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  1. Do you sell directions with that, wow your right it looks like spaghetti but then I am Italian so I should be used to it, keep us posted these are exciting times.
  2. I was able to use E-85 splash mix all the way from southern Missouri to upper Illinois to visit my family. I ran at least 70% mix the whole way and got great mileage of about 25 mpg and thats not bad at all.
  3. Man thats a huge spread from gas prices, I could have come to visit my dad just to fill, the folks that filled got a real deal.
  4. Agreed where do I push, like or thumbs up we need one.
  5. After almost 50 yrs there has been magic in a bottle of some sorts, remember business wants your money.
  6. Maybe. Or maybe somebody called them on the phone today (around 9:30 a.m.)(248-362-0661) and talked to them about how to make real money on E85-- that's it's all in the pricing and volume. If the gentleman doesn't have a clue why people aren't buying his overpriced fuel, it is hard to price correctly. Education is key. These station owners don't think like car drivers do. They just need to learn what makes the money flow. We'll see if it does any good. If he keeps the price down and the volume starts to pick up, and in a week he sees he is making more money by lowering prices, then maybe he'll lower the prices even more and make even more money. We'll see. You have to love what education does for those less informed. I also like the M&M so innocent isnt it.
  7. That is when I just put it in drive and drive to another location, the guy is a greedy gruber and he wont get my money. I paid $2.89 last week thanks very much to stations like Kum n Go that want my business.
  8. I got lucky and filled about 80% last week at $2.89 my best price in weeks I need a whole lot more of that.
  9. The only bad thing is not one of them is close to me dang it.
  10. I always miss these things, its only 600 miles away but what the heck I can drive it on E-85 and be a happy camper.
  11. I filled for $2.89 and the Pt Cruiser ran on 90% mix today and didnt miss a beat, got my son in law to fill his SUV today so all in all a great day in sw Mo.
  12. Cool I love this kind of thing, maybe since its close to me I can see it coming my way in the near future.
  13. I just got tired of higher prices that was my first reason, after using it I love the performance, keep the money here in the USA and you get that great feel good feeling I just love it.
  14. Thanks Husker for your great effort, we need more of this I wish I had it here.
  15. I hate hearing news like this, hard enough to find ethanol in this area, never know when I might travel that way.
  16. Husker I like your idea, keep it here baby support our own and stop the madness, I cant wait to fill again I dont have it here locally yet have hit up Kum n Go several times, the small town 40 miles away has it but not our town thats the hub in the area.
  17. Well $47,000 can go a long way to buying a lot of ethanol and I could run that in my non ffv wow thats a lot of money just to run an alternative fuel.
  18. I guess we have to keep putting the pressure on with demand, if enough want it they have to produce it.
  19. I have such great hopes when you hear there coming, this is like having air go out of the balloon.
  20. Actually I did post O2 yesterday guys.. It was pretty much back and forth from .5 to .7 ....so yes leaning to lean but nothing drastic .. DAN----Then you are stoich to rich. Quote from my scanner book; " O2 sensor generates a voltage of 0.6 to 1.1 volts when exhaust gas is rich (low oxygen content). The voltage changes to 0.4 or less when the exhaust gas is lean" Using some scan tools you can go into the O2 test mode and look at the values the automaker is actually using for stoich to be more precise. cool 8) Just got back from a 145 Mile trip..we went up to Grand Casino in Milac.. came out 14 cents ahead in the Casino ;D ...Did much better in the parking lot.. 15 feet from our Car was 2 $20 dollar bills Did 30.4 miles per gallon on full E85 (winter blend) (if it had the FFV mapping probably would have been in the 26 range) Fuel Trims..long trims 27-29 range.. short trims perfect back and forth between neg and pos..with 5 either way. Filled up in Princeton Minnesota .. E85 .. $2.74 Gas was $3.44 What a deal a day of entertainment and $20.00 to boot and great ethanol mileage and a super discount on the ethanol I am way jealous.
  21. They seem to hate ethanol to bad these people always blame corn.
  22. It would take an effort by all of us here, relatives and friends too. A few wont do it but any little bird in there ear can start it, phone calls work very well believe me they do listen.
  23. Sounds like a good idea, I used to sell cars for a short time in the late 70s in Wi and interest rates were 17% then that was fun, I for one would have listened to the customer but it would take tons of repeat customers doing it for it to happen.
  24. I dont think it would do a thing but give you great performance. These cars can handle this whats been spread out there by the anti ethanol group is pure garbage, we have been running large doese of ethanol for years.
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