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  1. Sorta disapointed it was so short. They did the Coors thing and then featured Saab cars running E-85 and a race against a stadard gas car. Well we all know the E-85 car won the race. They said European cars are really ahead of US, like we didn't know that.
  2. Now were talking there making out of the waste after beer has been made. I saw this on the science channel today.
  3. Your right 1outlaw I knew I wasn't the only one doing this. What did I tell you Furball- Welcome and nobody will bite you here like the "GasBuddies"
  4. You guys make me want to jump for joy. I finally found a group that believes in running ethanol. Cool to see what others have done.
  5. I have a 2005 Pt Cruiser that I have been adding more E-85 too wonder what the limit might be. I have had no issues at all now at 40% any ideas.
  6. Started with a 20% mix of E-85 now at 30% all looks good.
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