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  1. I will agree .20 is a bad spread but a scam not to me.    That is the station fixing the price and greed on their part.    I get about .40 most times and some even greater.    As long as I can get a spread like that I will never stop using it and my mileage is near the same.

  2. Welcome to the site,  gasbuddy is for gas lovers sorry to say.    I have used from E-30 to  about E-80 in my non  ffv  PT  Cruiser and have for over 6 yrs now.    She runs great I get no  cell any longer only a few to mention.    No repairs or need to be in the shop and I have been told on gasbuddy,    well you know what they tell you lol    there so full of stuff and it aint ethanol.

  3. I see RED  >:(  here- KT Wautoma raised gas to 3.599 today AND raised E85 to 3.299. Pretty soon I will not be able to afford the luxury complex in my Avatar ;D

    I spent my youth in Wautoma  grand parents had a place on Mt. Morris  such good times but gas then was    about .19 per gallon.
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