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  1. If I ever make it up that way again I sure will. Maybe before I am dead and gone I will do a Packer tour and get all teary eyed.
  2. Yes a conversation over there one guy is having fun blasting the use of ethanol and claims his 2012 Focus is getting 50 mpg nice if you can get it. Still running my 2005 Pt Cruiser on at least 85% splash mix and its running great, guess I did it right but am happy.
  3. You are not the only one, were wasting tons of energy and need to get all we can out of it.
  4. I will agree .20 is a bad spread but a scam not to me. That is the station fixing the price and greed on their part. I get about .40 most times and some even greater. As long as I can get a spread like that I will never stop using it and my mileage is near the same.
  5. Welcome to the site, gasbuddy is for gas lovers sorry to say. I have used from E-30 to about E-80 in my non ffv PT Cruiser and have for over 6 yrs now. She runs great I get no cell any longer only a few to mention. No repairs or need to be in the shop and I have been told on gasbuddy, well you know what they tell you lol there so full of stuff and it aint ethanol.
  6. Why are they dragging there feet on this?
  7. when I was in SD over 40 yrs ago they had pumps you got a discount on if you bought there tokens. Now if I only had that 1963 Chevy SS I think there are some under the seat.
  8. That is if it makes it to the pump, if only more would use E-85 I think it could improve prices.
  9. Thumpin this is the kind of stuff I love to read, keep up the great work.
  10. Glad to report I got E-85 for $3.14 and gas was $3.59 a nice spread and boy did I have power to burn.
  11. I spent my youth in Wautoma grand parents had a place on Mt. Morris such good times but gas then was about .19 per gallon.
  12. This all sounds great but I got a whole .30 price break today, so who is benefiting here it sure is not me.
  13. Yeah $3.00 for ethanol now and gas is $3.25 not that great its going to hurt the whole country as oil keeps zooming up.
  14. Gas just hit the highest cost at this date, will we see ethanol taking off because of this.
  15. Wish I could get more I give it a few more years before its in Joplin, crossing fingers here.
  16. Sad thing is my fill the other day I got all of .25 not so good considering.
  17. Dan why do you think ethanol was that high, I know its a guess but what made it go so south.
  18. This is the stuff I love to read, saw it a few times on tv and I get goose bumps no kidding. From trash to cash its a win win in my book.
  19. I have run up to 80% on the 2005 Pt Cruiser and I no longer get the cel light. I think she is so accustomed to the mix now its cool with it.
  20. Glad its working its so much fun to take money out of the USA.
  21. I got a good spread last week, think it was at least .50 and they can keep that up as far as I am concerned.
  22. Its been a long time coming but its almost here. Sounds like a great plan whats next none of us know. They have natural gas now come out there ear we might be able to tell the Arabs keep it soon.
  23. I keep emailing Kum n Go and calling the stations and no luck for me in Joplin, good thing I can get it about 30 miles away and we go that direction several times per year.
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