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    TD reacted to Fuelinggood in Summer of Ethanol Contest   
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    TD reacted to Fuelinggood in Summer of Ethanol Contest   
    Here is the next round of winners:
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    TD reacted to jeepn30 in Tesla Model 3   
    I have had my Model S now since the end of October.  What an amazing car.  It goes 0-60 faster than my Challenger with the 5.7 hemi.  It handles just as good as my 3 series BMW I owned in the past.  My kids fight over who's sitting in the rear facing seats (just like sitting "gunner" in the old station wagons).  The interface is so intuitive, so it's easy to operate.  I understand now why they have sold a bunch of these.  I wake up to a "full" charge (well, set at 90% for daily use per Tesla's recommendations) every morning.  Is it a perfect car? No, and believe we'll never see one.  Range does take a hit in the winter, about 20 to 30% (or almost 50% if you just do short trips on a cold battery in the real cold, like 0 degrees F.  Once in a while my phone unpairs from the car's bluetooth.  My commute is 10 miles to work, so the range is not an issue.  I've spent a few days running errands all day, and still don't have any issues with range.  
    What I don't miss is things like oil changes.  Had to bring the Mrs. car in for that.  The stealership tries to tell me things like power steering lines are leaking (just as my dad's van and my jeep was 6 months ago, in the same week we had oil changes on all 3 of those cars).  
    Tesla has a decent thermal management system of its battery, which supposedly prolongs life of the battery.  Somebody uses one as a taxi between LA and Las Vegas, with 200,000 miles and only 6% range loss.  All while charging on Superchargers only.
    The thing I like is that Tesla is pushing the envelope.  They have a great looking car on the market with performance that can match Supercars (if you have enough money).  The leaf, i-miev, and Bolt are basically compliance cars.  The leaf is truly ugly, the i-miev looks like an egg, and the bolt looks like a shoe.  None of these other auto manufacturers have really pursued electric cars.  Why?  They don't want to cannibalize their own sales of conventional cars, which is their cash cow.  The whole way the EV1 program was scrapped still leaves a bad taste in my mouth from GM.  Tesla has done something nobody else has done with an electric car- create demand for them.
    Just like ethanol, I see electric cars as being PART of the solution.  I don't believe a single technology will reign supreme (unless big oil finds a way to rid alternatives).  Choices are good, and hope to see these choices as time goes on.  
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    TD reacted to jeepn30 in Tesla Model 3   
    Well, I have taken the leap.  I have a reservation on a Model 3, but decided to get a Model S.  Hopefully will have it in the next week or two.  I bought a certified pre owned one that's 3 years old.  They give you remaining battery and drive unit warranty (which will be 5 years left and unlimited miles), and 4 years, 50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty (which is the same warranty as their new cars).  I am trading in both my jeep and challenger.  This is the car I really wanted, and being that the cpo's run roughly half or slightly more than half the cost of a new one, I decided to go for it.  With the rear facing seats, I can now fit all 4 kids in the car at the same time, which gives us more flexibility.  Plus it's even more fun to drive than my challenger (which I truly love).  I just got my charger installed in the garage for it yesterday.  I am glad i can finally give the big "F@CK YOU" to big oil.  I still can't wait for the model 3 to come out, to hopefully really start to shift the paradigm.  
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    TD got a reaction from storky in Tesla Model 3   
    I really like the idea of owning a Tesla, but the models with all the features come out first (expensive) so the one I could afford would be years from first launch.
    The Tesla quality control also concerns me. They haven't even reached the quality that the Big Three had in the 90's yet (before imports forced them to improve).
    OTOH, the Bolt looks interesting and will be available much sooner. I'd like my first EV to have closer to 300 miles of range.
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    TD got a reaction from storky in Ethanol Induced Limp Mode   
    Sounds like you introduced too much, too quick and the LTFT couldn't keep up.
    Any idea of what your blend was before and what it was after?
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    TD got a reaction from Ethanol_Addict in Win Free E85 at E85prices.com   
    We're all winners....
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    TD got a reaction from storky in Anyone have a Chevy Volt running on E85?   
