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  1. At night I can see the lights from my E85 Station. It is only a half mile away. (Gas America) Then there is one at Meijer 2 miles away. I also have another Gas America 7 Miles away with E85. If I go to http://afdcmap2.nrel.gov/locator/FindPane.asp and plug in my info.... I have 6 station within ten miles of me.
  2. I can tell you why. Then blend the E85 themselves! Thats right, they buy the ethanol and then blend it. They get the 42 cent blenders credit. I found this out when I call Gas America Head quarters (In Plainfield, Indiana). I spoke to Jim, the corporate fuel buyer. This is also when I found out that the new Gas America was going the carry E85. (Corner of Smith Valley and Morgan Town Rd.) Yes, I know I should have posted this six months ago.
  3. This is my daily driver. In the winter I plan to add a few gallons of regular gas. I don't want to worry about it not starting. i am only mildly concerned about the decreased mileage. Actually, I only drive about 8,000 miles a year. I guess if I was really concerned about MPG I would not have purchased an SUV. I am still trying to figure out if the on board car MPG calculations will be correct. What does the car use to meter the fuel. My guess is the fuel injectors. That would mean the calculation would be wrong now.
  4. At least in my car, I have an upper and lower air intake collector. (plenum) This is where the air collects before going down the intake runs, then into the cylinder. Where the plenum attaches to the engine I installed a thermal isolation gasket. This will help keep the incoming air cooler.
  5. Finally!!! I got around to installing the injectors that I have had for almost a year. Better late than never. $4 a gallon gave me the last push I needed. opened it up on the highway. Same car, so far. I changed out the injectors, sparks, plenum gasket (heat soak), and added a plenum spacer this morning. went very smooth. Now I can plan my long tube header install! This is fun!!! Back to the race! On the Radio. I live in Indy so no TV coverage.
  6. Anyone want to buy this and then tell me what it means? http://www.sae.org/technical/papers/2005-01-3708 Looks like this may be some good information.
  7. I wish they would make a programmer for Nissan/Infiniti! Bow, do you know of any programmers for Nissan?
  8. The buzz about E85. ;D ;D ;D Development cost recovery? That would be my guess.
  9. http://www.diablosport.com/index.php?module=htmlpages&func=display&pid=112 Sounds Great! If it does what it claims. I could convert people cars in five minutes. Out of the kindness of my heart.
  10. I have read somewhere that when you burn E85 you end up with more exhaust gases than gasoline. Is that true? If so, how much more %. I have a 3.5L engine. Will it sound bigger when I burn E85. I think it sounds "deeper" when burning E55. Any thoughts?
  11. http://www.fullflex.com.br/fullflex/ingles/descricao.asp Is this coming to the states?
  12. I have my larger injectors. Got them for $100 from a member on my350z.com I have to take the air plenum off to install. So I was thinking of upgrading the plenum. I got the injectors about a month ago.... I got bored so I bought some long headers off of eBay. The new plan is to help the engine breathe so good that even with the injectors that flow 40% more, the ECU will have to "add" more fuel with e85. Then if I have to add regular gas. The ECU will be able to trim down. i.e. I can get away with running E10? That is wishful thinking.
  13. How long did it take to install the injectors?
  14. I think I will buy a green can and stencil in yellow "E85" on all of the sides. I have six big building stores within 15 miles of my house. 2 Lowes, 2 Home depots, 2 Menards. Don't forget ace and true value. I think I will have to make some calls at lunch tomorrow.
  15. I asked at work. The safety guy said the "red = gasoline yellow = diesel blue = kerosene" same this as rusty70f100 said. So green it is. Now I want a green fuel can? Where can I find a green fuel can? Notice I called it a fuel can. I would like to purchase at a store, if possible, to avoid shipping it.
  16. Seems silly, but I want a yellow gas can. I would like to start buying E85 for my lawn mower and I want a yellow gas can. I have not seen any other color except red. Has anyone seen a yellow gas can for sale? ??? :D
  17. "Sorry, but this Campaign is currently full. We're constantly adding new Campaigns, however, so check back often!" O' well
  18. This past end weekend the family drove up to see Grandma. Round trip was 340 miles. My car said I got 18 miles to the gallon of E60. I did not think that was too bad considering I was going 80 -85 the entire time. With premium I was getting about 20 miles per gallon on the same trip. My in town mileage has dropped to 15 miles per gallon. Normally it was around 17.5 MPG. All in all, I am sure I am money ahead on price. But it feels good to pay a farmer a little more.
  19. Got my "Service Engine Soon" Light today. :'( I got up to E70. So I added 2 gallons of regular and got the code cleared at auto parts store. I am back down to E60 or so. How much extra % fuel am I adding. 25% ??? I am start to plan an intake for my car. I wonder how much air this will add to the engine?
  20. Would it not be relative? You need x amount of fuel for gas, and x +30% for E85? My injectors are 330cc at 53 psi. (normally, 290cc at 43psi but Nissan upped the base fuel pressure.)
  21. I have a request for your nice spread sheet. I want to know what my calculated % additional fuel injector pulse width would be. Based off of my mix % what will my increased be. I think E85 requires 40% more fuel, nut I have heard. Why would I want to know this? As I slowly increase my % ethanol, I figure that my CEL will come on. (Maybe it won't ;D) I will then know what my max fuel trim is. I then want to swap my injectors for a set of larger ones. Assuming, (hate that word) that I have equal negative trim. I can then determine my minimum mix %. TIA
  22. I know I am going to use it. If you have any more additions please let me know. Thanks
  23. I just drive up. Swip my card. Grab the E85 pump and filler up. Then I swip my card again. Grab the regular gas pump and filler up. It only takes me 1 minute longer to fill up. It is totally worth it. It is so easy I may not even do the conversion to E85. I may just mix to E50. Heck, I normally fill up with premium. E50 is at least 93 octane, and cheaper. ;D
  24. Here is my guess/explanation. Using the Toyota as the example. You get a CEL at +30% fuel trim, but you ECU can adjust to 35%. I want to use the term "Guard banding". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guard_band Under Quality Assurance. And to think, I am in Quality for automotive industry.
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