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  1. I know we all have seen this but another feed that can be used: http://www.practicalenvironmentalist.com/global-warming/jatropha-a-non-food-biodiesel-source.htm
  2. So who thinks oil was down almost $3.00 today on this news. Well it would be nice but markets got rocked today.
  3. Dan M I agree garbage into fuel how cool is that. It will happen, it is really right around the corner. We all know there are plants producing oil from waste of animals. I think whats holding it down is we need huge production, that is where the hold up is. This micro technology making ethanol from anything is huge, it maybe even bigger than any of us can imagine.
  4. If they can pull this off just think of it, pull in fill up with electric and drive away. So goodbye to opec and oil, it will take a very long time but man what this could do: http://cobbers.com/?p=294
  5. Thanks when I am back up in Oskosh I will have to stop in and fill up.
  6. Here is there website: http://www.coskataenergy.com/
  7. 1outlaw last I heard temp was to be 3 to 4 give a take.
  8. Lets just hope this really does happen soon.
  9. Pack fan for over 50 yrs now I dated myself. Well here we go enjoy the game against the up and coming Giants. It will be a great game.
  10. I went up to a 40% mix ran it there for several months. All ran well mileage was good so a bumped it to 60% the last trip, it ran great mileage wasn't bad either. Running a 2005 Pt Cruiser and I mean she does cruise.
  11. At the ConAgra Foods facility in Carthage, Missouri, hundreds of tons of turkey waste from the company's Butterball plant. Heck what am I thinking I only live about 10 miles from me like, da. Yes I have known of this for about 3 yrs give or take. I also read about a process in the west following the same process. Boy talk about exciting, you would think people would be going nuts about this. Thing is, this in its very infancy in this process but it has tons of potential.
  12. wow I don't believe this link if they can do can we all do it? http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/SavingandDebt/SaveonaCar/Get50MpgInYourOwnCar.aspx
  13. Don't know if anyone of you have seen this and I know it has its drawbacks but read on: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investing/Extra/WorldsCheapestCarArrivesTomorrow.aspx
  14. Call me weird, now I like that lol. Hmm synthetic gasoline, yup I been thinking about this a very long time. Ok call me weird why hasn't somone whipped up a batch of that already. I mean come on, they can make about any dang thing else why not synthetic gasoline.
  15. Rufus I saw this same info on cnbc I think it was yesterday. It shows more each day how fragile things are in the oil industry. If we don't do something real fast we won't even have enough to keep up with present demand, let alone any new demand. Thanks for the article it was even more in depth than the individual that was speaking about it.
  16. 1outlaw I have been past many of those paper mills in upper Wi. You for sure know when your getting close, you know that distinct smell. It is such a great thing were trying to use so many products to produce fuel. I saw this coming over 40 yrs ago. Lets just put it this way, I knew we needed something else but it was amazing how many were so dead to new ideas.
  17. This is the town I get my E-85 in and its very interesting that a plant is this close. I have followed this story for a very long time, a very small town really but the plant is bringing growth. See thats what it should be about keeping business and growing it right here in the USA Here is a link on this biodiesel plant: http://www.joplinglobe.com/local/local_story_009220627.html
  18. Read good things on Jothrapa but not sure it will be big. It is amazing how those in farming seem to have all the tools. Lets put a farmer in charge of the white house. They get up early, stay up late, find ways to stretch the dollar and make fuel out of waste. Come on America lets put a farmer in office.
  19. We all know oil is free, just ask all the anti ethanol group.
  20. Not yet ehtanol but a great use. We will see if this takes off for road fuel in the future: http://www.agriculture.com/ag/story.jhtml?storyid=/templatedata/ag/story/data/1146689438081.xml
  21. Dan I will have to check out any plants getting close to that. Maybe if we get off all the fuel for food garbage we hear all the time, ethanol might take off.
  22. I can understand, there just trying to protect the driver and there station.
  23. I posted this on a new link but in case you all haven't seen this new study on switchgrass read here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/ussciencebiofuel;_ylt=AmvgXVjctu5cfUVefQ86y1Ks0NUE
  24. Exciting new study read here. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/ussciencebiofuel;_ylt=AmvgXVjctu5cfUVefQ86y1Ks0NUE
  25. Found this article its interesting reading: http://www.motherearthnews.com/Homesteading-and-Self-Reliance/1979-01-01/The-Plowboy-Interview.aspx
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