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  1. I was at a shop looking at one of their boosted setups and this is how they had it they had hoses from both valve covers going to a catch can, catch can had a breather on it. wherever the PCV normally went into the intake must of been plugged. does that sound like a good idea or is there another way to do it for boost?
  2. would having a breather filter be causing the oil to foam up, or is it more from not driving it much would running a hose from the valve cover to the intake pipe help at all?
  3. this time of year meaning winter yes. im patiently awaiting all this mositure to go away to help diagnosis running 5w30 right now, 5w30 recommended by OEM and I usually run 10w30 in summer using a 195 stat stock and have a real coolant gauge. never had an issue with overheating, and when I did the HG's they werent blown. just figured I'd freshen up the entire top end since it was tore down so far already I only drive about 15mins to work havent been using any fuel additivies since the injectors and fuel filter and both fairly new I have an oil catch can and right now theres water in it.. my injectors only have 4 small pinholes to spray with. it looked like the runner oil started continuing to buildup to the injectors heres a pic of that thanks for the help
  4. ok heres the scoop I recently replaced the headgaskets, LIM gasket, and valve seals and unfortunately its still burning oil so that leads me to believe piston rings but please read further.. upon tearing down the engine I found 2 injectors plugged with some sticky oil stuff on the nozzles. I replaced those injectors. the porcelin on the spark plugs was black on those 2 cylinders the plugs on the other cylinders looked good I have an intake and the rear valve cover just has a breather filter, front valve cover has PCV to the intake manifold around this time of year my oil also gets foamy and plugs the PCV valve constantly so im wondering could the oil burning be from the increased crankcase pressure, or possibly bad rings on those 2 cylinders that were running leaner
  5. ok that helps I had another question about burning oil does anyone mind if I go on about it? lol I know this site generally isnt troubleshooting so just wondering..
  6. I need to know if my car was running rich would the smoke still be black with E85?
  7. found its plastic which is a good thing ;D I think you guys know what that means
  8. anyone here know if a gas tank on a 91 beretta is plastic or metal inside?
  9. I need to know, if my car was running too rich would the smoke still be black with E85? thanks
  10. I have a '94 Cavalier with a 3400 swap and custom turbo kit its running the TGP $8F (turbo grand prix) chip I have Moates.net ALDL cables, Moates Ostrich emulator, and LC-1 wideband. software- Tunerpro RT the wideband is hooked up to a narrowband gauge, but I have it set to display simulated wideband. so its a narrowband gauge with wideband accuracy basically its tuned fine for closed loop. fuel trim or (BLM since its OBD1) is dead on 128/128 at idle, part throttle fuel trim only goes up/down a few points. part throttle and WOT are fine in closed loop as well, issue is only in open loop this morning it was cold outside, about 40 (coldest start I've tried on E85 sofar), and it fired up fine first try. but it always feels lean for the first couple minutes I drive it. the a/f gauge also reads lean during this time, and I think my WBO2 is warmed up, yet other conditions like coolant temp arent met yet for closed loop to start. when in closed loop, then it reads in the stoich range at part throttle. heres the open loop options I have: http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/583/openlooppd2.jpg
  11. car runs fine in closed loop. but in the morning in open loop seems lean. should I increase the target AFR in open loop by 30%? seems like that would fix it?
  12. I swear they will come up with any excuse to raise the price, whether or not it has anything to do with production :
  13. I agree.. what we want and whats really happening are 2 different things. unfortunately
  14. I've never had anyone ask me but if they saw the engine swap and custom turbo kit they would be confused enough already LOL
  15. I havent noticed any drop in power, if anything I picked up a small bit
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