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  1. Ditto - Currently testing a REAL piece of hardware - the SCT Econimizer. It is a flash device with preloaded tunes, I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. Hi folks, Just to clear the confusion, these are the same station. It is NOT listed on many of the E85 sites as they are mostly "Pay to Play". Current Price is 3.379 and it is available under contract, so the price is stable. I was in there yesterday and was floored that they had E85 - always. No ads or signs, just yellow handled pumps (the reason I stopped). The Explorer is running a test on a tuner for gas, but will go back to the old tuner and a new E85 tune. The Focus is running a test on a new additive (no plugs before results! sorry). Then it goes to straight E85 again. Woo Hoo! I'm stoked, no more trips to Portland toting back 5 - 5 gallon cans per trip... For those local Folks, I'll have a booth at the Stanwood Car Show on the 29th pimpin' E85.
  3. sadly it is 10:1, if it were 11:1 the results would be even better.
  4. I agree, any time you compromise, there are losses, it gets worse when you run a gas engine on E85. MIT's answer: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15427584 My answer would be a dedicated E85 2.0L turbo running 20lbs of boost on a 12.5:1 compression block (all comercially available) Ford Duratec in a 500/Taurus/fusion
  5. -Shop Name: Rogue Performance -Shop Address: http://rogueperformance.com -Shop Phone #: tech(a)rogueperformance(dot)com -Shop Contact(s): Fred (Me) -Details: Ford Trucks (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and some Mazda) and the Ford Focus, using SCT Flash Tuners and software. No issues, have run 5% to straight E85 with a tune for each.
  6. Just ran in to the same issue at the dyno, they didn't know how to change the display for E85. My run is referenced to gas, but I can cross reference the 14.63 to 9.03 and make it work.
  7. 130 HP/130 TQ flywheel (Ford Specs), 112.4 HP/116 TQ at the wheels (Focus Sport Dyno) The MTX-75 Transaxle is 13.5% loss... I'm up 20HP and it isn't even tuned yet.
  8. http://rogueperformance.com/pix/Focus/BaselineE85.jpg 110lb/ft of torque at 1,300 RPM's, try that on gas! My flash device wasn't talking to my laptop, so we couldn't correct the AFR. You'll note that the shop has never run an alternate fuel vehicle since the AFR's are still gas referenced. (Wideband O2 measures Stoich, and the display is reference to the fuel being used) Very solid runs that never suffered from heat soak, I got more power on each run.
  9. SCT Advantage III (I'm an SCT Dealer). Picked up another 20 gallons last weekend on our way through Portland. That should carry me through the dyno run this week.
  10. 100% E85 (Summer blend 79% Ethanol) on a custom tune today. Ran the car dry last night and changed over. Big fan so far! 1.004 LTFT's, so I think I'm close enough ;D
  11. 33.4% Ethanol mix. CEL came on when I THOUGHT about turning the key. Reset CEL after reflash and I'm running %1.07 LTFT's (7% error, not bad for a first time guess). Nice low end torque, can't lug the engine, it just can't go low enough RPM wise (It's pretty cool!).
  12. 19.5:1, AND turbocharged to 2 bar (over 29lbs boost). That's just crazy. I like the 50% EGR, that's awesome too. Heck, I though my 15:1 plans were crazy...
  13. Sure did! I'm expecting some "goodies" in the mail
  14. Fred from Rogue Performance, I've been data-logging and tuning Fords for some time. I do mostly street tuning based on vehicle sensor readings, LOTS of math (math IS your friend), spreadsheets and solid data. I'm big on synthetic fluids, biodegradable and "safe" fuels. Not a fan of "big oil" or politics. I see far too many feet dragging, especially here in the Pacific North West. I have to drive 230 miles (one way) to get E85, so it's done as part of other trips (business and recreational). I've REALLY liked what I've seen here and with Ethanol as well. -Part: None. That's my goal. I want to use 100% factory parts and just an SCT Flash Tuner to reflash the PCM. -Description: That's it in a nut shell! -Manufacturer: SCT and Me. -Details: I'll psot them as we go...
  15. I've done things a little differently. The math can be a little scary, especially if you don't factor in 3 key elements: 1. The ACTUAL E85 % or Ethanol: http://www.e85fuel.com/pdf/storing-handling-e85.pdf pages 24/25 2. The amount of Ethanol in the Gasoline. 3. The % of Gas/Ethanol in the tank to begin with. From the charts in the .pdf, I find that the E85 I buy in Portland OR is at 79 Ethanol. The gas may be up to 10% Ethanol from the pump and we have to factor in what was left in the tank. Tank capacity - Gas added - E85 added = fuel remaining 1 / Tank capacity (gas added * Ethanol % in decimal) 1 / Tank capacity (E85 added * Ethanol % in decimal) 1 / Tank capacity (remnants * Ethanol % in decimal) Gas% + E85% + Remnants = Tank % of Ethanol I was running 22% in the tank before I got a CEL. My LTFT's were 27% lean, so that is about perfect.
  16. Sorry... I like it, it does just what I need. Tuning for E85 has been pretty cut and dry. Just waiting to get the mixture right for each 10% level up to straight E85, then I'll start working on the timing tables. What REALLY impresses me at the moment is the low RPM load abilities of Ethanol. I can load the engine at 1,000RPM's and it just goes, no bucking, no pinging, no stall... Wow.
  17. At present? The MAF tables, O2 sensor and LTFT readings. Ford uses the MAF Transfer Function Tables to compute fuel. The O2's provide feedback to adjust the long term fuel trims (LTFT) which adjusts the mixture accordingly. So, if I set the AFR to 14.63 and run 20% E85, I get an LTFT of 1.27 (27% lean, so the computer adds 27% more fuel). If I dial in a 14.13, the LTFT's zero out. It's a checks and balances procedure to keep the vehicle running in the event of a MAF failure and/or O2 failure(s). This all assumes that the MAF tables are correct (dead on, dozens of hours of data logging), the MAF is clean (spotless), and the O2 sensors are accurate (check!). Once I get the Focus on the dyno, I'll be able to tweak the WOT AFR, since the Ford PCM doesn't use the O2's in WOT, it is all MAF table.
  18. Not on Fords. We have to dial Stoich in for each fuel. We're funny like that... Good to know, I'll leave the factory injectors in until they run low or fail. Thanks!
  19. You are using generic (Gas) injectors? If so, I'll just stick with what I've got...
  20. 22% E85 mix got a CEL at 1.27 LTFT. In stock form (pre-intake/exhaust) that wouldn't happen until 9% later. P0171 O2 Sensor Bank 1 Reads Too Lean Easy enough to fix with a stoich shift...
  21. Looking for Bosch EV6 style (Ford) 30#-36# injectors or part numbers.
  22. I tried to do something like that, I broke down and bought 4 5 gallon standard red cans. If Green comes up, I'm there.
  23. I'm thinking you're an optimist. I'm sure the numbers are pretty low. Portland OR has 3 E85 stations and they say sales are slow and have been for 3 years. Pretty sad...
  24. I currently have 9% additional fuel added at idle (based on data-logs). When I blip the throttle there is 27% more fuel added at half throttle cruise. Sounds like your guesses are very close...
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