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  1. Gran Touring Labs glad you and all the others are here, your not afraid to take the bull by the horn. Just look at all the alternatives that are being looked at now. There are tons of links to solar, ashpalt heat, salt heat and the list goes on. Nanosolar may get things going on a solar car that can actually run a vehicle look into this company if you haven't. These are exciting times if people can see the vision.
  2. Thanks for all your answers guys. I am glad that I added a small percentage at a time. The Cruiser just cruises "no pun intended" like she is gliding on air. Just waiting for the new station a mile away to open up. We haven't had a new station here in over 10 yrs. If they are on the ball at least one pump will be E-85 or a blender.
  3. Heck we used to use the light bulb under the hood 40 yrs ago in Wi. lol
  4. It was 11 here in sw mo and it started after about 4 seconds. I was thinking of this posting when it didnt fire in 1 second as it usally does. That cold did make a bit of difference.
  5. I can not understand why more Americans aren't jumping on the ethanol bandwagon. If not this them something has to give because we need something and real fast. The handwriting is all over the board, if you get my drift. Is everyone just brain dead or are they blinded by the shinny pump they have to fill up at 3x a week.
  6. ok sorta pumped today lol and it was E-85 I went to 60% no cell and ran like it was jet propelled.
  7. Missouri goes all ethanol http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071231/ap_on_re_us/ethanol_law;_ylt=Ap63Z_HDo96sZfRd.g6XUuOs0NUE
  8. Yeah I have read this article or one like it. There still building and adding on more plants.
  9. Outlaw can you share the city, I promise I am not a stalker lol. My grandparents had a place at Mt. Morris Lake.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the E-10 on Jan 1 rufus I like your way of thinking, they ought to be hung.
  11. outlaw are you in the grand old state of Wi my stomping grounds as a kid. Kenosha was where I was born and raised big time Pack fan here lol.
  12. cessna are you near Carthage its very close to me small world ha.
  13. Saw a nice tv piece on ethanol plant starting production this week. They said it will produce 200k to 300k per day of ethanol maid from distellers. They also mentioned selling carbon back or something like that didnt catch the whole thing.
  14. Cool I can only hope a new station about a mile away is going to be caring E-85. They havent built a new station here in so many years I don't even think they have lol.
  15. I am thankful I found this site now the bozo's that grip about ethanol can get an education.
  16. All I can say is I have been running a 30% mix for over a year now and all is well with my 2005 Pt Cruiser. I just moved it up to 40% over the last month and its running reat.
  17. Not a ringing endorsement thats for sure.
  18. I need to get ethanol in my home town I have to get it when I pick up my grand kids.
  19. Man Dan thats great news for all. Glad your getting the cold instead of me lol. Were going to get ice pellets the next 3 days so I better get out and fuel up.
  20. What took them so long, I heard the President will veto it. Sure hope that will not happen.
  21. Holy crap batman, $1.49 thats amazing I am paying $2.37 wow I would kill for $1.49. Ok all kidding aside I would love that price.
  22. Thanks for the link hotrod the piece I saw on the science channel had coors making it right at there plant. I wonder if the two companies are doing it together.
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