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  1. Don't look now but were rapidly approaching $100 a barrel. Then there will be those blaming ethanol for raising there prices. Did any of these dodos ever take economics 101. Oil a year ago was at or about $50 a barrel, now its near $100 wow geez come on you ethanol haters can't you get this in your head. Prices have doubled and yet the blame good ole ethanol.
  2. Coskata better be the real deal. It says in the article if they can produce. This better be the real deal because we need something, as much as I love ethanol the natives are getting restless. I get sick and tired of people complaining about how ethanol is taking food away from people.
  3. Cool read Larry thanks I love reading things like this.
  4. http://www.peakoil.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=35867 Now this is science if I ever saw it.
  5. DragonWhip Thanks for that info on the carb. These are exciting times if we can put it all together. I see more and more against ethanol now than ever before. They can't get it thru there head that $100 a barrel of gas makes all goods go up, but they blame ethanol.
  6. 1outlaw Great reading very interesting stuff. If they can ever get engines for cars out there with this technology it might be an answer to increased mileage.
  7. jddj1 Yes you now confirm what most of us thought back then. I mean I would see truck tankers come to a station, fill them up and they were still without gas for 3-5 days. They would sit on it until they could get that extra .05 or .07 and then make back so much it wasn't funny. This time it looks like its real but funny how those oil companies can play the games.
  8. cessna yeah its close to my neighborhood sorta. I don't go that direction often but when I go to Branson it might be worth a swing by. The thing I liked about the piece was an engine that will be worked on. Just think of where this could go with the right moves.
  9. Just think the oil companies may put there own nails into there coffin.
  10. Boy is that right on the money Dan they are really giving it to us. I think just this week alone I have seen show after show downing ethanol. I read at least 3 articles just this week stating how were starving the world. Hey there are tons of land available out there start using it.
  11. They stated because of ethanol it would be used more. See we get blamed again isnt that nice.
  12. I know we know this but here is another link I found. http://www.csmonitor.com/2008/0212/p02s01-usec.html
  13. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080213/ap_on_bi_ge/venezuela_us_oil;_ylt=Auz3XIR1ECUUaIwpovX1LIas0NUE
  14. Yes in Kenosha at the time, I remember long lines no fuel at several stations. I did love one station I watched the tanker fill up on a Sunday, just to come back on a Monday and they were still out of gas lol. I called them on it after they raised there prices .05 a gallon a huge move in those days. Funny how they have us over a barrel now, even a .20 move in a day is common now.
  15. I have been reading of the AF using ethanol to fly a B-52 out of Minot and they said they wanted to test it under the coldest conditions.
  16. Wow you guys were pretty fortunate delays or no fuel was very common in Wi and Ill at that time.
  17. Know this is a bit off topic but a great story: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/02/09/2158542.htm
  18. For those that did not go thru the 70's wasn't that fun. Get ready for higher prices, long lines and then some. If you think people won't start using ethanol in big numbers be suprised. It will be a big boon for ethanol, I want my ethanol lol. There won't be excess like some think there will be.
  19. This should all make us feel better Chavez is threating to stop sending oil to the USA. Are we all having fun yet: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080210/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/venezuela_us_exxon;_ylt=Ao9YMWWJjwm2He3xVMAFpLWs0NUE
  20. Greengenes Boy you hit the nail on the head. Most have made up there mind, and its not in ehtanols corner. There is so much hand down info its not funny. My dad is even feed this bull and I get into a pretty heated arguement with him, if he hears it on the radio its gospel to him.
  21. You know ignorance is bliss. It kills me that someone that works on cars is this far back with his skills.
  22. Corey thanks for that great link. When I get to that area I will fill up. I am hoping a new station will also carry here in Joplin soon.
  23. Sure they can say what they want, and of course they will. How many millions can oil companies spend to send out this dribble.
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