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  1. I still like Huckabee's comment, by starting the USA down a road of foreign oil independence, "Send the Saudis back to making rugs."
  2. Might as well blame the dead zone on High-fructose corn syrup too then.
  3. Check out this interview with Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris. Pay attention at 1:15...classic!
  4. Heres some video of my E85 powered Mustang. It's about 9.5:1 compression, 306ci, aluminum heads, cam, intake and a 75HP shot of Nitrous. I run 30lb injectors and a GSS340 255LPH pump with an all stock fuel system. My Mustangs is the dark red one with the Texas flag licence plate on the front (video starts with my car).
  5. I must be down nearly 50% on my USBE and VSE stock. VSE is really taking it in the shorts today. I plan to let it ride till it turns a profit or goes under completely.
  6. I don't know how my 5.0 Mustang with Nitrous compares to your Turbo rotory, but on Gasoline, the car likes 36? total. On E85 it actually got almost a 10th quicker in the 1/8th mile pull the timing back to 31? total. I would go ahead and add 3? and see if the car picks up. Then remove 3? from where you started and see if the car picks up or slows down. BTW, my results were at about .82 labda on my LM-1 wideband.
  7. Filled up lastnight with 13 gallons of E85 and 12.5 gallons of E10. Should be about E47 My last fillup I had 13.5 gal of E10 and 12 gal of E85, which should have been around E44. Got about 30miles on the E47 and no CEL yet. On the E44, I got about 11.9 MPG in city driving and a little 5000# towing. Many moons ago when I ran E10, I would typically get 13.5 MPG or about 13% worse with E44.
  8. I've seen a chart before that has the different dates for the zones, does anyone have a link to that? edit Here it is http://www.e85mustangs.com/regions123.html
  9. I use standard motorsports 30# injectors on my Mustang
  10. Did 16 Gal of E10 and 9 Gal of E85 last night. Should be around E36 still running great. Next time I'll try a 14/11 split.
  11. Saw on the news this morning that they were pumping E85 for .85 cents at Krogers on Westhiemer and Voss for GM Flex Fuel vehicals. Only from 8am-10am
  12. I just put 7 gallons (28 gallon) tank in my 2003 last night and it guns perfect. Next low fuel light, I'll put in 25 gallons total, going to try 7.5 gallons of e85.
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