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    E85 Station

    I got it now. Thanks for running a great board.
  2. I saw E85 selling for $2.39 a gallon at 600 Comanche NE in Albuquerque. Ever Ready Oil on 1st & Mountain @ $2.61 a gallon. I never noticed Comanche Fuel Stop sold E85 and don't see it listed for New Mexico. FYI for the locals
  3. That's interesting. On a similar note, I read an article about bacteria producing hydrogen. The aritcle caught my attention because it appeared slanted against ethanol in the title. http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=9278
  4. The whole FFV thing is starting to seem like an after thought instead of innovation. I am not complaining, at least I have a choice. What I do complain about is that Albuquerque, NM has only one public E85 pump. The station is only open 8-5 M-F and half day on Saturday. And, the only time E85 is cheaper than unleaded is when unleaded goes over $3 a gallon. ABQ has metro population of about 500,000 and gas stations at every major intersection. It would be nice to get a 24 hour station to sell E85 and a little competition to bring the price down.
  5. I have a '07 FFV F-150 5.4 engine that I bought brand new. My loss in mpg is about 25% running E85 vs. unleaded. However, it runs great and I feel it runs smoother and stronger on E85. I have no problems starting it in the cold. I have converted my motorcycle, a 2005 Suzuki 1300cc Hayabusa, by way of a Power CommanderIII USB. I have cold start issues; however, they are not that big of deal. It just takes a bit longer. The thing that stands out is that I have only a 10% loss in mpg with bike. I run the bike 34-40% fuel increase with the PCIII depending on throttle position. I feel the bike runs stronger and smoother on E85. The one thing that surprises me is the fuel economy. I am trying to figure out why the bike likes E85 more than the truck. You would think the computer on the truck would make better adjustments than my bike having so much more control over the engine; but, that doesn't seem to work as far as the economy is concerned. The bike calls for 87 octane as well as the truck. The only difference is the bike has 11 to 1 compression. I don't know what the truck has; however, I am sure it is not that high. Do you, who know more than me, think that the compression ratio is whats making the difference? If so, I would ask why can they make a bike run regular unleaded with that compression and not a v-8? I think it would make a difference in the FFV market, if that is the problem.
  6. I did a quick search and found http://www.e85fuel.com/promoitems.php They had a few stickers and other items.
  7. Please keep us informed on your progress. I am especially interested in your final tune once you get your jet kit. I have put almost 500 miles on my bike since I converted it. I am using a Power Commander III to adjust the injectors and I have found one blanket setting doesn't cut it for the various throttle positions and RPM's. I have read others have had good luck with carbs on bikes once they got the right jet. I wonder how much bigger than OEM your final jet will be. Good luck.
  8. Yes, with some success. The book calls for replacing the fuel line every four years. I can get a cut to order ethanol compatible one at Napa when it's do or sooner. The other gas lines appear to be steel. The gas tank is steel; however, I don't know what it is lined with. The book recommends e10; so, I know I have some protection there. They do make after market tanks for this bike too. The fuel pump is in the tank and I could not find anything about it's e85 capabilities. However, should it be a problem, they make kits that I can convert to an external and I will have more after market options. A lot of high performance pumps can handle ethanol. The injectors don't seem to be a problem. They are almost all capable of e85 as far as I could tell. Not one company I looked at, Venom, Accel, MSD, Precision, Bosch, Keihin, indicated special injectors for e85. Keihin made my injectors. The most compelling thing I found throughout the web were all the warnings, without any first hand damage reports. It made me very confident to go ahead and try on a 2005 vehicle as opposed to a 1975 vehicle. A few reported clogged fuel filters and fuel pumps going out; however, most were do for replacement prior to their conversion and on high mileage vehicles. With so few miles on my bike, and being garaged since new, I am not worried about it. Additionally, I live in the desert southwest with low humidity. I should have less problems with ethanol sucking up water than most. Time will tell. I will keep an eye on these things for sure though. Sorry for the long reply
  9. Today I converted the bike over to e85 by using a Power Commander III. The simplicity of it all was amazing. It feels smother to me; however, it could be in my mind. If you want the details read on. With about a 1/2 gallon of regular gas, I made sure the Power Commander was hooked up properly and running as it should. I did a couple test drives and swapped out maps. It was fine. I added two gallons of e85 from a gas container I got earlier today, rocked the bike to mix it in, and then I fired it up. I let it idle until it started running rough, telling me the e85 was in the fuel rail. I bumped up the fuel by 20% and it smoothed out. I went for a test drive and it was a little jerky not as smooth as original. I returned home and tried 25% fuel boost. The ride was smoother and felt close to normal. I returned home again and bumped it to 30%. The idle was darn near perfect at that ratio with very little rise and fall. I have never heard of or seen a Hayabusa idle completely smooth. Another test drive, and I was amazed. The bike felt smoother and crisper than original. There was no smoke of any kind, the exhaust didn't smell rich, and no backfires. It also started normally. I left it at that setting knowing that I was at about e72 level and would be filling up with e85 later. I couldn't imagine it needing more fuel than 30% even when it gets to e85 levels. At 30% I was above my math calculations of 22.75%. At 30% my injectors were well below 80% duty cycle throughout the rpm range; however, I couldn't test it under load. A rapid twist of the the throttle barely got me to 45% duty cycle. All test rides were done in mixed city and highway driving at different acceleration levels. The bike is stock except for a K&N air filter with 4,400 miles on it. I don't, nor do I plan to, race it or modify it any further. I may put it on a dyno to get it as close to perfect as I can. My new truck is a FFV which got me interested in converting the bike. Needless to say, I did hours and hours of research before attempting this project. After all, what are toys for if you can't play with them. ;D
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