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  1. It was a sad day for me when my Renew got re-branded. I was forced to go back to E10, so I made the decision to move the $6K/year of E85 I used to spend there back to my old stomping grounds. I hope the volumn is not there so maybe the local Piggly Wiggly order can buy it on the cheap and restart using the blender pumps as they were intended to be used.
  2. Saw this today at JSOnline.com Pilgrim Petro in Menomonee Falls will offer E85 ethanol for 85 cents a gallon from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday as part of a promotion sponsored by the American Lung Association of Wisconsin and other groups. The station at 15636 W. Lisbon Road will offer the blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline for two hours, said Jolene McNutt, clean fuels coordinator with the lung association. E85 currently sells for about $2.09 to $2.39 a gallon across Wisconsin. “Widespread use of E85 in flex fuel vehicles is one way to improve air quality for all residents of Wisconsin, especially the Milwaukee area where air quality play a large role in the health of our communities,” she said. The event will take place one day before ALA’s Fight for Air Walk on Sunday at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Drivers who don’t know if their vehicle can use E85 can find out more here. Most vehicles that are E85-ready come with yellow fuel caps or a label inside the fuel door.
  3. I like the Impala, getting about 22 mpg on e85, drive over 500 miles a week. I'm 6' 2" and 300 lbs.
  4. 2001 Chrysler Town and Country on E85, after Renew made it to my little city, and a 2007 Impala, also on E85. Have 94K on the car and only the first 800 was on E10 for the engine break in period. That lasted a whole week.
  5. Hi Phil, It's 57 cents at the Renew station, it's at 61 cents at the closest station in Sheboygan Falls.
  6. Hi Outlaw, I'm still buying 27-30 gals of E85 each week, hope that helps. ;D I also add about 15 gals once a month when I fill up the Wife's van.
  7. Would it be too much to ask the RFA if they could share any response from Gore, if they receive one.
  8. It would be interesing to see what comments are made after Sacramento's post.
  9. Dan, It looks like they took down the price sign for this station, did not have time to stop and ask. Marathon NOTE: May Be out of E85 - Call Ahead.414-586-0851 10501 Brown Deer Rd., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  10. Phil, Great Job, one at a time until world domination.
  11. At least in my home town in Wisconsin, E85 is 1.94 vs gas between 2.75 and 2.89. That's a minimum spread of 29%. Where do you live that you are seeing only a 10% spread.
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