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  1. All fuel went up, I get to fill with the good stuff at Kum n Go in Mt. Vernon next week on our trip to Branson. Gas here is not $3.59.
  2. I am seeing the same thing in sw mo and it isnt good.
  3. Kum n Go is the only one I see that keeps it real. Our MFA is nuts, gas was $3.33 and E-85 was $3.12 was a very big disapointment.
  4. Ok Steve your making me homesick, my roots are there and I am in Joplin, Mo yes I know. Well I filled today and paid a whopping $3.12 and really its the highest price I think I have paid.
  5. Its been so dry in Mo the corn is looking pretty weak. We need rain but no tornadoes that go with it, I hope things improve and the rain front soon my tomatoes are finally looking good after my watering.
  6. Joplin could sure use some E-85 save the people some money in this multi billion dollar clean up.
  7. Man that $2.59 is the best price I have seen in many a month. The best we have seen is $2.85 and its been that for a month.
  8. Its like a sleeping giant and I thought it was in its cave. There is so much waste here in Joplin, Mo you can make billions of gallons of fuel from it.
  9. I always miss these because there always 500 miles away.
  10. Wow if we waste 10% I think its crazy nuts no way we would ever waste that amount of food.
  11. This would have been my car of choice if it would have been a 6 passenger but alas its not.
  12. furball64801

    Sad Day

    Speedway has a bad rep where I came from, its all about profit.
  13. MFA here isnt the best but for a time it was the only so you get what you can.
  14. We have more waste material in Joplin then you can shake a stick at, to bad there not going to use that its being burned or going in the dump.
  15. So what was the car salesman really trying to say, dont buy a car from me. For those of us who use ethanol we know it works, some get the same or better gas mileage.
  16. I sure wish we had Propel here in Mo they seem to be very active in the ethanol distrubution.
  17. I love reading stories like yours, I am also glad you see what we have seen in the past years. This will make my 6th yr in August of a mixd ethanol blend and I love it.
  18. I filled at Kum n Go yesterday in Mt. Vernon Mo to bad its the closest to me now but at least its there which is more than I have had the past 5 yrs.
  19. Its the 2005 Pt Cruiser man I love the way it runs.
  20. Seems my car loves this stuff, I am running at least 85% of E-85 and the car seems to run like its in love with it, the only issue I have is cold starts but other than that it runs like a champ. I wonder what or why am I being so lucky did I just do it right to begin with.
  21. Thanks I go Bloomington on the way up, just gives another choice which I like.
  22. You guys in Nebraska and other states dont know how fortunate you really are.
  23. Thats one of the areas I will count on from now on, the last trip we made to Wi was all on at least 70% and the best part is the ethanol was at a station we used for the last 20 yrs its close to where we stop off we know the area well but now its even better.
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