on it.
  20. All I know is my splashing has been excellent hope it works for you and yours might be ffv good luck on it.
  21. As I have said many times before we need so much more of this kind. When we get to the point they can make it out of grass or any bio product we will have this thing licked.
  22. Johnny thanks I hope my dad was listening to it, he gripes me out but is 82 today and tells me I will blow my car up using that crap. The more they hear us they might think there is something to it, if you know my dad an A bomb wont move him he is very hard headed German and believe me he is always right except this time.
  23. Good old WGN I watched that station a million times thanks for bringing back old memories now lets educate them.
  24. Thanks Dan! That is definitely one handy list. Much appreciate you keeping it up to date! Definitely some good fishing down that way!!! Mike- Mike thanks for the link didnt realize there was one in Rolla we stop each time on our way up to Kenosha, Wi thanks again just another way to beat the big boys.
  25. Hey Dan while your there stop in Dicks 5&10 pick up one of my $1.00 sports packs its been a great relationship going on 12 yrs helps pay for ethanol and food on our trip with the grand kids to Branson.
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