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  1. Good luck still running 60% E-85 and loving it.
  2. Thanks Dan thats some great info. The anti ethanol group wants us to believe for some reason nothing else on the planet uses water but ethanol.
  3. I am already reading comments on other forums that its ehtanols fault again. There doing there darndest to bury ethanol.
  4. Since I am running a stock 2005 Pt Cruiser I have had to do nothing to it. The Javelin was about the only AMC car that was an awesome looking and performing vehicle. It was once made in my home town, to bad they could not make better cars. Lets wait for the experts to show up sorry I can't help any further.
  5. Do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you read this. Ya I thought so, neither did I and people want to know why gas is going up.
  6. No issues for me either I started with 20% and am now at 60% runs great no issues at all.
  7. I saw this on the tv two years ago and it still gives me chills. http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2008-01/osu-gcp011608.php
  8. Thanks for that article rufus very good reading.
  9. Gran Touring its a stock PT Cruiser right off the lot. Nothing has been done to change this car.
  10. Well I was able to fill up again today with 60% mix on my trip from picking up my grand girl. I think I am getting spoiled to how this thing is running. If I didn't know better I would say I was driving my 1963 Chevy super sport 323 with a 1967 differential in it. This thing just flies, if I put in hot plugs, not sure if I could keep it on the ground.
  11. I wasn't a fan of the dipstick heaters but are they still around.
  12. Oh yeah 1outlaw I know that I remember -25 to -30 one of the big reasons I moved here lol. Well we got down to 10 and she fired on first crank even a bit slow. I am running 60% of the winter blend which we know to be E-70. All I can say is to bad more Americans don't run ethanol there scared because of bogus reports.
  13. I must be lucky cause I have not done a thing and the Pt Cruiser, well just cruises down the road. Did I just get lucky or what. Would love to hear your expert opinions.
  14. Ok has anyone ever heard of any problems running a mix of E-85 with there car. I mean we all know how it runs in our cars but we need knowledge. If you all have heard of anything negative lets find out the good news and start spreading even more than we already have.
  15. Dan is that straight E-85 because if it is that fantastic starting at that temp.
  16. There is so much negative garbage out there, we have to wake up this country.
  17. ejim glad you brought that up to them. I get in that area about once a year or more. To bad there ripping the people that way.
  18. DragonWhip I have never heard of the concept of using Cattails, but an exciting idea. Do you have any links of info on this process.
  19. First vehicle I drove was an In Hav 1949 panel truck. My dad picked it up from the phone co. Now that was good times, I remember tooling around with my buddies driving like a nut. Hey we need to stop in everyone chip in a quarter or two and we can go another 40 miles. Those were the good ole days gas at .17 a gallon.
  20. Dan is Gilley's still there, the burger joint. We used to love there Gilley burger wow, now that was eating greasy spoon. lol
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