    Wish I had access to HP Tuner software. I'd gladly pay the ~$100 license fee.
    This appears to be what he refers to as simply turning it on (right side):

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    TD reacted to BJoe in Vw vs The EPA   
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    TD got a reaction from Ethanol_Addict in Vw vs The EPA   
    I think VW is $crewed.
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    TD got a reaction from storky in Green Car Reports: Will Fuel Economy Rules Require Future Cars To Use Premium Gas?   
    Seems like a no-brainer to me. E30 has more than enough octane to replace Premium fuel.
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    TD reacted to Wintermute in Lockheed Martin announces Fusion Energy Progress   
    There's been a dozen scientists who claim they have unlocked the secret of Sustainable Fusion, but when Lockheed Martin says it's within reach, and it's from the same team that brought us the U2, the SR-71 and the Hypersonic Engine, I tend to take notice.
    If this is true, this will be an revolutionary change in energy.
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    TD got a reaction from gasisoutrageous in RFA acquires E85Prices.com   
    (Don't let him forget to show you the secret handshake.)
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    TD reacted to dan45mcc in RFA acquires E85Prices.com   
    RFA acquires E85Prices.com
    Well by now most of you have heard the News that the RFA has acquired e85prices.com and E85Vehicles.com .
    You all are part of a second family to me and as such you deserve to see the reasoning for my departure.  
    As many of you know I work full time driving City bus ..between those 40 hours and working 30-40 hours a week on websites for a long time was actually fun and challenging. But this past year I’ve had a recurrence of cancer and and had over 40 Dr visits, chemo and radiation.
    The Good news is everything is in remission but I need to slow down and cut my hours from 80 to 40 and that is really the bottom line . Just time for me to relax a bit more and let someone else lead E85Prices through this phase.  
    I absolutely wanted to make sure that E85Prices.com stayed within the Ethanol family and so I am extremely pleased that we were able to make  a deal with the RFA.
    They have the resources to add all those new features and tools to the websites that you guys are always looking for. (so get your requests in ! ) 
    Member Robert White and Matt Stuckey (IT) and our very own Aaron Walsh (Joining the RFA team)……    with the RFA is who you want to shout at now when New Stations aren’t being added fast enough or Phone numbers need changed etc..  
    Running these types of websites are new to them so patience when needed please. I didn’t realize how complex it had grown until I was helping them get accustomed to where everything is  and how the sites all work.  I will still be around and help on when called on.  
    I’m not going anywhere ,I still fully support E85 and it’s the only fuel that goes into my Jeep  and will still be participating in the forums.. just slowing down and passing on the workload
    You all are the backbone the foundation of E85Prices.com Everyone helping everyone else locate the best E85 Prices.. which Stations to support and who too shame on pricing ..This community is having a much larger effect on E85 policy than you may initially realize, remember it is your voice, your money , when you pull up to the pump YOU decide who to support and that is what makes E85 superior and deserves the support because it enpowers the consumer.
    I’ll close with ..THANK YOU !
    This has to be one of the most behaved forums on the internet .. !! 
    Dan McCullough
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    TD reacted to dan45mcc in E85 should be the wave of the future if the ethanol industry can understand it's product and market it for what it is.   
