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  1. I'm a little skeptical of Enerkom. I'm skeptical of All "Gasifiers." I'm much more sanguine about the future of the "Enzymists," like Genera, Poet, and Fiberight.
  2. The oil companies desperately want biobutanol. They can ship it through their existing pipelines, and maintain their monopoly status. It's a doubtful proposition, though. It's considerably more expensive to produce, and of no real benefit, that I can see, to the consumer. I'm skeptical.
  3. Dan, what is your hwy mileage on E85 compared to gasoline?
  4. I don't know if they could do it, Cessna; But That is a hell of an idea. One of the best I've heard for awhile.
  5. Yeah, or just buy the poppy crop. Give'm double the price the Taliban will, and process the poppy seeds (they yield about 100 gal/acre.) Since we are already paying $400.00/gal for diesel (yes, really, that's right, $400.00) we would save a ton. Halliburton would be upset, however.
  6. I guess if I point out that the Dems could have extended the tax credit any time they wanted to since Nov. '08 Dan will just take the post down. Well, they could have. They've had a huge majority in the house, an un-filibusterable majority in the senate (until Scott Brown was elected - but they could have still pulled Grassley and some other corn state republicans any time they wanted,) and the white house. All the Dems had to do was pass it. Now, Dan, you are the one that brought up "Republicans," not me.
  7. The tax credit is, most likely, dead. Plan accordingly.
  8. Well, I agree; you start Political thread, and then take down comments that don't agree with your political opinions. I think it stinks. However, the truth is, NO ONE supports Corn Ethanol "this" year. The odds are Very strong, now, that the ethanonol blenders credit is going to expire on Jan 1st. Plan accordingly.
  9. Everything I write on this subject gets taken down, so I don't have a clue what we're supposed to put up. I woud bet on Grassley in the Senate, and Petersen in the House, and that's it.
  10. I'm guessing, but I figure their technology was actually working, and Verenium was frustrated at BP's foot-dragging.
  11. Robert Rapier has a thread up on E85 in Iowa. It seems to be an attempt at identifying a Reasonable ethanol policy for the Midwest. You might want to take a look. http://www.consumerenergyreport.com/2010/08/30/e85-case-study-iowa/
  12. I partially blame GM for this. They have a spokesman running around out there crying wolf over E15, saying it might damage their nonflexfuel cars. Well, if I'm a mechanic, and I hear that I'm going to think, "hmm, that stuff must be pretty bad. I better tell my customers to stay away from it." GM, and Ford have been trying to play this deal "too cute, by half" now for too long.
  13. There's a special $1.01 Tax Credit if biologically produced methanol is used to produce transportation fuel. I'm pretty sure that without that tax credit they would have no chance of showing a profit. (I honestly doubt that they can show a profit with the tax credit.)
  14. Outlaw, I think GM has tried harder than anyone else to promote E85. I believe they see E15 Raising the price of ethanol, and inhibiting the adoption of E85. Of course, "We" are conflicted. We don't want to see refineries going out of business due to low prices, but we don't want to see the move toward Flexfuels "stalled out" due to the high price of ethanol. I'm starting to suspect the EPA might be looking at the same things We are.
  15. Shell, and BP, and the other Petroleum Thieves have been lusting after butanol for years. They can run it through their pipelines, and maintain their monopoly on the "Fuel" business. Problem is, it's just too expensive a process. Just the last gasp of a dying industry.
  16. I'm afraid you might be being a little "optimistic" there, Sac. Maybe it could be as simple as foregoing the Federal Fuel Tax on Ethanol, and rebating the states back their uncollected taxes on ethanol. Comes out to a an acceptable level of subsidy, and would be, basically, "no muss, no fuss."
  17. Husker, are you saying "eliminate the blenders credit for E85 blended *at the pump?*"
  18. I think they better get busy getting E85 pumps, and flexfuel cars in their state.
  19. Whether it rots, or it burns, the CO2/methane is going into the atmosphere fairly PDQ. If you burn it for energy, that's that much coal, or oil you don't have to dig up from the tar sands, or the bottom of the ocean. THAT CO2 is "New" CO2 into the system. It's just plain crazy. It will just ruin any chances for a "cellulosic" ethanol industry. It's Insane.
  20. To make this work, we have to have "Cellulosic Ethanol." The EPA might have just killed cellulosic ethanol. <i>Currently woody biomass, generally sawdust and the residue of scrub timber, is used predominantly by sawmill operators to heat kilns where timber that is harvested for commercial wood products is dried. “The forest products industry across the country produces between two-thirds and three-fourths of its own energy,” Jarvis said. “We’re nearly energy self-sufficient, and yet these rules would force us to stop using wood by-products for energy.” Jarvis said if the EPA rules go into effect, saw mills would be forced to change their fuel for the kilns, generally converting to natural gas or electric. He said the conversion would be too costly for many operators and cause them to go out of business.</i> http://www.monewshorizon.org/story.php?title=bond-timber-industry-fight-new-epa-woody-biomass-rules-1 This isn't about "sawmills." Or wood stoves. This is a dagger aimed, Directly, at the heart of "Cellulosic Ethanol." Period.
  21. Every time I'm on a blog where someone references Ethanol's lousy gas mileage I bring up This Car. It just shuts'em up, immediately. BUT, the Performance aspect Does need to be played up, simultaneously. This video just rocks. I think I'm going to "save" it for future reference.
  22. Great! The Ethanol Community needs to Really Get Behind this car. The TDI engine is more expensive than the standard engine, so we need to really push the <b>220 HP</b>/140 MPH aspect, AND the <b>Great Mileage on E85.</b>
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