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  1. Maybe it's time we find a way to "democratize" the sale and distribution of E85? Moonshine returns in the 21st century! The oil companies are naturally going to continue increasing the price, so as not to cannibalize their own product line. I can't says I blame 'em, but it's our job then to figure out an alternative program for the alternative fuel. Now THAT is a roadblock...is it impossible to overcome? Maybe a major car manufacturer (or an upstart with a will to take a risk) could act as that distribution point. Heck, Sam's Club sells gas now. Why couldn't K-mart say "we're the cleaner alternative, and put in "K-ty-five" stations, for a "REAL PRICE," rather than an inflated one to save their primary brand? Oh, I should trademark that!
  2. Smart policy. Difficult to enforce, but I run another forum for a community service group, and we get spammers in there from time to time. I feel your pain, bro.
  3. Damn the torpedos, I'm gonna need help on suggestions on how to convert: - My 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 - My 1995 Toro Rear Bagger - A golf cart - My soon-to-be 2002 Monarch 32' RV - My coffee pot, and a partridge in a pear tree. I'll lurk for a while, see what's right, but my plan is to document each one of these on video, and I'm running a blog of my own right now, so I'd be happy to credit y'all all along the way...should be a very exciting experiment. By the way, while I care about the environmental benefits, and yeah, it'd be "nice" to get gas that's a little cheaper (maybe), my primary reason for E85 conversion is to "walk the talk," and help get USA off OPEC's debtor list. Why support the nasties like Hugo Chavez, when there are a lot of damn great farmers I'd rather my money go to? Why keep having to patrol the Persian Gulf to protect our interests, and sacrifice lives along the way (I do support the war, by the way) and fund our enemies ability to build nukes when we can keep trillions of dollars right here? So, that's my nutshell story, for what it's worth. I look forward to learning a lot here, folks! Peace all, - John
  4. wow...over my head...looks like a good discussion to lurk in on though...don't mind the newbee, folks.
  5. Okee dokee....So, are you amazed at the number of people tossing up roadblocks to running E85? I just dug into this, and am probably really late to the game, but holy SMOKES, people have their friggin' CLAWS out!
  6. Well, I'll have to get your recipe on how to convert my '98 Toro self-propelled version. I'd like to document the process on video too. So let me know! I'll credit you fully on the process. I am a NEW- BEE to this, and started up my own little blog to get folks onto E85. I can NOT BELIEVE how many folks out there FIGHT this! There are about ten GREAT REASONS TO CONVERT, and about 10,000 crappy reasons why NOT to do it. I'm not particularly interested in the reasons why NOT to do it after reading through about 20 chapters full of "why-it's-stupid" which only means they're too friggin' lazy to give it a shot. Hey, it's at bare minimum ONE little step better than funding OPEC to fuel us, who in turn, sends baddies to Iraq to perpetuate violence. OK, enough politics...Interested in helping? -John
  7. I hadn't run across this forum before. Thank you to the moderators for putting it up!
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