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  1. Well,I stopped using E85 this past week and filled up with regular gas-- it was cheaper this week, I cleared the check engine light and everything is fine. I ran all week on the gasoline and no lights also starts easily in the am., I have an old volvo a 544 from 1961 to try next--- it absolutely loves hi test fuel... sowe'll have to see what E85 will do for me. By the way , I pulled the plugs on my S90 and borscoped the combustion chamber--- looks very clean-- I will pick back up with E85 use when I get back from vacation--MIKE
  2. Dan, Have you changed to hotter spark plugs? Just curious--MIKE
  3. That's all well and good, anybody can be disputed... However OIL is not renewable!!!! And if I had to build a still --it is simple technology-- what I say to all the doubters out there--YA GOTTA START SUMWHARE.---MIKE
  4. According to what I've heard a pure synthetic motor oil is required--MIKE
  5. I've been in some discussion about engine damage from a lean mixture... Can't find anyone but racers who have damaged an engine thus... Making little horsepower with a normal use engine I don't think it matters much if cooling is maintained. Also the oxygen sensor uses temperature to send signals to LAMDA and E85 is way cooler than gasoline when it heads out the exhaust---- so careful study is in order. My S90 seems to run fine here in Florida, but sometimes takes 2 tries to start in the AM-- after that no problem ! I will change out the fuel filter soon .. The Ethanol websites talk acout the extended benefits of using pure ethanol in your everyday fuel injected car, stating that most cars are using a mix now and don't know it, plus the car manufacturers have removed materials not compatable so that no damage will occur when E100 is used.--- My realization is that there are a bunch of myths out there and it may take mythbusters the TV show to straighten us all out.....--MIKE
  6. Hello all, I have an old 1998 Volvo and just for grins I filled up with Alcohol (E85)--- the car runs great but after a tank full the check engine light came on, The trouble code came up with" over rich on bank 1" I cleared it a couple of times but it comes right back. Fuel milage has suffered 50 less mile per tank, everynow and then a little hard to start in the am. I figure what the hell if it breaks I got my use out of it so I'll use it as a test bed and report how I do.... Any thoughts from anyone experienced with this stuff???--MIKE
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