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  1. http://www.wolverineheater.com/ I found those the other night... For an update though, I ordered one of the 100Watt fuel line heater kits from Fatty Wagon. Call it a $30 experiment. I need to replace a pin-hole leaker heater hose on the car anyway, so while I'm in there, I can install the fuel line heater (and the EGR setup is going to be MIA when I get done....) After some thought, I really do not think 8 amps for 3 mintes is going to be a huge drain on the battery.
  2. Actually, that is the only thing the concerns me... 8 amps for 2-3 minutes on a cold battery.... but Maryland doesn't get as cold as MN... and if it was THAT cold, I wouldn't pull the car out.... Find a way( plug or rubber hose you can disconnect)into the intake manifold and squirt a little starting fluid(ether). I can't believe how instant the start is on my 1992 Toyota 4x4 with 22RE engine. Just don't go overboard---work your way up. I could do that, but I'd like something a little more automated... I don't want to pop the hood every time I want to start up after work If you have access to plug it in, add a 120V electric engine block heater? Add a coolant hose wrapped around the fuel log? Plug it in and it will be warm enough to not cause a problem? Once the engine starts it should take over and keep the fuel warm. I could do the 120V thing at the house easy, but not at work. The car is garage kept at the house, and I don't actually pull it out that often.. and considering I now have a 55 mile, 1-way trip to get E85, it will probably be driven less... (did I mention Maryland sucks?). But i have actually considered a oil pan heater for it even in the garage.
  3. Howdy all, I haven't been on here in a while... I've relocated from the E85 haven of Houston, TX to the 4 seasons, E85 deprived location of Southern Maryland... Life has been busy, but I still have my E85 convereted "Fun-Mobile", the 1991 Nissan 240SX. Well, up here, it actually gets cold, and I am currently working 3rd shift (2300-0600) where the nights get colder, but I still would like to drive the 240SX sometimes. Currently, I'm a bit worried about the cold start issues, and with the beast sitting out in the parking lot all night getting cold soaked, I am wondering if it will fire up... so I have been looking for a solution... I started looking for fuel heaters, or fuel line heaters and I came across these: http://www.fattywagons.com/fwproducts.htm Make sure you have hot Veg Oil going into your injectors. Our patent pending injector line heaters (pictured above) are guaranteed to get the job done. They heat the injector lines to over 200f in 1-3 minutes. The current draw is about 8 amps / 100 watts. We recommend a contact area of about 4-6" on each injector line. Our 30" 100 watt heater will work on most 4 thru 6 cylinder cars with displacements of up to 3.5 liters (3500cc). For V-8 (Ford / GM) and larger inline 6 cylinder engines (Cummins) use 2 100 watt heaters. Price is for each heater is $30.00. Shipping included in the Continental USA. Anywhere else add $10 with the shipping button at the bottom of the page. I'm wondering if wrapping the fuel rail feed hard line, which is connected to the fuel rail will heat the E85 enough to help the engine fire off (no pun intended... ) Comments? Suggestions? Thanks
  4. HEB is a pretty consistent $0.30 cheaper than E10
  5. someone should tell them that comparing an Internal Combustion Engine to electric motor technology is not a fair comparison. Internal Combustion Engine at its highest efficiencies is half of what electric motor efficiencies are and the article is incomplete in other aspects as well.
  6. http://www.nextautos.com/stanford-university-study-shows-ethanol-be-worst-form-renewable-energy Stanford University Study Shows Ethanol to be Worst Form of Renewable Energy Mark Jacobson, professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University, recently conducted a study that ranked alternate energies from best to worst. Ethanol was put to the test against, "Solar-photovoltaic (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP), wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, wave, tidal, nuclear, and coal with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology." After looking at reports of air pollutants from energy types on climate and air quality, and comparing how well each energy type was able to power vehicles, the study showed that Ethanol came in dead last. It seems that the report found that wind-powered battery electric vehicles as well as wind-powered hydrogen fuel cells were the greenest ways to go. The immediate problem now, is the fact that driving a wind-powered battery electric vehicle is horrendously expensive, let alone impractical. And for its part, Ethanol has already received huge support from the automotive industry and the U.S. government. Finding an appropriately sized role for ethanol, with adequate support for the greener of the new green-tech is easier said than done.
  7. HEB in Houston/Cypress E10 (87 oct): $1.569 E85: $1.269 8) Screw OPEC
  8. Interesting news! That thing should be a bunch of fun with higher compression.
  9. That is an idea... About talking to the station owner... You think that will work Larry? HEB is a grocery store chain that has fuel pumps out front... who would I talk to?
  10. E85: $2.829 E10 (87 Oct) $3.129 And the $0.30 spread continues.... :
  11. E85 - $2549 with store discount card, $2.579 without E10 (87 Octane) - $2.849 with card, $2879 without
  12. that is really cool news... the media could at least get off the "E85 is causing your Pizza prices to increase!"
  13. Hey Outlaw... I agree with you. I have had people come out and tell me I can't put E85 in my '91 Nissan 240sx... I have to tell them that it has been modified to run it, and if you don't let me get it here, I'll go get it somewhere else... They usually waddle back to there little concrete block house
  14. Hell Rusty, we thought you forgot about us and left us for dead...
  15. Keep adding E85, You with either notice a drop in performance, or get a Check Engine Light when you hit the limit. My '98 Frontier hit a wall at 70% with performance decrease, so I tend to run it around E50
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