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  1. I would call that a turbocharger as general rule. Much simpler than the design in the article.
  2. They're doing a typical press/blog/tv/radio technique and taking the worst case scenario and applying it across the entire cross section of cars and trolling for clicks and followers. Yes, ethanol can corrode your mid 70's import or domestic car with low grade seals, fuel lines and fuel tanks. Modern vehicles on the other hand, not so much. Mike
  3. I wonder if there is a chance the XP pipe will carry ethanol or refined E85 if it ever gets built? We already have at least one pipeline and major rail yard bringing ethanol into Texas, or at least DFW. The pipeline was stopped again today in Nebraska by a county judge in Nebraska. Mike Back in the exchange again, still driving the Ram Flexfuel. Between the Amsoil and the E85 it's pretty clean inside the motor!
  4. I run 100-128 : 1 mix with Amsoil 2 stroke and have for 20 years. Another thing we find with E85 is that it dilutes the synthetic oils a little more than is acceptable to me. There are several labs I've found that have tried to get their synthetic 2 stroke products to run like they want with E85 and the dilution as well as fallout is a problem. The moisture from burning E85 wreaks havoc with colder running 2 strokes and really sensitive power valves in the higher performance motorcycle, jet ski, snowmobile and outboards.
  5. I'm very partial to one brand, Amsoil, but I'll offer another one that's pretty popular and available nearly everywhere, Pennzoil Platinum. Well liked by a lot of knowledgable guys.
  6. Went back to work in the IT business and made the oil biz online and weekends. Amarillo has 2 blenders. One near 40 and one near 27. Both addresses are in the E85 Prices register. 2 stroke oil? Haven't found one that likes the E85 any better than the others, they just kind of tolerate it but not much in the way of excelling with E85. E85 4 stroke oil for cars is pretty well done for most. Look for API SN rating AND ILSAC GF-5 rating on the same bottle. They will stand up to the additional moisture that ends up inside the engine when running E85, especially in short trips, cooler climates.
  7. Saw it with my own eyes...took a photo just so you didn't think I was any crazier than I really am. I'd heard they were there but wasn't sure if they were still around. 4520 S Georgia, south of 27.
  8. I think I was trying during the reboot phase. Working now, thanks.
  9. Won't let me add the address. I get the name and city but no address and then no ability to add to favorites as well.
  10. There is a new station in the Dallas area in the city of Lewisville. American Food Mart E85 and E10 695 Fox Ave Lewisville TX 75067 Phone: 972-420-9789 Great price spread I'll post in the E85 prices when the station and city are added.
  11. Having tuned 1/4 mile race boats and 1/4 mile cars there is one other consideration like Phil mentioned. A boat carries a much higher load once you've gotten to cruising speed compared to a car on asphalt or even dirt, maybe an exception for sprint cars as the turns really load the drive train. Also missing is the number of times this test has reached it's end per 100 runs vs how many mechanical failures. One of the more severe tests is running a V8 car engine for 25 hours at wide open throttle. 100 hours to me is really severe. I feel like it would give a clearer answer of maybe 25 repeated 5 hour tests and then tear down the engine and compare wear, contamination and fuel system viability.
  12. I haven't had any trouble with 100:1 synthetics and E10 or even a little higher E percentage. The heat here is probably my friend though. Water cooled marine engines run at a little cooler temp than air cooled so that's not a really equal test condition.
  13. Hi Dan, Almost makes Kroger in Texas look good with their locked 30 cents per gallon spread.
  14. Hey Dan, A really good running well tuned normally aspirated gas engine will be 20% efficient. Electric is about 35% and diesel is 25%.
  15. Ethanol can probably survive a change in congress or the high price of corn futures one issue at a time but when major issues happen at the same time there will be some loss.
  16. 34 ships, 5 large passenger jets, 13 heavy lift cargo aircraft and 3 helicopters used for a presidential trip to India seems a little addicted to oil to me.
  17. Simply for me and my FFV.... If Kroger has a spread of 15% or greater I buy groceries and fuel there for the FFV and the Jeep. When they dropped back to this 30 cents per gallon fixed spread crap I buy nothing from Kroger.
  18. You can't assume that FFVs bring E85 pumps. In Texas we have more FFVs than any other state and we have among the lowest number of E85 pumps in the nation. The number is low enough to be nearly monopolized by 2 brands and prices that are highly manipulated.
  19. Keep the right perspective here. The article was about alternative fuels of which E85 was one of them. The US corn based E85 production largely goes to blending for E10. So how much actual E85 is sold in the US daily? When we get close to the 1 million GPD of E85 then I think the automakers and distribution will follow. At this point we don't know really how much E85 is in the mix vs the E10 additive market. Another point is that we have just under 2400 E85 pumping stations nationwide. In 2008 there were 116,000 stations in the US. That's right about 2% of the distribution in numbers. It's been estimated that until we get to 10% we have a serious uphill battle.
  20. There is another interesting twist. Pelosi's father is/was, not sure if he's still alive, a major stockholder and bigwig at Occidental Petroleum and she has inherited a major part of the residual income from that. Waxman also has major contributions from Chevron, who has major investment and operations in California. California has mandated, since the early '90s I believe, that they will only allow their own blends of fuel into the state which anyone who sells into the state pays a type of royalty (tax) for the formula. Pelosi is also a major player in the GMA (remember them?) and she has a big stake in food processing around the world.
  21. This smells more like E15 was traded away for a desperate vote in the past.
  22. It's been a while since I was there but last I checked California was only bordered on the west by ocean. There is a small amount of mountain bordering them on the east but their population base is on the coastlines with basins keeping dirty air trapped in LA and San Jose.
  23. We would have to increase the number of retail distribution pipes by a factor of 2000 times what we have now for ethanol distribution to reach consumers fuel tanks. There is nothing in his message about the 'last mile' so to speak, which is always the hardest and most expensive part of any sweeping change.
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