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  1. 1outlaw Nope didn't throw a cell that was good. Just the first time she would not fire on the get go. Thanks for the hints guys about turning the key on and waiting will do. I did drop a few gallons of regular gas in and it cleared it right up.
  2. Rower4VT So they ask and what do you tell them. Next question is do they ask a lot of questions and do they sound interested. I think if price of gas continues to rise people are going to say ethanol here I come.
  3. Its a bit far for me but maybe I could travel on my E-85 and give him a good slap on half his total lol.
  4. Well I found out that ole bessy didn't like over 70% mix yesterday. I figured it was a bit to much and I was right. It is only at starting now that I am having issues.
  5. Hotrod thanks for that article, very interesting info indeed.
  6. Thanks Dragonwhip I will give er a kiss on the hood tomorrow lol.
  7. Ok what did I do right or wrong. I haven't done anything and I am up to about 70% right now. No cells just get up and go, I think I am at my max at this point. I got my first gas at a Conoco had to pay more but this was the first non farm station that I filled at. I was in another town and got the info from the net, sure happy that I did, see the internet does pay off.
  8. Here we go I say its 975 new stations. Where do I pick up my $50.00 I will fill up with E-85 with it.
  9. I just read crude just reached close to $105 a barrel. This thing just might push the world into a tumble. Or it will push people closer to taking the action that has been needed for 30 or more years. More alternatives and maybe some conservation.
  10. I hope that oil companies never do this, now will they heck who knows. This could easily put the monkey wrench in the motor, go to speak.
  11. You know it is funny you post this today. I got a bit braver today and put 75% in my tank. I thought for sure I would throw a cell, but nope no cell no nothing but great performance. I just can't believe how this car is performing with ethanol in it. Maybe it is because its newer, I am not sure if the car companies just figured people would put E-85 in there vehicles or not. All I can say this even suprised me.
  12. You know I posted on GB about a guy complaining he lost 25% by running E-10 and told him a long story of getting water in gas in Pennsylvania. He pretty much shut up after that, so we never know ha.
  13. Mike that story about the field corn is a kick. My grandparents had a place on Mt. Morris lake in Wi when I was growing up. I always remember free corn from the farmer and I remember driving past the ears you could open the window of the car up and pick it as we drove to the driveway. I would go out and pick with the farmers permission of course. I could never figure out why that corn tasted so funny. Hey I was 10 then what did I know about corn other than it didn't taste as good as the stuff my parents bought at home. Oh well free was good at least some what lol.
  14. COLCORD, Okla. - In a region that produces billions of pounds of the nation's poultry, part of doing business for the past half-century was trying to ignore the smelly waste dropped by the birds. Why don't they turn this into energy instead of fighting over it. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080303/ap_on_bi_ge/poultry_litter_fight;_ylt=AjHZlXOHzh1koMe0coxZCmKs0NUE
  15. Ok so how many when they see $4.00 a gallon will be putting E-85 in there car. At some point people are going to get fed up and come on over.
  16. I truly believe the leaders of the world missed the boat and the ship is sinking fast. http://royaldutchshellplc.com/2008/03/01/oilvoicecom-shell-say-cheap-renewable-energy-is-years-away/
  17. Dan I saw some signs posted at California gas stations already well over $4.00. Just think most in congress and the senate are already very wealthy. Look the get money after they retire that would make us be able to retire today. The govenment is so out of touch on so many levels, they don't live the average guys life and are so disconected from families struglling to make it.
  18. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080228/sc_afp/scienceusitgenetics;_ylt=Au0qag9ttsWBBDRy1Se06Les0NUE
  19. I like the idea of blending also, that way it looks like everyone wins.
  20. One concern with the creation of E85 demand, but lack of supply, is the potential backlash that the renewable blend could receive by those who purchase FFVs but are unable to find the fuel. When compared with the alternative of having too much E85 on the market with no purchasers—maybe it’s a risk worth taking. I am doing my part to use all the E-85 that I can, but this story sure makes you think. Where is all that ethanol going and why are there not more stations, a town with 10,000 has it but my town of 40,000 not one drop.
  21. Your running E-70 already seems like you are putting in to much E-85 to fast. I would drop back a gallon or two and top off with good ole gasoline. You may also be flushing out garbage in the system with that many miles on the car.
  22. Maybe because ethanol / E85 works? The first words that stick out to me on the water gas page are 'triple mileage' and 'free energy', based on 'forgotten technology'. Maybe it's just me, but from those words alone, I'd plonk it in the trash. Yeah I would stay away from anything that stated that also.
  23. I have been reading about water in gas, what is the process I would think a mist is that correct.
  24. AUDIOGURU Oh it is very possible that your vehicle is running better. I know mine has a lot more power on my mix. Just keep doing what your doing and I think you will find happy cruising down the road.
  25. Here is why I use ethanol and why more people will soon. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080228/ap_on_bi_ge/oil_prices;_ylt=AuxJcGCQ9y.JyRNz9S6sIyis0NUE
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