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  1. One last thought about oddball FFVs...The other day I called to get some parts for a 2000 Ford Contour 2.0L and they asked if it was FFV or not. They built FFV Contours??!?
  2. I used to own a '94 Intrepid. I really liked it. Like every vehicle I've owned, I tended to obsess over it and know everything possible about it, but I'd never seen or heard of an M85 Intrepid before. That just blows my mind! There was no mention in my owners' manual or even in the factory service manual or TSB book (which I still own) about a M85 FFV option. BTW, that pic is of a '97 Intrepid (the only year with the Sport package) and has a 3.5L DOHC engine. You can tell by the rear resonator on the exhaust...The 3.3L just had a single tailpipe with no resonator.
  3. We had one of those '94 Spirits here at the dealership I work for, and it ran just fine on E85. Never noticed one bit of difference. The M85 systems were built much more stout than a E85 FFV system to accomodate the more corrosive properties of M85. Everything was stainless steel, right down to the filler neck. I did a little homework on the properties of M85 vs. E85, and they're so close that I saw no problem running E85 in one. M85 wants to run just a tiny bit richer than E85 as its ideal A/F ratio, but since ethanol is such a forgiving fuel, it's doubtful that there'd be any difference in performance running it on a methanol tune.
  4. Anyone else get an email like this? Anything that can be done about these spammers getting our email addresses? Not that it really matters...I just use my Gmail account to log into forums, etc. not my main email account.
  5. The closest PDQ station to me is about 20 miles away in North Fond du Lac. At least there was one there a few years ago which was the last time I was there. If it's still there I don't know if they even sell E85. That'd be completely pointless to show a receipt for E85 and get a gift card to purchase gasoline. Not worth it to drive there for no particular reason, and I don't get down that way too often.
  6. Wow. Those rank right up there with those eBay "performance chips" that are nothing more than a 9 cent Radio Shack resistor that you solder into your IAT harness. I know for me personally, I haven't found a better wire set than Magnecor. They're expensive, but I love 'em. My Autolite XP series iridium plugs have an inverted "V" style ground electrode too. I tried them when I first got my Explorer since they weren't much more than the OEM double platinums. So far, they're working great. No complaints.
  7. I agree...I'd much rather have a manual tranny. If I'm not mistaken, the only Jeep that still offers a stick is the Wrangler. I remember reading somewhere that less than 3% of all vehicles made for the '07 model year were manual trannies. That's just sad. But...How could anyone possibly text message and shift at the same time? Priorities.
  8. The new Jeep (which model, BTW?) may get less MPG, but it's making less emissions. Burn more fuel to make less emissions. That is just stupid, IMHO.
  9. Hey Dan, What happened to the link to the E85 price calculator on the top of the home page? Am I missing it, or did it disappear?
  10. I could be a conspiricy therorist here, but I still believe Big Oil has their slimy hands tied to the Big Three in some way or another. If the automakers were getting "greased" by Big Oil (pun intended), what incentive would they have to build alternative fuel vehicles sooner or in more quantity than is necessary to keep them in a good light in the media? Another idea is to make the Gas Guzzler tax applicable to trucks and SUVs. Any non-FFV truck, SUV, or van that's getting less than say 20 MPG should get socked with some sort of penalty. It already exists for cars, why not expand it to include trucks, SUVs, etc.? It might make people think twice about buying a non-FFV truck, and could force the automakers into producing more FFVs. On the other hand, it could backfire if people didn't use or have access to E85 and continued to use gasoline in them, FFV or not.
  11. We need those here! I was pondering this same topic last night on the way home, and now I see it posted here. Do great minds think alike?
  12. The original press release on the Escape FFV Hybrid dates back to 2006, and is still visible on FoMoCo's website. No news about any production release or anything. I emailed both Ford and VeraSun and got similar "reply in a can" answers back. Ford more or less said it's being tested and market research is being done, and VeraSun said they were contracted by Ford to test it, and that's the only info they had.
  13. You could get away with it, but it's not going to be optomized for E85. It's possible that you could get a MIL (this is what Chrysler calls their "check engine" light...Malfunction Indicator Lamp) and set a code for a fuel trim problem. Resetting the code and putting more gasoline in it will keep it happy. I'd start out with E20, and gradually blend in more ethanol till you determine where it isn't happy anymore and it sets a MIL. As for it hurting anything...Very doubtful.
  14. NEVC has some decals that could add a somewhat humourous touch to your ride. Others are more "to the point". There's a good selection of them at http://www.e85fuel.com/promoitems.php I was thinking about some sort of personalized license plate for my Explorer. Possibly something like "E85 PWRD" or similar. I think that would be pretty cool. 8)
  15. None of the '01 and earlier (Gen II or Gen I) Explorers were FFVs. Not even all of the Gen III ('02-'05) were...Only one of the engines, the 4.0L V6 with the 8th VIN "K". They also had a 4.0 "E" which was not, and the 4.6L V8 "W" which was not. The Gen IV ('06+) are no longer offered with a FFV option either. :mad:
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