    Hedge Fund operator loves E85 .. especially when marketed as a premium fuel
    As most people know I am a big advocate of the American farmer and the Agricultural industry as a whole, so when I found out earlier this year that I could convert my non-flex fuel vehicle to a vehicle that could run both e85 and 93 octane fuel with some pretty awesome benefits I jumped at the opportunity.  I have to say, I love the outcome and for a few reasons.  But from a broader perspective I think my experience can offer some insights to the ethanol industry as a whole.   To begin with the vehicle in question is my baby.  It is a 2009 Cadillac CTS V that I am the proud second owner of.  For you car guys out there you know exactly why, but for the non-gear heads let me explain:  The second generation Cadillac CTS V is nothing short of a 4-door American supercar.  As part of the GM family Cadillac borrowed the most potent Corvette engine they could get their hands on and de-tuned it slightly.  That engine was the LSA which is the same supercharged 6.2 liter V8 found in the top Corvette ZR1 only with a slightly smaller supercharger.  When a Cadillac CTS V rolls off the assembly line it has 554 Hp and 551 Lbs of torque.   However, I am a gear head and when I see an opportunity to improve something I do. So I made some light modifications to boost output to 553 hp at the rear wheels. (Quick note - hp at the wheels is less then the stated hp manufactures claim due to loss of hp in the drive train).  And then the speed shop that I had been getting work done at informed me that they had just gotten in the e85 conversion kits and they were producing awesome results to the tune of 50-70 hp gains at the wheels!  So, your telling me I can burn corn and get more power?!?!  I'M IN!!!   Sign up for our Morning Ag Hedge newsletter!  Sign up here: http://www.zaner.com/offers/?page=17      This was a bit of a complicated process that took e85 use far beyond that of a typical flex fuel car.  To get the maximum performance and best fuel mileage we had to install a sensor in the fuel tank to tell the car's computer what it was working with and in turn the car's computer would set the fuel/air mixture to the optimal level for the given fuel.  This means we had to tune the car to multiple settings for different fuel mixes.  We also had to replace all gaskets and upgrade the fuel pump.  All together it ended up being right about $2,000 for the conversion, which for the gear heads out there this is by far the cheapest hp you can get.   The end result was a 70 hp gain to 603 hp!  And I am so very pleased.  The mpg did suffer on e85, but it was not as bad as I had expected.  The CTS V is a gas sucker as is and with e85 it is more thirsty but not by a whole lot.  Before the conversion when I was running strictly 93 octane fuel I was getting an average of 11.6 mpg.  Now, when running e85 I get an average of 10.4.  This is a noticeable drop but not a tremendous drop.  At the time the savings of e85 vs 93 octane more then made up for it and I have to believe that this will be the case more often then not in the future as well.  Now, with the mpg drop e85 might not make financial sense compared to regular 87 octane fuel but for me regular fuel is not an option.   But, what is the point of me explaining this on a forum such as this one?  I assure you it is not just to talk about my car (however I do seem to do that a lot).  My point is that I believe there is a market out there that the ethanol industry either does not see or is not interested in.  I am not just talking about the gear heads either.   So far the ethanol industry has targeted the average consumer with little success.  This is mostly because the average consumer is driven by value and e85 compared to regular fuel does not offer much better value most of the time when considering the drop in mpg.  However, these flex fuel cars normally run regular 87 octane fuel and the value proposition for e85 is much stronger when compared 93 octane premium fuel. Further more the average flex fuel car does not change the fuel/air mixture depending on the fuel it is given and burns e85 like it is 83 octane gasoline.  This means that mpg suffers more then it should and the potential increase in performance is never realized.   This strongly suggests that e85 might not be for the average consumer and its in not a competitor to regular gasoline.  So, who should the target consumer be?  The premium segment who buy premium cars that take premium gas.  People who buy premium cars that take premium gas do so for performance and luxury.  Give them the opportunity for more performance at cheaper or comparable prices and e85 makes a case that is very difficult to argue with.  Plus, the expense to produce a car that is properly tuned and has a sensor in the gas tank would be much more easily absorbed by the premium car market.  It also means that we could be getting more power out of smaller and more efficient engines which is certainly the trend in the auto industry right now.  And, who knows,  The features that start in the premium car market often have a way of trickling down to the average car market as consumers want to reach up.  This could be the doorway to e85 being massively popular on a much bigger scale.  So, if the ethanol industry is serious about expanding it's customer base despite lower gas prices this is may be road map.   The bottom line is that e85 is a premium fuel and should be treated as such.  At approximately 103 octane it offers the best performance for cars that are tuned to use it and a solid value proposition compared to premium 93 octane gasoline.  All sports cars worth their salt should be able to use e85 to it's potential as should luxury cars that use premium fuel.  E85 should be the wave of the future if the ethanol industry can understand it's product and market it for what it is.   http://www.insidefutures.com/article/1347049/Is%20e85%20the%20Wave%20of%20the%20Future?.html
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    TD reacted to gasisoutrageous in E85 should be the wave of the future if the ethanol industry can understand it's product and market it for what it is.   
