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  1. Yes please keep that production here in the good old USA.
  2. Yeah its clean and flows well, think its a keeper till its changed again lol.
  3. Cool now we can eat it, clean with it and drive on it. I bet they will come up with over a 1,000 uses for it one day.
  4. I like the prices right now they might not be huge but I love the fact I can drive on the power fuel and the price is right. These are prices we saw during this past summer so I am pretty happy with it.
  5. I paid $2.75 the other day and was amazed because this station usually does not have a great spread. I was very happy to see it, there is hope and the end of the tunnel.
  6. Yeah price will bring them, its cool to chat with others at the pump. I once had a cop ask me how I liked the stuff, I said it gets up and goes but not while your around lol.
  7. Thumpin your the man, what your doing left me years ago when I was 18 but its great to see the young at heart at it. Thanks for your service by the way.
  8. Its a shame to not get that spread people need an incentive to use it.
  9. I was able to go from Joplin, Mo to Kenosha Wi on E-85 only got enough gas to prevent the cel light from coming on.
  10. I got E-85 for $2.85 and felt lucky yesterday, some of us are luckier than others you know who you are Dan.
  11. I know I say this often but why are we not doing this all over the world come on guys.
  12. Dan this is what burns my butt, Joplin had more waste than you could shake a stick at. I kept thinking all of that is just going to waste, the dump and could fuel vehicles but I know they were doing it the fast and cheaper way.
  13. Glad I still find it cheaper and will continue to use it, was able to fill the last 3 months and love it.
  14. Seems like forever but all I care is that it works and gets into full production.
  15. Yup competition is great, on our last trip from Mo to Wi we got ethanol all the way up. I found one more station in New Munster Wi never knew it was there and the prices was $2.99 not to bad considering.
  16. I saw more corn planted than ever this year, there was not one spot on the highway without corn planted it was amazing.
  17. I am glad to report we took our annual 700 mille one way trip to Wi and averaged over 25 mpg on at least a 70% mix plus I got prices under $3.00 for the first time in a year. I love the way this car runs on ethanol, power to spare its great to get this result.
  18. Well today I was really bummed, first time I passed up on ethanol. A .04 spread and I knew this was a lose for me this time. I will be doing a long trip again to Wi and I know I will fill most times with my mix but today was a sad experience.
  19. Spreads are as bad as I have ever seen them, to bad I think its a shame its got to this.
  20. I think were all going to get hosed in more than one way.
  21. I am seeing some of the worst spreads since using ethanol for the last 6 yrs its depressing.
  22. I have tried for two years to get Kum N Go to get it in Joplin, one of there stores got destroyed in the tornado and with that I might get it done other wise it wont happen.
  23. Sounds like a solid plan to me, there are many ways to produce ethanol and I think we need many different ways no one way is the perfect fit.
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