    I agree almost 100% with what the guy is saying here. When I was down in Florida for the ethanol conference in February, I had a guy in a newer BMW convertible pull up to the other side of the E85 pump next to me and use E85. I started talking to him and he told me that he blends in enough E85 to bring the octane up to 100. That put a smile on my face.
    Whether or not these folks appreciate the fact that E85 is renewable, domestic, and cleaner burning, they certainly appreciate the power. After all, that's why I decided to go for the Charger when I saw it for sale (that, and it was an impulse buy... but that's neither here nor now). Two years ago, I thought it was incredibly wasteful to slam on the accelerator pedal. If you had told me the 0 to 60 in your car was 7 seconds, I would have said "whoopty-freaking-doo". It was not a virtue to me. When I would slam on it, I would hear dollar signs, not performance.
    But now, I've done a 180 on that. I appreciate the power that comes with E85. It's not a night-and-day difference, but I know the additional horsepower is a selling point for some folks.
    The ethanol industry has done almost nothing to cater to this demographic, and that should change. I got into ethanol because of the fact that it's renewable, far better for the environment than oil could ever hope to be, does not support geopolitical tension, etc etc, but I can't complain about the power.
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    TD reacted to dan45mcc in Ouch.. Prices just went up 20 cents a Gallon in St Cloud,MN   
    Morning CP
    They wont be switching to summer blend in Minnesota until end of May.. they do a Spring jump to E75 E80 in April.. I'll have to find that chart..it's around here somewhere 
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    TD reacted to Billyk24 in Anyone have a Chevy Volt running on E85?   
    Please read this link:  
    Someone has already did what you are seeking.
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    TD got a reaction from dan45mcc in Anyone have a Chevy Volt running on E85?   
    I read in one of the forums (after filtering out all the negative posts) that E40's was doable, but not much more than that, but again, I don't know what year was being discussed. I'm hoping to check out one or two on Friday with a '13 about $5k and a newer, low mileage '14 for about $7 more than what KBB says my trade is worth. 2012 was a stinker for problems and I turned one of those down.
    This time I like the idea of going with larger jets for the first time. Trouble is finding out the current size, figuring how much more to go based on first lean code and where to get them. I've always gone the conversion route, then had to remove it to get warranty or maintenance service. ~ 5 minutes to R&R.
    2016 is supposed to get a better, lighter battery and an aluminum block, direct injection engine (5 seats, 50 mile range, 50 mpg). Boy I wish I could swing that. As it is my wife will kill me if she sees me bring one home, but I figure now is better than after she retires (2 months), sells her townhouse and wants to buy a house again.
    All models have some neat features, like forcing the ICE to kick in to burn off fuel if it's over a year old and oil sensors based on oil quality. I've read of people with 2000 miles on the odo and still half of the original gas in the tank. Lots of neat tech. Too bad they couldn't put in a little ethanol sensor....
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    TD got a reaction from Ethanol_Addict in 20 below zero...Jeep starts right up   
    Nope, plug-in electric is the way for Aaron to go.
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    TD got a reaction from dan45mcc in 20 below zero...Jeep starts right up   
    Was it plugged in??? 
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    TD got a reaction from dan45mcc in 3 New E85 Stations in North Dakota   
    Hi Dan,
    Some dupe stations in Fargo and at least one has prices on both Holiday and Hornbachers. http://www.e85prices.com/north-dakota/fargo.html
    You have two PetroServs (spelled differently) at 1340 34th St. SW
    Also have Hornbachers and Holiday Station  at 4377 45 St. S.
    Sorry! Wish I had noticed this sooner.
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    TD got a reaction from dan45mcc in Having a Blast with the Jeep Wrangler in the Snow   
    Last I heard, St. Cloud got 13".... so Dan is it still fun?
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    TD reacted to dan45mcc in PlanetE85.com Advertisers   
    No..ads appear based on a user's search history
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    TD got a reaction from dan45mcc in E85Prices.com Station Locator for Windows Phone   
    On a whim I just checked the Store to see if it was available for my Windows tablets and nothing. No biggy.
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